Top 12 Lie Detector Apps for Android & iOS

According to statistics, a person can lie up to 300,000 times a day without noticing it. A petty lie, deception, simply unwillingness to disturb someone or a simple understatement – all this is perceived by us as an absolute norm, and most often, we do not even consider it a lie.

What’s the big deal if you told your mother you’ve already eaten and you’re just going to? Or do you say you’ll be home in an hour and a half, and you come back in an hour and a half? Even the most honest and sinless people can lie without noticing it.

And how often do we lie about our health, mood? Even to yourself! We lie to our friends and family more often than we would like. Even the fact that lying is wrong and immoral does not stop people.

By the way, you may try to prank your friends using these best fake text conversation apps.

But here’s the paradox: we never want to be deceived. We are very sensitive to this and any lie is perceived as a betrayal. We are looking for ways to find out the truth or to catch a person on lies and inconsistencies in words.

A lie detector is one way to recognize inaccuracies and lies that can be substantiated and used as evidence. Not everybody has the money to take a lie detector test all the time, and it’s a time-consuming process.

Then your smartphone can help you: applications are developing rapidly. A couple of years ago we couldn’t even imagine that everybody would have a personal detector! If you have a modern smartphone on the platform iOS or Android, our top will help you choose an application that will be your assistant in determining the truth.

Lie Detector Face Simulator Prank

“Oh, my God, it’s a simulator!” Well, yes. Lie Detector Face Simulator is one of the most popular and downloadable detector applications.

With the help of this application, you can check if your friends or buddies are lying to you. More precisely, they will think so! You can secretly control the result, i.e. only you and the result are in your hands. However, no one will know about it except you.

How the application works: you upload a photo of the person you are checking and take a second, new photo. Lie Detector Face Simulator scans the image of the person you suspect of lying and produces the result.

The result is either generated by the application itself – absolutely randomly and without any binding to the photo, or you can secretly choose it yourself. Now you have complete control over the “liar”.

If your friend or family member tells you something and you’re in a good mood and you want to have fun or make fun of them, then you can install the Lie Detector Face Simulator Prank and have fun!

The main thing is that with such jokes it is better to stop in time and confess so that no one would be offended by you or take the jokes as a mockery. Now the truth is in your hands.


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Truth&Lie Detector Simulator

Truth&Lie Detector Simulator is another lie detector simulator. But this time the detector detects truth or falsehood through a fingerprint scanner. And, according to the application, the scanning is carried out directly from the screen of your smartphone or device, and not from a special sensor.

Since the application is designed for iOS, it is definitely available on your phone. Have some free time and want to have fun? Well, maybe you will like this entertainment!

How the detector works: a person puts his finger to the screen and answers “yes” or “no” to some statement. A “smart” analyzer gives out the result – a person lied or told the truth.

How it really works: when you run the application, you are presented with a menu where you can set up the results of the detector you want. That is before you test someone, you can set up a random generation of the result or determine for yourself – maybe you want the detector to always give out a lie.

Of course, your friends or family won’t know anything unless you tell them about it yourself. Make fun of your loved ones by playing a funny lie detector. Just a couple of tricks and Truth&Lie Detector Simulator will help you to brighten up a boring evening with mini-Franks!


Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Test

Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Test – one of the most realistic lie detectors on your smartphone! It is worth mentioning that this application is suitable for the majority of users, as it is developed on the two most popular platforms – Android and iOS and is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

The application works on the principle of a hand or fingerprint scanner. A person who is satisfied with the check, puts his palm to the screen of a smartphone or other gadget (tablet, iPad) and the detector finds out whether what is said is true or the person cheated when answering the question.

Behind the impressive interface and relatively realistic graphics hides another application-prank. You have already understood this clearly – well, how will the device determine the truthfulness through the screen?

But still, the application is interesting. Especially since the support of the mechanical voice and full computerization are impressive.

Truth and Lie Detector Scanner is able to analyze your speech and everything you say. Since you can set up the necessary test results yourself, and the interface and graphics are impressive, the person who does not know that they are being played, creates a full sense of the reality of what is happening!

Have fun with your friends, have a laugh, and have fun with your smartphone and Truth and Lie Detector Scanner Test!


