8 Best apps to choose your head color (Android+iOS)

Programs for the smartphone can replace the stylist and show whether you are suitable for long hair or vice versa, short haircut.

The desire for change often leads a woman to a hairdresser. However, the attempt to explain their wishes to the master hairdresser may not always be successful, so the result of such an experiment may be unexpected and not always pleasant.

Do you want to know exactly which hair style will suit you? See yourself with luxurious curls or in radically black? Check if you will get an eggplant shade or a high hairstyle? For answers to these questions, there is a whole category of applications that allow you to imagine yourself in a new way even before going to the beauty salon.

All of them work in roughly the same way: you upload your photo, and then you select a different color range and determine with the appropriate shade.

Try it, it’s interesting at least!

Hair Color Studio

This application is especially appreciated by the girls, but for the guys, the app will also be very interesting. The Hair Color can change the color of your hair in a photo in a matter of seconds. You can choose from over 20 shades, as well as radiance and various effects. If you have planned a march to the hairdresser in order to radically change the image, but you do not have to guess with color, the mobile program is created especially for you! Look at the result first in the photo and only then embody the idea in life. For some, the application will become a real helper and adviser, and someone with its help will just have fun, changing the color of the hair to himself and his friends. Install the tool, as a matter of fact, to download the Hair Color you can completely free!
The application has a huge number of shades of hair, they all look very realistic and natural as if you really just visited a fashion stylist. In addition, you can complement the hairstyle with radiance and apply a blend of colors, these effects are not out of fashion for more than one season. The mobile program is a powerful photo editor, there are a lot of accessories: glasses, earrings, hats and much more. In total, you will find about 100 decorative elements! This small application takes up very little free space on the memory card, you can download the Hair Color to your device without registration on the website.

To advantages of the application, it is necessary to add simplicity and ease of use. Just upload a picture that you would like to change from the Gallery or make a new one. It is well, if the picture clearly shows the hair, and even better is to select the image with the close-up of the face. Next, you need to decide on the shape of your hair and apply the hair color you like. Complement the hair with highlights and shadows, all actions are very easy to perform, so any user will cope. Already at this stage, you can save the image, and if you think that something is missing, try on various accessories and jewelry. Your photos can be found in a special folder called ModiFace, they can be shared with friends or sent to their pages in the social networks. Spend time cheerfully, experiment with hairdos and hair color, surprise your friends with new unusual images! The Hair Color application is a positive emotion, a sea of inspiration and new ideas, check it out for yourself!

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Hair Color Changer

In this application, you can change not only the color of your hair but also experiment with makeup. More than 100 free colors and shades are available. You can upload photos from the gallery or take pictures at once. And also, a variety of filters for photo processing is available.
Be unique with the application Hair Color Changer.

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Hair Color Booth

Hair Color Booth – is the new photo editor for the most daring experiments!

With the help of this program, you can decide on desperate experiments. For example, paint the hair in the style of punk in pink or blue. Although, in addition to extreme colors, you can also easily become a blonde from a brunette and vice versa.
Try different hair and colors. Surprise your friends and create your unforgettable image. Many hairstyles: from ultra-short to long and wavy. Bright pink, dark purple, ultra-red or any other color – everything is in your hands!
Share your creations through different networks – become a fashion idol!

  1. Super realistic hair coloring.
  2. Scalable control for absolute accuracy.
  3. Huge range of hair colors.
  4. Color control strength, including anti-aliasing and transparency!

Create your own unique style with the Hair Color Booth!

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Hairstyle Magic Mirror

The “Magic Mirror” application is a versatile and easy-to-navigate tool for choosing a hairstyle and hair color. Choose a virtual profile photo or upload another photo and browse the hairstyle catalog, “flipping” them on the screen of your mobile device. There is a large selection of color palette of hair. The uniqueness of this application lies in the fact that its developers did not spare their attention to men, adding to the collection men’s hairstyles of various styles and colors.
Also, the Magic Mirror Hair Styler can be used just for fun with friends.
In the app there is:

  1. Simple interface.
  2. A lot of different hairstyles for men and women.
  3. A lot of color options and the ability to create your own shade.
  4. 20 memory locations to save the best results.

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InStyle Hairstyle

The program allows you to transform and see yourself in a new way. To obtain the result, you will need a full face portrait and a few free minutes.
The Stylist App allows you to try on a new image on your own image or photos of celebrities.

Unlike the rest of its fellow, this app, when you convert a snapshot, only the face remains clear, so when choosing a photo, you can use the picture you like, regardless of its background.
Unfortunately, the application has one, but very significant drawback, which concerns the lack of choice of face shape. But you are sure to be surprised by the huge variety of hairstyles and shades of hair that are made in a realistic chart.

The result –you can publish a new “I” on Facebook in one click, save on your phone or send to your girlfriend via an e-mail, let her be surprised by your Hollywood image.

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Fabby Look

You’ve been dreaming of a change of style for a long time and didn’t know where to start? Or do you realize that you want to change the color of your hair, but are not sure that you will be face to face with the chosen color? Try the Fabby Look app and don’t hesitate to choose anymore!

The app has an elementary interface. On the start page you need to upload your image and start painting directly. If you want to change your hair color in real time, allow Fabby Look access to your smartphone’s camera.

A total of 10 modern and stylish colors and shades of hair are available – for example, ashy or unusual purple. Change color before you take a photo. Once you’ve taken a picture, you can share it on social networks – consult with family, friends or loved one if you’re not sure about your choice – and go to the barbershop with confidence.

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Style My Hair: try on & color

Картинки по запросу Style My Hair: try on & colorNo one in the modern world has ever heard of a cosmetic brand like L’Oréal Professionnel. They produce high quality care and decorative cosmetics, as well as complete lines for hair care – shampoos, masks, balms and, of course, dyes and shades.

But not always the color on the box of paint corresponds to the result that you will get at the end of painting. Much depends on your natural color, the condition of your hair, hair type and even the amount of paint that you have applied.

To see what result this or that shade will give you, you can download the Style My Hair app. In addition to a simple color change, you can try out a designer coloring – such as ombre, for example. Surprisingly, Style My Hair offers you all-round results – the 3D model lets you do it. Look for the nearest L’Oréal salon in the app and go on to change your style dramatically.


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YouCam Makeup

Looking at the title, you probably wondered if the authors of the article made a mistake. No, this is not a mistake! Although the title only mentions cosmetics, you can easily manage your hair in real time.

In addition to changing the color of your hair, you can try on a variety of hairstyles. Initially, you choose your next steps in the application: you will change everything in real time or edit the finished photo.

Then you go directly to the editor: in addition to changing the color of eyes, lips, makeup, etc. on the bottom panel there is a tab with hair. Try on “wigs” – from long hair to a frame, from curly Afro hairstyles to straight, strict hair.

Colors are available with a “real dyeing effect” – you do not get acid color as a result of editing, but close to the real one. This way you know exactly what the result will be – incredibly convenient (and you can change the style completely).

Картинки по запросу YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam 9+Makeover Camera Beauty Filters

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Programs on the experiment with hair color, of course, do not replace the stylist’s advice, but it will definitely ease the pains of choosing a new haircut and help you determine if a certain hair color suits to you. To decide which application is the best and convenient, you need to try them all. Share your thoughts about the above applications, or suggest your options for the best hair color selection applications in the comments.
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