11 Best Apps to Add Music to Video (Android & iOS)

Do you like editing videos? You can add music and video effects to the video to make it better. We all know that there are many video processing programs for computers.

What do we need to do if we don’t have a computer at hand or if you urgently need to add music to the video? Smartphone apps will help you. We have found the best apps for adding music to videos for you.

You can create great videos with these apps. They are multifunctional. Try all the features of these apps. It is convenient to process video on a smartphone. You won’t be dependent on PC devices anymore.

You can add music to videos anywhere and anytime. Just one click and the music will sound in the background of your video. There is a list of the best apps to app music to video for Android and iOS. Try them all or choose only one.

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VivaVideo – Video Editor & Video Maker

This is a free video editor. You can add song pictures to your video. If you work with videos, this app will help you quickly edit them. You can also create a tik tok video. Add lyrics to your music videos.

You can also add subtitles. This is a professional video editor that has many different special effects. Crop, cut, merge, copy, and paste video parts.

Combine video fragments. You can make your video longer or shorter. You can make your background a bluer. Create a professional video. Speed up your video with music.

You can also slow it down. Create video presentations. If you need to create an interesting project, this app will help you do it. The app will allow you to add small and funny stickers.

You can quickly add text to the video. Change its font and color. You can highlight important parts of the text. This will help you make a video greeting for your friends or soulmate.

Congratulation video is an original way to congratulate loved ones. You can create a video for Instagram. The app is extremely popular. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker1

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Magisto Video Editor

Are you looking for a modern video editor? Here he is. This app will allow you to edit your video and add music to it. Work in this app is simple. You won’t get confused. You can attract a lot of attention.

Share videos with music on social networks. You can combine several photos to create a slide show of them. Remember to select the coolest music.

Become a video superhero. You will notice how it will become easy for you to process the video. The app has powerful artificial intelligence that will help you in your work.

Get hints from the app. You can add beautiful filters to your videos to make them more attractive. Try different video tools. You quickly adapt to the design of the app.

The photo collage feature will be available to you. You can create beautiful acapella videos. You will hit the world. You can modify all videos or individual fragments. Speed up and slow down your video.

If you speed up the video, it will be funnier. If you work with video, then this app will help you save time. You will no longer need a laptop or computer. This app deserves your attention.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker1

Music Video Maker – VidBit

Do you want to add audio to the video to make it fun? This app will help you with this. Select any part of the video and add audio.

You can add unlimited audio to video. It all depends on your imagination. If the audio is shorter than the video, it will be repeated. It is convenient and saves time. The app is smart. It will do its job well as a video editor.

You can also mix added audio with music in the background of the video. You can voice the video. Create great voiced videos. See the preview after editing the video.

Save it if you like it. You can share the video right from the app. Your friends will be happy with the new video. You can save videos in different formats. Select video quality.

This app also has tools for video processing. You can create great videos without using a computer or laptop. If you like music this app is for you. You can select audio from the library or upload your own.

This app doesn’t take up much space on your smartphone. It has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times. Try it and you will be a powerful video maker.

Music Video Maker - VidBit1


Are you looking for a professional app that lets you add music to videos? We found it. Download this app and you will get access to a multifunctional video editor.

You can use the Hollywood model. It will make your videos beautiful. This app will help you create a whole movie. Choose the best videos and photos. The app itself will do all the work. You can customize the settings.

You can record video directly in the app. Use 8 unique themes for videos. You can also add audio effects. The app has a transition.

You can improve the video by adding filters. Use slow motion. You can also speed up your video or snippets. Add the picture in the picture. Choose your favorite song and the app will match the length and sound.

The app helps you quickly transfer videos from different devices. Use the cloud to save your phone storage. Share the video with your friends using social networks.

This is a great helper for working with video. You can create beautiful music videos. Add text to your video. You can create a video congratulation Try it and you won’t be disappointed.



Even though Instagram has a function of adding music to the videos nowadays, in some countries this music is still unavailable or it takes such a long time to load that followers prefer to watch your videos in stories without music at all. That’s why adding the background music to the initial video is still a thing.

