15 Best math game apps for adults (Android & iOS)

Mathematics is not as boring as it may seem to you at school. Your brain can work not only at work or at home, but even when you’re just playing on your smartphone. Mathematics is a great way to develop your cognitive abilities, keeping your mind always in tune.

We want to change the way you think about intelligent games a little bit and show that some can easily interest you.

You won’t even notice that the games will get you involved and boost your mind. So, we’ve picked up the best 15 math games for adults for you!


20482048 is a game that a few years ago caused huge excitement among users. It’s a pretty beautiful game with a minimalistic interface that has simple rules and does not require much effort to master.

However, it is not so simple – even though the playing field originally has only 4 squares, it can become much larger during the game.

As we have already mentioned, the playing field can grow to the size of 4 by 4 squares, that is, 16 cells. On the field, there are numbers 4 and 2, which you convert yourself to larger numbers.

The maximum number of 2048 is not as easy as you might think! You can only connect cells horizontally or vertically, the diagonal movement is prohibited.

Once you reach the number 512, everything will become much more complicated and you will think a few moves forward, what you should do. Of course, in this game, you won’t learn how to calculate logarithms, but you’ll have to learn all the powers of number 2!

20481 20482



threesAnother game that is based on the love of numbers and a minimalistic approach to everything. Even though it’s nothing special, you won’t even think that the game needs something else.

Every touch delights every user – the ease with which you move numbers, can’t help but please. Keeping your finger on and you still see all the results of your moves.

The essence of the game is about the same as in 2048 – you need to combine the numbers in such a way that it would be possible to combine the same numbers in the future.

On the playing field, you will have not only numbers multiple of 2 but also 1, 3 and others. You can imagine yourself as a matchmaker for numbers – the more it is, the harder it is to “make friends” with other numbers.

Each of your movements is accompanied by an interjection or a breath, which is perfectly suited to the main musical theme.

The most important thing is that the game never ends: you will not know if you have a low result or a high one, and also you cannot win. And you won’t feel like you’ve lost: Threes! does not compare your results with other scores.

threes1 threes2



heatosHeatos will help you stretch your brain without bothering you. The game will not bring vanity in your evening and will allow you to relax after a hard-working day.

Heatos is suitable for those people who are looking for a pleasant pastime and stand out from the crowd. Especially those people who do not like cold and generally low temperatures will appreciate the game.

Your main task is to remove the negative temperatures from the playing field, adding up the neighboring cells among themselves. Keep in mind that you will not be able to combine two low temperatures, otherwise, you will get an even lower result.

You can also simply move the temperature around the playing field, but then it will lose its warmth. Try to fight the cold with the least number of moves!

During the standard mode, the field will eventually receive heat bombs, drips or other boosters. They will both help and hinder you, but make a little variety in the whole gameplay.

heatos1 heatos2


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Hard Math Game

hard math gameDoes that sound like a name for a game to you? Hard Math Game is a collection of 120 levels that have been manually created by other people.

It’s an incredibly complex puzzle game that users will have to solve. There are no simple addition, multiplication or quick counting tasks in the game – you have to brainstorm and find the answer. Are you smart enough in math to go through all the levels?

Tasks are grouped into separate categories by topic.
Each level you pass gives you bonuses and the opportunity to remember something you have forgotten or to discover something new – for example, there are levels based on the Fibonacci sequence.

The stars you get for your success will open up the names of mathematicians like Fourier, Pythagoras and many others. All you need in the Hard Math Game is your logic and your ability to think.

Go through the levels as fast as you can, so your results will be much higher and more rewarding. However, it won’t bring you any new stars when you pass the level again! Make your neurons work a little harder than usual.

hard math game1 hard math game2


Math Games for Adults

math games for adultsIf you want to exercise in calculations and you are interested in multiplication and division, then this application is what you need.

Math Games for Adults works with people who have different levels of knowledge in mathematics and allows you to improve this level. In all the time that you will be using the application, your computing skills will be greatly improved.

On the start page, you are offered to choose the game mode. It can be a solution of equations, mathematical memory tasks, as well as a simultaneous solution to many simple tasks.

So, for example, in the mode of checking your mathematical memory application will constantly update the page, offering to add or remove numbers from the previous result. The essence is that your brain should learn to remember the previous calculations and to fix it in your memory.

In general, you can have fun in Math Games for Adults while improving your cognitive skills. The app is a basic collection of mathematics exercises that can be used by people of all ages. If you are sure you remember enough information from school math lessons – it is worth checking it out!

math games for adults1



numtrisFor a long time, Tetris was a favorite pastime of people of all ages. This game forced to play it over and over again, restarting the process even after the defeat.

