7 Best Police Dog Games for Android & iOS

You probably never paid attention to it, but the theme of a policeman and their dog is quite popular all around the globe. Police games are popular as well – you can explore the best of them in this article.

There are lots of TV series and movies about it. So why don’t we rewatch the story once again, but this time it will be a game? Find the best police dog games in the article down below.

Police Dog Simulator 3D

Therefore, if you want to play the game about policemen and their dogs this is classic and the best variant to start from. It seems like this simulator included everything that you can wish for when you are imagining your life as a policeman with a dog.

The main goal of the game is to help your megapolis to reduce the criminal level and to catch all the thugs, criminals, hooligans, and so on. You will be investigating the most complicated homicides. However, before you can do that, your dog must be trained extremely well!

There is a huge section that is dedicated to training your dog. And this is one of the most fun parts of it as well! Enjoy the race with barriers by controlling the dog and finishing at the given time. After each training session, you will acquire skills.

And before you start the game you will be able to choose one of the suggested breeds – everything is according to your preferences! But pay attention that each of those has its own specific skills and behaviors.

With your dog, you will also have to learn the attack combos that will enable you both to beat the criminal down in a few seconds. Don’t neglect those training since they can save lives in extreme situations!

Overall, the gameplay of this game is quite OK, the controls of the both policeman and the dog easy and can be learned by anyone – starting from kids aged 6 to your grandparents. Most of the time you will be playing for the dog.

The graphics are OK, but evidently, you don’t expect something superior with this game. We guess that it’s been developed in a more simple cartoonish style so it could be appealing to children as well.

Our rating of the game: 9/10 (The visuals could be better).


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US Police Dog Games

This game is not remarkable for its graphics or gameplay, but we really liked the idea and the atmosphere of the 2000s that it brings to us. This is more an adventure game than a simulator.

You have to start with the very first mission. It’s important to highlight that here you don’t pick up the breed of a dog, but the dogs will be changing throughout the game.

You are playing only for the dog. To be honest, when the first mission was launched, we were confused about the controls of the dog – the motion button on the left is almost invisible. You have a task to approach a woman but apparently, if you approach her too close the dog just kills her.

There will be various gems on your way, such as meat – use it for the power of your dog. For each mission, you have a limited amount of time.

One good thing about US Police Dog Games is that it really has a story that you want to explore since the beginning of the game.

On the other hand, it contains SO MANY ADS that we’ve never seen before, and you can’t even skip them! Nevertheless, we found the solution to this problem – turn down the internet signal while you’re playing the game.

Our rating of the game: 7/10 (Only for the idea)


Police Dog Airport Crime Chase

Basically an analog of the previous game with the difference that here the action takes place at the airport and that it is available for iOS devices as well. Once again, you have to play for the dog and pass various missions. Don’t forget to feed the dog!

In general, the game is super simple. According to the example of the previous game, you control the dog and accomplish the tasks. Once again, tons and tons of ads…

Here we want to add that you shouldn’t expect something great from the games like this. This is not an expensive simulator produced by a large studio, this is a small game developed by a single person. That’s why it doesn’t bring the diversity of interactions with the surrounding.

But in general, you can enjoy the process of playing. Police Dog Airport Crime Chase will be especially appreciated by the children.

Our rating of the game: 7/10


US Police Dog Subway Simulator

Another interesting game that we recommend you to play if you like police dogs. In this game, you have to pass through various missions with your dog and each mission takes place at a different location in your city.

For instance, you can choose a mission that is called “subway chase”. Therefore you will see that each mission has its levels. Since you only start the game, you will start from scratch.

But we have to inform you that there is a possibility to buy a version of the game where all the levels will be unlocked from the beginning. We also have to tell you that the developers are quite persistent with their ads about it.

Start with the first mission and at that moment you are only able to choose the German Shepard. All other dogs can be unlocked by a paid option and the game is so annoying with this persistence to buy it!

The overall missions are cool – you have to chase and catch the hooligans. However, we noticed that the controls are not that easy to handle since you have to manipulate the dog with a small circle at the corner of the screen.

All the missions are going to a pre-written classic scenario. This is a cool option for entertainment, but as you progress, you get more and more bored. Therefore, we would recommend this game to students of a younger age.

Our rating of the game: 6/10 (Tons of ads!)


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Police Dog Prison Break Escape

As we could guess, this is another game from the “Police Dog” series. This time the action takes place right in the prison!

This is one of the most popular games in this series – probably it hooks the users for its non-standard idea. You are playing for the dog, so from one side, you help the policemen to prevent the chaos from happening in the jail! Watch for the prisoners and don’t allow the disobedience.

And when playing for another dog, you need to help the prisoner to escape the jail! Beat down all the policemen and sheriff and break free!

Among the other advantages of this game we wanted to highlight the improved graphics of it – it seems like the developers have made major improvements here in comparison to all other games in this series.

The loans got brighter, the moves got smoother, the animations got more realistic and overall the dogs look more realistically!

And unfortunately, they couldn’t go without a fail. The problem with this particular game is that it keeps crashing.

Our rating of the game: 7/10 (Could be better if not crashed).


K9 Police Dog Training Game

You probably remember the famous movie K-9 (if not, you’re probably younger than 20). So this game is based on the idea of that movie – and basically, this is an idea of our article!

All in all, this is an extremely simple game, but hey, it works. You have to play for the dog and pass through the training missions, overcoming barriers and finishing everything before the time runs out. Don’t expect much from the graphics.

The game isn’t that popular yet, but it’s definitely worth trying. For those who want to just play something to get distracted from their daily stress, this is a perfect option.

Our rating of the game: 5/10 (Way too simple)


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Super Police Dog 3D

Making a conclusion of this article, it turned out that it’s not an easy task to find a truly decent game about the policemen and their dogs. That’s why you will have to deal with mediocre games like this one – but we tried our best to select what we can.

Super Police Dog 3D is another dog simulator without any definite idea. You just go on missions with your policeman and chase and catch criminals. The controller for a dog, as always, is placed at the right corner of the screen and it’s not very convenient to use.

However, the city views are drawn quite well, and that’s why we can still recommend this game.

Our rating of the game: 5/10 (Just for the city views)

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