9 Best squeaky voice apps for Android & iOS

What if you desire to play your friend, but all ideas are already exhausted? Of course, you could call him on the phone and say something amusing, but then he immediately recognizes your voice, and this will ruin a very interesting and thoughtful joke. This is where special programs for the phone on the Andriod and

This is where special programs for the phone on the Andriod and iOS operating system will help you, which can change your voice, and make sure that no one will ever know you. With them, you will feel like a real master of the rally and you will be able to constantly call all your acquaintances, amused over their surprise and amusing reaction.

Helium Voice Changer

Helium Voice Changer ‑ if you’ve never heard your voice sound after a helium shot from a balloon, then with this app, the gap can be filled without any problems. It is enough to turn on the built‑in recorder and say some funny phrase, then choose one of the accessible effects, such as Helium, Robot, Teenager, Drunk, Chipmunk, etc. (some of the effects are only available after purchasing the PRO version).

There is also an opportunity to record a video and comment on it in a funny voice. The result can be quickly shared with friends or loved ones.

Android version

Ultra Voice Changer

Such entertainment applications as Ultra Voice Changer from UChin Kim developers are always very popular and interesting. This funny app will only add fun, good mood, and positive emotions for a long time.

With the help of the Ultra Voice Changer program, you can amuse your friends, entertain your family and friends, and also use it as an entertainment.

Ultra Voice Changer is an application with which you can convert your voice to some other one, not at all like yours and quite funny, unusual. As if your speech is filled with helium, only in a few other tones.

To modify your voice with Ultra Voice Changer is not difficult. To do this, just record your speech on the recorder (all these actions are carried out directly from the program) and select the voice option. After that, by clicking on the Play button, you will hear a speech not at all similar to your voice, transformed by effects beyond recognition.

The received record can be saved on a memory card, it is saved in WAV format. And one and the same record can be saved in different voice options. All the saved entries are in the Favorites section, they can be turned on at any time to listen, delete, send to a friend by email or even from them to make a ringtone of an incoming call.

To use the Ultra Voice Changer application is not difficult, almost any user can deal with it. Well, you can read all the detailed information about the program in the Help section.

This program for voice conversion is presented in two versions: a free Ultra Voice Changer and a paid Deluxe Ultra Voice Changer (worth $2). The free version of Ultra Voice Hanger has 14 voice effects: Robot, Alien, Backwards, Echo, Helium, Hyper, Possessed, Slow Motion, etc. The paid version of the program is distinguished by the lack of advertising and the presence of additional interesting voices, involving 4 new voices of robots, metal voices, speech accelerators, and others.


  • many funny voice effects;
  • convenient and fast utility management; possibility to put your favorite converted to a phone call


  • it may not be enough to convert records into other audio formats.

Ultra Voice Changer is a very interesting and attractive entertainment utility, it is worthy of attention.

Voice Changer with Effects

Voice changer with effects is an entertainment software for Android developed by Sergio Viudes. Change the recording of your own voice and share the results with your friends!


This utility is a voice modifier with integrated impacts. The user just needs to pronounce certain phrases or sing a famous song, and the utility will change the voice up to un-recognizability. Speak as Darth Vader, sing the serenade with the robot’s voice, diabolically scream, read the message with the alien’s accent, squeak as a small creature – all this is possible thanks to this compact program. The total number of filters does not exceed 23, but this is enough for cheering yourself and your loved ones. Received records can be stored in the internal memory of the device, as well as shared in social networks. All effects change the voice quite qualitatively and are distributed free of charge. The only drawback of the program is the presence of built-in advertising banners, which does not interfere with the recording.


The main menu has a concise design, which contains a minimum number of graphic elements. Immediately after starting the utility, a menu appears for starting the recording. The resulting voice track can be subject to change filters, which are displayed as small shortcuts with effects descriptions. Each filter can be listened with the appropriate key. Additional features include: setting as ringtone and notifications, saving to internal device memory and Share.

The result

Voice changer with effects is a mere tool for modifying the voice in audio recordings, which will appeal to lovers of entertainment and jokes.