Numtris is a symbiosis of Tetris and mathematical calculations and can be called a logic and numbers game. The most important thing is that there is only one rule in the game that you need to remember to start the game.

So, what is this rule? The fact is that if the Tetris you removed filled rows, then here you do not need to fill all the space.

The main criterion by which to remove part of the playing field – is to combine exactly as many cells as is written on the cell itself. So, for example, you can remove the number 4 only by aligning the four cubes together.

The design is quite simple, but you get passionate gameplay. You can also play Numtris with a friend, where you can play in two-player mode with a split-screen. Numtris won’t make you work too hard, but it will test your logical thinking.

numtris1 numtris2



orixoIf you are not interested in pure mathematics and computation but want to develop logic a bit, then you may be interested in the Orixo application.

This is an interesting puzzle game, which presents logical tasks, but with a mathematical bias. In total after downloading you receive more than 150 levels, each of them will force you to think carefully.

In the beginning, Orixo can seem easy and even boring. But like in any similar game, everything will become more complicated as you go through. Your task here is to paint empty cells by the numbers that stand next to each other.

Orixo visually may remind you of the Japanese crossword puzzles, but you will notice the differences in the game.

The application is perfectly adjusted to the balance of complexity and the transition from easy levels to the most difficult will be smooth, and each task will be doable for you.

We can also note the good and convenient control – this is especially important for players.

The main advice for beginners is to choose the correct sequence of filling the cells. We suggest you start with the biggest numbers and only then pay attention to small parts of the puzzle.

orixo1 orixo2


Math Games

mathgamesYour math skills can be much better in a few steps or classes. The first step is that you simply install the Math Games app on your smartphone.

The app is focused on math and computing skills, so you’re sure to make the right choice. Do you want to know how much better or worse you can count compared to other people? Then welcome!

Math Games can be adjusted according to your requirements. So, for example, you can easily practice only those areas that interest you or where you experience more difficulties.

To compare your progress or even the starting level of knowledge, you can play with your friends in two-player mode or even choose a random opponent from anywhere in the world.

Just a few minutes of training a day will bring you good results, and after a while, you will notice the improvement in your knowledge.

It is worth noting that Math Games is designed for people who speak absolutely different languages. You can define a convenient and clear language for you in the settings, and it gives you a great opportunity to compete with people from other countries and other nationalities.

mathgames1 mathgames2


Toon Math

toon mathHave you ever played Subway Surf? If you’re really into this game, then you’ll like Toon Math as well. Of course, it isn’t taken seriously by adults and maybe even now you smile at the title.

Toon Math helps you to improve your memory and stretch your brain a little bit without much effort, and also allows you to have a good time playing on your phone.

In the story, you are in a world where your friends have been kidnapped. Your main goal is to save them by solving tasks. If you show that you are smart enough in the world of Toon Math, then your friends will not turn into monsters.

At this point, all the adults definitely thought that this application is not suitable for them, but it is true! Everybody loves games that can be played over a long period of time.

In Toon Math, you do it with pleasure, while doing the math and counting. It is suitable for people of all ages and perfectly combines the game and knowledge.

You will move from level to level, solving simple mathematical tasks. During the game you have to run, overcoming monsters and collecting coins. The further you run, the harder the game becomes and sometimes you really have to think to solve these problems.

toon math1 toon math2


Math | Riddles and Puzzles

mathThe easiest way to increase your intelligence is to develop yourself. The developers of Math game have thought up a great variant for users.

With the help of the application, you get a great opportunity to spend your free time and learn something new. Mathematical games include logical puzzles that aim to improve your abilities.

Math uses the same approach as in IQ testing. If you’ve been through similar tests before, you may even think you’ve done similar tasks. In fact, these are special intelligent games that hide behind geometric shapes and figures.

The most important thing is that when solving these tasks people involve both hemispheres of the brain, which allows you to significantly expand your thinking limits.

Puzzles become more complex and will take up more of your free time, but at the same time, you will want to devote more time to Math.

This game is completely free but has some ads. For example, in order to get a hint, you will need to watch a small commercial. You get access to the levels without attachments or fees.

math1 math2


Sudoku Numbers Puzzle

sudoku numbers puzzleMaybe we shouldn’t explain Sudoku, but we’ll do it briefly. Sudoku is a logical game in which you have to pick up certain combinations of numbers. The main thing is that these numbers should not be repeated in the sector, as well as horizontally and vertically. And this is the only rule in the whole game!