Lie Detector – Test Real Shock by Fucidin

Lie Detector – Test Real Shock is a mobile app that allows you to check the credibility of statements and determine whether a person is telling the truth or lying.

The main function of the app is to scan the fingerprint, which is necessary to determine whether the person is telling the truth or lying. To check the veracity of a statement, you need to tap on the record button, put your finger on the scanner on the screen, and ask a question.

The app will then generate an answer: yes or no. The simulator is not a 100% guarantee and cannot give absolutely accurate results. It uses voice recognition algorithms which may be prone to some errors. Thus, it is advised not to accept its results as genuine.

You can conduct a lie test for yourself or for your friends and compare the results. To do this, you need to ask questions and put the fingers of both participants on the scanner on the smartphone screen at the same time. You can also set any sound you like as the answer signal.


Lie Detector Test for Prank by Hydra Global Ltd.

Lie Detector Test for Prank is a mobile entertainment app that allows you to turn your phone into a special lie detection device. With this simulator, you will be able to test whether people are telling the truth or cheating.

The main screen offers several different testing modes including fingerprint, voice recognition, and eye scanning. The user can choose any of these modes depending on their preferences. Once the test type is selected, the verification process can begin.

The fingerprint mode works like this: the user has to place their finger on the phone screen and then answer the question asked. Now, the app will scan it to determine the results. These are shown on the screen as a “true” or “false” icon. But in fact, this is just a game and the results don’t need to be taken seriously.

Voice recognition mode analyzes the user’s speech and evaluates whether it is true or false. For the gaze scanning mode, after asking a question, you need to point the smartphone with the camera turned on at the user’s face. After a couple of seconds, the program will give the result.


BioDigital Lie Detector

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of the lie detector on your device is. Maybe you want to play a trick on someone, maybe you are really waiting for a word analysis and a real polygraph, maybe you just don’t sleep at 2 A.M. for an unknown reason and don’t know what to do.

BioDigital Lie Detector is one of the most realistic polygraph simulators for iOS devices! Its design is built to look like a real lie detector, showing your heart rate stability, balance, smoothness, and voice level. All this is shown on your device screen.

It’s because of the realistic graphics that you can easily play with your friends or acquaintances. After all, at first glance and relying on the appearance of a simple simulator can not distinguish from the real analyzer polygraph.

The principle of work is simple: the person who is checked puts his finger on the sign of the scanner on the screen of the device, answers the necessary question, and removes his finger. Then the application already gives out the result of its work.

The results depend on the mode of the application selected by you:

Random. In this mode, the application itself decides whether the user has told the truth or not. Absolutely random, just the generation of an answer.

One by one. Here you adjust the test result for each of the questions. That is, before you ask a question and check the person for truthfulness, you already set the result in advance.

Consistency. Here you set the results for a few questions, which you will ask the person one by one. In this case, you can already quietly pass your device to a friend and just instruct him/her. Imagine the surprise when you say it’s not a real polygraph! Look at your friends’ reactions and download the app to your iOS device.


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Lie Detector Test Prank

The application, the meaning of which can be seen from the name. Lie Detector Test Prank will help you trick your friends or family without much effort. This is a unique application that really looks like a real polygraph screen.

The application provides three ways to recognize lies: through a fingerprint scanner, spinner, and voice testing. In the first case, you just put your finger to the scanner, or rather its image on your smartphone screen. An animated version of the fingerprint analysis appears on the screen as if the application was actually reading your fingerprint.

The second case is less spectacular – on the screen there are spinners and by results of their rotation the analysis is given out. On the screen rotation is animated so visually it all the same looks impressive.

In the third case, voice analysis is made. The person who answers questions does it by means of a microphone of your device and the appendix gives out, the person has lied or has told the pure truth.

Of course, this application is suitable for having fun in the company or playing with some friends. After all, everyone wants to know the truth.


Lie Detector Free

Simple application with simple functionality and interesting interface. When you open the application, you can immediately see the imitation of a fingerprint scanner. Realistic as if you were in a spy film about secret agents or James Bond.

The green scanner, the imitation of a fingerprint, the sounds of scanning, and the imitation of scanning – everything looks like you are being tested for involvement in a crime or allowed into a secret laboratory.

