7 Free U.S. Constitution Apps for Android & iOS

All citizens of their country need to know the history and laws of their country. And the supreme law of almost any country is the constitution. Only some people need to know it in its entirety, while others need only to become intimately acquainted with it.

A constitution app is one of the most convenient ways to do this. Here we have collected a selection of the seven free U.S. Constitution apps.

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US Constitution

An application with a light, pleasant and minimalistic interface. The preamble and part of the first article are already displayed on the main screen. Constitution part titles are highlighted in blue, and article titles are highlighted in yellow, which captures your attention when searching for a particular article.

If you want to find a specific quote or quote by word, there is a search icon in the upper right corner. The search itself works lightning fast.

Moreover, to find matches and match sections, the search highlights the matches themselves in bright yellow and bold text, which is more convenient than any navigation. The found citations are ordered by the order of the sections in the constitution: from the preamble to the amendments.

In addition to the search, there is a button in the left corner that opens the menu for navigating the constitution. For convenience, parts of the constitution are highlighted with a gray background, and the names themselves are in bold.

When you click on the name of the desired section, the application takes you to the desired part of the text without loading.

Sections can be saved, they are then displayed separately if you click on the second button on the right, similar to a bookmark. Saved sections are also arranged in article order.

If you click on a section and hold it down, the app prompts you to copy or share the whole section. During sharing, the text is copied without prefixes or references to the app: just a quote and nothing more.

All in all, it’s the perfect choice for people who only want a text-only app that makes it easy to find the right paragraph if you need it.


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US Constitution by RBWare

A great choice for those interested in the constitution more than just section text.

The main menu is represented by the structure of the constitution. The app has no design, and the combination of colors pisses your eyes out.

Each article in the list is separated from the other by two horizontal lines. The title of the article is numbered and titled, as well as a caption at the bottom for specificity.

When you select an article, the text opens with a delay. The text itself is unformatted and presented in small types.

The font and themes in the application are not customizable. But when you open a particular article, in the upper right corner there are three link buttons to the United States Archives, a google search for that article, and Wikipedia, which is very handy for a more detailed study of the constitution.

A second tab on the main screen offers similar documents to the constitution for more depth. Also, after clicking on the document, there are three links in the upper right corner for more in-depth research.

The third tab shows two additional articles that relate to the history of the constitution’s creation and existence. The app has a light and a dark theme.

This is the only setting that is possible here. Unfortunately, there is no search, but it is not needed here: the navigation here is even easier and more optimized than in the last app.


US constitution – complete

On the home page, we are greeted by a photo of the statue of Abraham Lincoln and the structure of the constitution.

Each line on the right has a patriotic photo of the main landmarks of America, which dilutes the design a bit. The title of each article first of all presents in large print the title of the article and what it is about.

There is a choice on the home page, in the upper right corner, of light and dark themes, as well as a search. In this app, the search is a word search and doesn’t display results until you type in the word or quote you want and click on search.

The results of the search will not immediately appear as a quote, but only the names of the sections in which the word or quote may be located, which is quite inconvenient. But if you go to one of the proposed search articles, the word or quote will be highlighted in different font colors and bold.

Also, if you go to the article you want by keyword or quote, they will be displayed at the top of the article on the splash screen of the article.

Special praise should be given to the article’s voice-over feature. Here they are not voiced by a machine voice, but by a pleasant man’s voice so that even a foreigner will understand.

The dubbing can be started, paused, and turned off with the corresponding buttons. Here, in each article, the button in the right corner of the screen allows you to select one of three font sizes, which makes reading the constitution even more convenient.


USA Constitution

After a short download with the name of the company, we are taken to the main page, where we are greeted by as many as four sections on U.S. law:

  • The Constitution
  • Amendments
  • Related documents
  • Appendix

At the top of this menu is a search bar, where a keyword or quote is searched in these four sections at once. The search works immediately and without loading. As with the other applications, the keywords found are highlighted and the articles found are structured in order.

The app has very nice animations and designs. The main screen has a button in the upper right corner that brings up a menu that has:

  • settings,
  • share
  • Resource
  • Testimonial
  • More apps

The settings have a slider to adjust the font. Also, there is a dark and light theme, and all settings can be reset to the initial ones with the button at the bottom. At the same time, all changes to the settings are displayed in the preview right there.

The constitution itself is divided into sections from the preamble to the seventh article. All sections are also signed with names for convenience. The text is easy to flip through and copy. Complete minimalism for complete immersion in the constitution.

As mentioned, there is an amendments section next to the menu with the same handy interface.

And this section has only the text and names of the amendments themselves, but you will not find links to resources or dates or names of the founders of the amendments there, but this is compensated by a link to a resource in the side menu.

However, you will find information about dates, names, and history in the appendix, which includes not only a glossary of terms but also answers to popular questions about the constitution and even a detailed chronology of the creation and ratification of the constitution.

The similar documents section has optional information, structured by date and indirectly related to the constitution.


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Constitution of the U.S.A.

You won’t find a nice interface or any additional features like bookmarks or links to resources. It’s just reading.

But the app is very easy to navigate due to its intuitive interface and lack of unnecessary information. At your disposal in this app will be:

  • The structure of the constitution.
  • A section with a high-quality photo of the original constitution,
  • Amendments
  • Madison’s Journal.

In the last section, Madison described the process of creating the Constitution and the conventions, which was very rare information for a long time. This section is not in any of the other appendices in this collection, so take advantage.

The articles have comments, but they are authored and sometimes have spelling errors, but they do not interfere with the reading as they are italicized in separate blocks.

The texts themselves are in bold, which is the most convenient to read. Going to any article, you can adjust the font size or save the article to your favorites to review later. In addition to being added to favorites, any article can be shared.


United States Constitution

An app with an outdated interface, but up-to-date content. This app includes:

  • Constitution
  • Notes
  • Articles of Confederation
  • The American DNA

Any article in this appendix is easy to read and retain. Almost every text has links to other articles that may relate in some way to this article, which is helpful for reading and for remembering.

Navigating the structure is extremely simple: find the article you want and select the section you want, nothing more.

There’s also a side menu that opens with a button in the top right menu. There are:

  • Settings
  • Font size
  • Bookmarks
  • Color
  • About

The search is pretty easy, though it’s clumsily done. It doesn’t search immediately but waits until you finish typing the keyword and click on search. Found citations are then highlighted in the found articles, which is very helpful for recognition.

As mentioned above, there are other additional sections besides the constitution. In the notes, there is a chronology and Q&A on popular questions about the constitution as well as notes on the repealed amendment.

In the last section, American DNA has little to do with the constitution but complements it nicely. There are popular essays and declarations on American liberty and its formation with dates and authors, which greatly broadens the outlook.


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GovRegs: US Constitution, laws, & regulations

The appendix actually includes three major U.S. documents:

  • Regulations
  • U.S. Code
  • Constitution

Navigation between them is done with swipes. The provisions include chapter and paragraph numbers in addition to titles, so it is impossible to get lost in this huge document.

Finally, the navigation tree, which is highlighted if you press the green button in the lower right corner of the application, will not let you get lost. There you can also quickly return to any section that you opened earlier.

All selected text can be copied, shared, searched on the Internet, or translated into another language. In addition, you can save the text you want or send it to popular social networks.

You can view your saved notes by clicking on the star icon in the upper right corner.

There is also a search button. In this app, search is a separate section where there is a mini-section with search results and another section with the history of the search.

There is a search guide button in the corner that explains the simplified search functions and some of its features for it. That said, you won’t be able to find a citation for one article while inside an article. In this case, the search says there is no such thing in this article and offers a link to go to the home page.

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