InShot is a simply perfect app for that. It allows you to quickly add music to the video, removing or not the original sound. All you have to do for that is to upload your video here, then go to the sound section and choose the music library. There you will be able to choose one of the tracks you already got on your phone.

You can add only one track to your video and you can add several ones at the same time. What is more, you can also convert any video into a soundtrack. You can edit the music, cut the song, add effects, adjust the volume. Apart from the music, there is a lot of fine effects in InShot, that you should not neglect to explore.

Video Editor & Maker - InShot1


One more alternative to InShot and it is basically the same app but with a different name. However, calling it an exact copy would be an offense since it has the number of its unique functions. First of all, it has a special separate section with authentic effects, that you can find only in GlitchCam.

GlitchCam has a very convenient timeline for adding the music to your videos and allows you to edit and cut the song as soon as you add it. You can also add fade-in, fade-out effects to the music, and of course, regulate the volume.

Apart from that, GlitchCam is incredibly rich for various filters – they can significantly increase the quality of the overall video and the good music mak a good compliment.

Video Editor - Video Effects1

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IG Story Editor

If you’re into video editing and you like different apps in general, then there is a big chance you are using Instagram every day. Actually, more people nowadays edit their videos for Instagram stories than for something else, unlike even 5 years ago when the main video platform was YouTube.

Thus, now we can see more and more apps occurring on the market specifically to make stories for Instagram. One of the main features that those apps provide is adding music to the video. Just like in this app – this is basically an analog of InShot, with similar functions and possibilities.

Well, the main feature of IG Story Editor is that it allows you to cut down the longer videos into the small pieces so you can post them an app to your stories. Before posting, you can add the new music to the background and only then make a post.

Stories Editor: StoriesStudio1


Not so popular, but another great video editor to add music to the video. To be completely honest, today you can find almost any type of video editor app on the market and use it to add the music to the video. However, in this list, we have picked up the most convenient ones.

One of the best aspects of FilmoraGo is that it provides a wide range of effects and filters which are all available absolutely for free. What is more, the interface here is intuitive and easy in usage. In order to add new music to your video, you just go to a music section, choose a song from your music library and then edit it, if necessary.

Filmora: Movie & Video Editor1

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & Mp4 Video

This app deserves your attention. It will allow you to edit the video and add music to it. It is completely free. You can perform many operations on your video.

The app has a video and an audio cutter. It doesn’t spoil audio quality. It supports any file format. You can combine different videos and audio. Create your own remix of songs and share it with your friends.

If you need to change the video or audio format, this app will easily do this. The app supports almost all formats. It doesn’t change the quality of their image after conversion. You can cut audio from video. Sometimes we find a video with cool music but can’t find these songs. Just cut the audio track and you get cool tracks.

If you like GIFs, you can create them in this app. Select a series of photos or videos. The app converts them to GIF. You can send them to your friends.

Create funny gifs for any conversation. The app is popular. It has been downloaded over 1 million times. This app will help you create the finest music video. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp31

Perfect Video, Movie Maker

This app will help you add some audio to the video but also edit it. This is a great helper for video editors. Add animations so the video will have a key component.

Use the picture in picture function. You can connect two videos with side-to-side effect. This will help you make music videos. Try all the editing tools. You can create the most beautiful video in the world.

The app will help you replace the background with the video. Remember to use a blue or green background when shooting. The app perfectly replaces the background.

You can replace the background with a video with a photo or another video. Create a mosaic video. You can adjust the color of the video. Change brightness, shadow, saturation, and temperature. Try to create an interesting atmosphere for adjusting colors.

Perfect Video, Movie Maker1

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Add Any Song To Video. Video Background Music.

This is a great app that will allow you to add music to videos. It supports many well-known formats. You don’t need to convert the video for the app to see them. Follow the simple steps to add music to your video.

First, select a video. Then select an audio file. You can add audio from the beginning or select a single fragment. Create an infinite number of music videos.

Share the final video with your friends via social networks. You can use video effects to make your music video better. Add music effects. You can voice the video directly in the app.

The app is useful at a party. This is a new kind of party game. Record how you sing and add background music. You will have fun and your party will go well. The app has been installed more than 500 million times.

Add Any Song To Video. Video B1
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