11 Free Computer Vision Apps for Android & iOS

The Shazam app once caused a furor in the app market – it can identify, simply by the sound, which song is currently playing. If you liked Shazam you may also like one of the 7 Cool apps like Shazam for Android & iOS.

Such technologies of automatic detection of voices, sounds, pictures, and images have long been studied by developers around the world. One such technology is computer vision that can be used for a variety of purposes. To search an image and similar objects with a single file, to find the name of a tool or furniture, a person with a photo, and even to scan facial features for access to particularly secret rooms.

However, any ordinary person can use these new technologies – just install the right app on your smartphone. We found 11 Free Computer Vision Apps for Android & iOS.

Google Lens

Google Lens

Are you inquisitive and want to explore the world around you? Then the Google Lens app was created especially for you. Google has created an incredible service that can not only give you new knowledge but also greatly simplify your life.

For example, with its help, you can automatically translate words and signs in an unfamiliar language abroad, scan posters, business cards, and billboards, transfer long texts directly into your smartphone, and much more. Such functionality seemed unbelievable a few years ago!

We already told you about gaining new knowledge and we did it for a reason. Google Lens allows you to scan a plant or animal with your camera and give you its full name – literally in seconds.

This way, in the park, on a walk, or anywhere else, you can identify the beautiful flower you like. It’s the same in other areas of life – for example, in a restaurant you can simply scan the menu and find out a little bit more about all the dishes that are on it.

This function is indispensable in places with national or local cuisine, where you try something new and unusual for yourself.

Google Lens1 Google Lens2

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Aipoly Vision

Aipoly Vision

Aipoly Vision is an app that is very similar in functionality to Google Lens, but less popular. It was created with the main goal of helping all people who have problems seeing or recognizing things around them.

Any visually impaired person will now be able to use Aipoly Vision to quickly identify exactly what is around them. Artificial Intelligence technology automatically uses the camera to identify objects and creatures that are in the lens and reproduce the name aloud.

Most importantly, Aipoly Vision works automatically and will not even stop the recognition process if necessary. As long as you don’t switch the service to another mode or quit the app altogether, you’ll hear the name of all the objects that come into your smartphone’s camera field of view.

Basically, Aipoly Vision perfectly recognizes about a thousand different objects that are most likely to be in the neighborhood. For example, it can be pets, closet items, plants, texts, and more. The app will be a great helper for you if you have vision problems.

Aipoly Vision1 Aipoly Vision2

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The interesting name of this app is a simple interpretation of the whole process that you will be going through. All you have to do is double-tap the screen to identify the object next to you – and TapTapSee will automatically determine what is in the lens.

With a double-tap, the app takes a picture of what you’re pointing the camera at and identifies the object. TapTapSee also tells you with a voice instruction what was recognized in the picture.

In order to hear the app’s voice responses, you’ll need to turn on TalkBack. Usually, on smartphones, this feature is turned off or does not work in silent mode, so this nuance is worth considering.

In order to take a picture of something, you will need to run TapTapSee and start the process of recognition by tapping. It is also worth noting that the service can work with short text or inscriptions that are present on labels and pictures – however, the ability to read long text is not yet available in the application.

TapTapSee1 TapTapSee2

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Finding something on the Internet with the help of a photograph? Now, with today’s technology, it is quite possible. For example, using the application CamFind. This service is based on a special library for image recognition.

It is designed to help you find anything on the internet – even similar objects or products. You just need to take a picture of what you are interested in, and the app will provide all the search results based on the latest photo and picture recognition technology.

For example, if you are in a furniture store and you incredibly like a sofa, you can use CamFind to check its price in other stores. The service can also do price comparisons, giving you the opportunity to make a better choice.

CamFind also synchronizes with Uber or Lyft, offering you the possibility of a transfer to the store or the place where you could buy the given product.

The service is especially helpful for all those who are just planning their renovation or would like to change the interior completely – by combining ideas from your surroundings you can find great products using only photos.

CamFind1 CamFind2

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Girls (and guys too) often see interesting and beautiful clothes on other people. If you’re too shy to ask where you bought them, or if you just stumbled across a photo of clothes on the Internet, you can always find them yourself!

The application Screenshop will help you in this case. This service will be a real fashion lens for you, which will find absolutely any fashionable thing for you in online stores or shopping marketplaces. Agree, such a tool will definitely come in handy when creating a perfect image!

Also, the great news is that you can search not only for perfectly identical products. For example, if you like the style of a piece of clothing but you are looking for it in a different color scheme, Screenshop will offer you special filters.

That way you’ll choose your size, the right color, style, and more. Screenshop will become your source of inspiration and a way to find the perfect thing in seconds – some fashionistas even call the service the “Shazam of the fashion world”. Replicate the look of your favorite celebrity without putting too much effort into your search!

Screenshop1 Screenshop2

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LeafSnap – Plant Identification

LeafSnap – Plant Identification

Nature lovers will definitely appreciate the LeafSnap app. How often have you seen a tree, a flower, or any other plant and not known what it is? In such a situation LeafSnap will help you and automatically determine what exactly is in front of you.

Gardeners, florists, indoor plant lovers, and gardeners can find the plant they are looking for in a few seconds. The most important thing is that you are required to do as simple as possible – take a picture and let the app do its work.

In LeafSnap, it is possible to recognize almost all the species and names of plants that you can find on our planet. Flowers, fruits, bushes, and trees – now their names will cease to be a mystery for you and will be revealed in a few seconds.