A polygraph evaluates the truthfulness of what a person has said, and it is absolutely unclear how he distinguishes lies from the truth with a fingerprint. But the fact remains – it is a simulator lie detector.

You can run the application and pretend to really check the person on the polygraph and right now find out the truth of his words. Offer the person to pass the test.

The whole test is that you need to hold your finger on the scanner for a few seconds, your smartphone will “scan” everything and the application will give you the result. Just don’t forget to warn your friend after the test and tell him about the prank so that he won’t be offended and you won’t become a victim of a prank back.


Lie Detector – Truth Detector Fake Test Prank App

One more lie detector app for iOS users and it is a great way to have fun with your friends. You should take into consideration that nowadays there are absolutely no machines in the world that can 100 percent accurately tell you if a person is lying or not.

Thus, you should take it easy – maybe there is some reliability in apps like this, but not always. Still, this app is super convenient in usage – in order to detect is someone’s lying or not, you need to record what they say on the recorder in this app. Then, the Lie Detector will scan the voice and analyze it immediately and make its verdict.

In the case of this app, developers say it straight that this is a prank. Well, if you are going to install it you will understand that it is way too simple to be something serious. However, the person you want to prank doesn’t know about it, right? So, why not!


Best Lie Detector Prank

Already think you’ve tried all the entertainment and you’re just incredibly bored? We can assume that since you read this top, you haven’t used the lie detector for fun and entertainment yet.

Did your girlfriend really like your gift? Who ate your candy at work? Where did the last piece of pizza go? Now you can find out the answers to all your questions! You can arrange inspections and find thieves of pizza (agree, it’s insanely offensive when you wanted this last piece of pizza so badly, and someone ate it ruthlessly).

This is an extremely simple app and it is a lot of fun to use it at the party. Prank a friend who is always lying! Make him/her say something then tell them to put their finger on the scanner. After a few seconds, the app will tell if that person is lying or not.

The only dubious aspect of this Lie Detector prank app is technically you need to put the finger on the scanner without saying something. But without speaking, the lie detector doesn’t really make sense, right?


Lie Detector Truth Test

Lie Detector Truth Test is one of the applications that scan human hands and fingers. The widget imitates a polygraph, which is able to distinguish the truth from lies and to convince a person of cowardice.

All these are very serious statements, so do not call a person a liar at once. If it is a close friend or acquaintance of yours, he or she may be offended and take it all as anger on your part. The Lie Detector Truth Test application is designed just for fun and nothing more.

iOS users can experience it for themselves and their friends. The principle of the application is simple: put your finger to the screen, answer a simple question (keep in mind: usually for testing on the lie detector selected questions to which only two options for the answer – yes or no) and get the verdict of the application!

The application chooses which result to show. But there is one trick, which developers do not mention anywhere: if you hold down the volume up button, the utility will find the answer correct, and if you press the volume down button – the detector will show the lie.

You can hold the phone in your hands, and the person you’re playing will just put your finger on it. So you can have even more fun!


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Voice Lie Detector – Simulator

As the name suggests, this lie detector works with the voice. You can imagine yourself as a police inspector or an investigator as if you were interrogating friends.

The principle of how true voice analyzers of lie detectors work is based on tracking a person’s voice tension during and before the response. If it changes dramatically, the detector may suspect something wrong.

Voice Lie Detector – Simulator is just an application for fun and entertainment. You can really play with your friends in the interrogation or investigation – but this is in case they already know that it’s not real. If they don’t suspect anything, then it is time for a prank and fun.

You can make fun of your friends by asking them simple questions, which the detector will recognize as false. For example, “Is that really your name? Imagine a person’s surprise when the detector refutes it!

The simplest thing is to play with your children or brothers and sisters. The younger the children are, the more trusting they are, and the funnier they will be after your disclosure! Download the app from Google Play and have fun.


All applications from this top, as you could understand, in no case are real lie detectors or polygraphs. How do you think you can read a fingerprint through your smartphone screen? And especially something to know.

A real lie detector collects information on particles – heart rate, sweat, excitement, shiver in the voice, and so on. And your smartphone will only help you to have fun and have fun with friends. Download the “detector” and go ahead, play along!

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