Android version

Voice Changer Plus

Every person has moments when, well, there is absolutely nothing to do. With someone, this happens more often, with someone less often, but it happens to everyone without exception. Everyone, in this situation, gets out of the situation in his own way, killing time in one way or another. To do this even with fun, we want to offer you an amusing time killer called Voice changer plus.

Voice Changer Plus will delight with simple design and handy settings, and most importantly the program is distributed free of charge. In addition to the basic functions with transforming the voice, you may employ various background effects that will make the voice unforgettable.

It’s sufficient to just touch and voice recording is automatic. In this case, you are able to select quickly the wishful effect from the list.

Main functions:

  • more than 55 different effects;
  • you are able to append photos;
  • creating a ringtone;
  • work with social networks;
  • additional effects packages;
  • comfort design.

iOS version

Best Voice Changer

A mere utility that gained popularity in the west and has more than a million downloads. Its functionality is very plain. After pressing the “Record” button, you may speak your speech into the mic and then listen to the recorded with the overlay of one of several affordable impacts and filters. It is feasible to keep your favorite option. The capability of making calls is not provided.

The Best Voice Changer program may transform your voice into a different voice: a megaphone, the voice of a chipmunk, the voice of a child, become a robot, a checkpoint, a squeaky voice, a soft or coarse voice of a man and a woman. There is an ability of supplementation various effects and background sounds: echo, chorus, street, airport, rain, airplane, crowd, battlefield.

A very useful function is to modify the speed of speech. Record your voice on the recorder, and then transform it to your taste. In additives to the listed effects and sounds, you may discover more voices available in the Best Voice Changer program. The utility operates quickly, which is also worthy of attention. The saved voice is saved in WAV format. Therefore, all the same, it is worth free download Best Voice Changer.


  • large selection of votes;
  • saving the result;
  • change in speech speed.


  • no change in the recording of the telephone voice.


Android version

Voice Changer Androbaby

Voice Changer is a utility that will allow you to modify your voice with the help of special sound filters. Send to friends and acquaintances!


Do you want to alert your voice when calling from your android? Just install this application, click the button and say the desired phrase. Then save the received sound file and play it during the call.

Make fun of your friends and family!

Application features:

  • change the sound in one touch;
  • apply sound filters and change your voice;
  • more than 20 voice effects: echo, helium, monster, robot, child, and others!

Change My Voice

The Change My Voice application has more extensive functionality. With its help, you readily change the sound of your usual voice to the voice of a crony chipmunk. And when your friend is surprised and laughs at your joke, you will be able to insert an applause effect or reduce the speed of sounding your voice to demonstrate your high skills in handling technology. It is also worth noting that this program has a very beautiful and clear design that will assist you in the implementation of your jokes.

Android version

Voice Changer by e3games 

A decent voice changing program that may alter your voice in real time. Of course, the ultimate outcome of the recording may be preserved to the phone’s memory. The utility has a nice interface, and mere management will not cause difficulties. The software contains a built-in set of tools for transforming the sound of a user’s voice.

There is a special function for setting a changed voice as a ring tone or an alarm signal. Voice Changer boasts a large number of filters and effects that can be superimposed in the procedure of recording a speech.


Funny Call by Voicemod

Together with the Funny Call utility, you may forget about boring calls. Trick your friends, be ridiculous, and most importantly – unrecognizable.

You may effortlessly reincarnate into a Mignon and laugh heartily with friends, or midify the sound of a voice like a madman. In general, it will be fun!

Voice recording can be saved or sent to friends using social networks. Feel free to be funny with the Funny Call app.

All applications for changing the voice have similar functionality, permit you to utilize filters, transform the pitch, the timbre of the sound, and playback speed. But using them in telephone conversations is not always possible because of the limitations of Android and iOS.

Do you already use applications to change your own speech? Share your experience in the comments.

We want to note that this is not a complete list of programs that can change the voice. More applications you can find by clicking on this link – 15 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android & iOS.

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