Artificial intelligence systems quickly and easily enough to determine the names with the help of photos and modern technology. You will gain new knowledge right on the go!

LeafSnap – Plant Identification1 LeafSnap – Plant Identification2

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Calorie Mama AI: Meal Planner & Food Macro Counter

Calorie Mama AI Meal Planner & Food Macro Counter

Computer Vision is actively used in all areas of human life. If you have difficulty counting calories and controlling your diet macros, just install the Calorie Mama AI app on your smartphone. With it, you will no longer need to constantly search for ingredients in your calorie counter.

This service will allow you to control your diet even when eating in cafes and restaurants, consuming unfamiliar foods. You just have to launch the Calorie Mama AI app, point the camera at your plate and get the important information.

Since computer vision technology is not perfectly accurate, you will need to confirm Calorie Mama AI’s assumptions about the food to get information about your meal.

For example, after you point your camera at a plate of pasta, the service will offer you several options – pasta with chicken, pasta with cheese, or pasta bolognese.

You choose the right option and get all the information about the calories, macros, and benefits of this food! Agree, this functionality is ideal for all people who want to watch their diet, but do not know how to properly count calories on their own.

Calorie Mama AI Meal Planner & Food Macro Counter1 Calorie Mama AI Meal Planner & Food Macro Counter2

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Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

Vivino Buy the Right Wine

Everyone sooner or later faces this situation: you are standing in a wine store and do not know what to choose. We often hear that you should serve red wine to meat and white wine to fish, but in reality, not many people know about the varieties and types of this drink.

Vivino is the app that will save you the trouble of choosing and give you all the information about the bottle you see in the window. You can know in advance if you like this kind of wine, how it tastes and which dish it goes perfectly with.

The Vivino application will be a great assistant in a store or a restaurant because with its help you will know more about alcohol and its varieties. Using the service, you will not make a mistake in choosing the perfect drink.

You will need to take a picture of the label on the bottle, and Vivino will provide all the data. If you’re in a restaurant you can just take a picture of the wine list with the names and kinds of wines and the app will recognize them and offer the best possible variants.

You can also go to online stores that offer these types of wine and buy a couple of bottles for your home.

Vivino Buy the Right Wine1 Vivino Buy the Right Wine2

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Not Hotdog – SeeFood

Not Hotdog – SeeFood

Wondering if you have a hot dog in your hand? Do you think you might have a phantom hot dog that you constantly notice, but other people don’t see it? Well, in that case, you urgently need to install Not Hotdog on your smartphone.

This application will determine exactly what is in your hands. Unlike other computer vision services, Not Hotdog has only 2 options to answer your question – do you have a hot dog or not – there is no third option!

In order to start such in-depth analysis and find out whether you have the coveted sausage, you need to run the application. You should tap on the screen to start the analysis – the SeeFood feature will identify the hot dog or other types of food.

Of course, we all realize that this is a fun food identification app that doesn’t really have any informative value. Not Hotdog is designed for people who just want to have fun, amuse themselves, or prank their friends.

Agree, it will be surprised if suddenly your burger is defined by the app as a hot dog or on the contrary – an actual hot dog will be recognized as something else!

Not Hotdog – SeeFood1 Not Hotdog – SeeFood2

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Chooch IC2 Visual AI Artificial Intelligence Demo

Chooch IC2 Visual AI Artificial Intelligence Demo

Chooch IC2 is a real app that allows you to qualitatively identify and visualize all objects that are around you. The app identifies and labels objects that come into the field of view of your smartphone camera and can work with both live video and still photos and pictures.

Importantly, Chooch IC2 can be used not only in the home and for personal use, but also in businesses and various industries.

In fact, the world around you is full of different data. Some of them you may not even be aware of, meeting various objects that were previously unfamiliar to you. Also, note that Chooch IC2 learns through user actions.

You can point the camera to objects that have not previously been met in the database of the service, and add them to the system.

To identify items of interest you will only need to upload a photo from the gallery, select a specific area or item, and Chooch IC2 will help you to learn a little more. Chooch IC2 can also be used in real-time.

Chooch IC2 Visual AI Artificial Intelligence Demo1 Chooch IC2 Visual AI Artificial Intelligence Demo2

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Quiver – 3D Coloring App

Quiver – 3D Coloring App

Quiver is an unusual app that uses computer vision not for identifying and recognizing objects. In this app, you can create your own coloring pages and make them come alive after you have finished coloring them.

Using augmented reality technology, you can visualize anything that was previously a flat picture on your screen. In Quiver, you can create your own characters, heroes, objects, and more, then let them into the real world.

In order to start the coloring process, you will need to find the right picture in the app. Then you can save them on your device and start the process of animation.

It is also worth noting that in Quiver there is not a single picture, which would be a duplicate of another image. All colorings are unique, and you can make them even more unique.

You’ll color them in real life – just print out a thumbnail. With the camera and Quiver, you bring to life what was previously on paper – by the way, the heroes of your drawings can be popular famous characters.

Quiver – 3D Coloring App1 Quiver – 3D Coloring App2

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Despite the fact that the study of the topic of computer vision began so long ago, the technology is still imperfect. The code is constantly changing, the training set for the whole neural network is replenished, and people themselves can offer different new things for recognition.

So if you find that the data given to you is wrong when you use the application, don’t be disappointed right away. Perhaps the system will soon be trained on even more items, plants, dishes, and so on. For now, you can enjoy the new technology and marvel at how much artificial intelligence is evolving.

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