Sudoku from developers Playzio will please the users with a pleasant and easy interface. There is nothing unnecessary here, and it is easy to understand the sequence of actions necessary for the game.

Regularly training your mind, you can become a winner without much difficulty while increasing your level of concentration and ability to analyze data. Fill in all the empty cells according to the rules and come to victory!

If you cannot solve the level and you have already gone too far, then you can take tips. You can get cues every day playing Sudoku and solving digital puzzles.

By the way, if you don’t want to use hints too often or if you’re just used to a certain level of difficulty – you can choose it yourself. Become a true expert in Sudoku and increase your intelligence!

sudoku numbers puzzle1 sudoku numbers puzzle2


Mental Math Master

mental math masterIf you think basic math is too simple for you, then you can apply for the Mental Math Master title.

The application was created especially for such people, where new and interesting tasks for real geniuses are presented. You will especially appreciate this application if you like computer games and logic puzzles.

Mental Math Master helps users to develop their mental abilities in mathematics. Here you can develop your own concentration, perseverance and even memory (and that’s not just mathematics!).

As you go through the levels, you will discover new and more complex tasks that will make your mind explode. Levels will bring you medals that will raise not only your self-esteem but also make you higher in the overall ranking.

You can play for an infinite amount of time – until you get tired of it or until you reach the top. The dark theme that accompanies you throughout the game makes it possible to solve tasks even at night.

mental math master2 mental math master1


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Mathematiqa – Brain Game, Puzzles, Math Game

mathematiqaInteresting fact: mathematics helps people to relax, improve their emotional state, and relieve anxiety, depression and bad mood. Of course, you may be affected by calculations in the opposite way, but what prevents you from trying this way of relaxation?

Mathematiqa is perfect for students, young people, or high school students who just need to be able to quickly calculate and count numbers in their minds. The app is also perfect for adults, so they can keep their brains in shape.

Here, at each level, you are offered not only to calculate some rows of expressions but also to choose the right result, compare different combinations and much more.

In this way, you’ll be able to keep several parts of the mathematical information in your head at once, which has a great effect on your cognitive abilities.

At any moment of your own progress, you can change your level of complexity – an Expert, a Legend or a Beginner. Of course, it’s better to try the beginner’s level first, however, in case everything seems too easy to you and you will feel like a real math guru.

The better your level of knowledge, the more difficult the tasks become and take much more time to think about.

mathematiqa1 mathematiqa2


Prodigy Math Game

prodigy math gamePlay-based learning is the most effective of all ways to learn. Prodigy is a popular choice among millions of teachers, students and even adults around the world.

The secret of such popularity is simple enough – the game allows not only to have fun but also to learn. Here you will pass quests, play with other people, and earn awards for new skills. Success will directly depend on your desire to learn!

Prodigy is unique in that all educational programs within the application are really interesting to users and do not require any costs from you.

The game is adapted to your strengths and weaknesses, and it is also coordinated with the training programs – that is, no student will receive a task that he or she cannot solve.

Students and pupils can really learn something new because in Prodigy you will find more than 1400 educational skills.

If you are the parent of a child who is learning, you can get a parent account and track your child’s progress through your own account.

Developers also provide the opportunity to purchase a Premium account and interest your child, even more, opening access to pets and other play areas.

prodigy math game2 prodigy math game1


Math Master – Brain Quizzes & Math Puzzles

math masterAnother application that is called so promising is Math Master. This game is already presented by other developers, but it was created with the same goal – to improve the computational and mathematical skills of people all over the world.

If you are looking for a great and exciting mathematical game that will interest not only children but also students, then you have found something that may suit you.

Math Master is designed for all age categories and contains many tasks for each type of arithmetic calculation. Each thematic collection contains tasks of different difficulty levels and consists of 10 chapters. The further you go, the better your skills will be.

In addition to solving tasks on a specific topic, you can also enable random generation. Here you can find various puzzles or mathematical tasks, the complexity of which depends on the overall complexity.

You can change the question only once in each game – use this chance wisely! Share your achievements with your friends and try to break their records in Math Master.

math master2 math master1


You can develop your memory and intelligence at any age. No matter how old you are or how strong you are in math, it’s never too late to start, and interesting puzzles will help you do it.

For adults, it can be interesting to play both simple and relaxing games and complex intellectual tasks. If you’ve wanted to improve your skills for a long time, and also to improve your knowledge of mathematics and arithmetic – it’s time to start!

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