11 Best Rhythm Games for Android & iOS

This article is dedicated to the most esthetic games of the mobile games market. Games that can instill a sense of beauty, rhythm and train the last one. There is a big collection of games that gained huge popularity among gamers. Some of the games firstly appeared on consoles like Wii, some of them started with just a mobile version.

Most of these rhythm games are giving a player a sensation that he is really playing the piano or dancing like a pro. In each case the sense of rhythm is a requirement and if there is no one it can be trained via the game. Check out the most fascinating and breathtaking rhythm games for Android and iOS.

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Enjoy classical music! Be a classical music player using just your mobile phone. What is more exciting is that after playing the Pianista game you will become familiar with all famous composers and most of their works.

The sound of the game is clear and pleasurable for the ears. This stress-relieving game is a feed for your esthetic sense.

The game is pure rhythm. Moreover, it will instill a sense of beauty in you. There are different songs to play including the `Four seasons` series by Vivaldi or `La Campanella` by Paganini.

Earn coins and compete with other players online. After a while, you can upgrade your piano to earn more. The gameplay will become harder at each level. You must learn how to move your fingers faster to tap all notes at the right time creating great music. If you do it right you will enjoy the greatest melodies of time.

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Deemo rhythmic and the musical game is an Editor Choice on Android Market. The game fascinates us with its story presented in HD graphics pictures and tasks related to performing music.

The story is so captivating and easy. It resembles the dramatic story of one of those art films that go with a psychological implication.

Main features:

  • The story goes with a lot of different songs while more than 200 songs are available to play.
  • There are different genres of modern music from different composers. Sounds of the piano played in a modern manner without a word that can spoil a perception of pure sound.
  • Like most rhythm games Deemo requires players simply tap notes that falling from the above on the line they should be touched.

The game will help you to examine your sense of rhythm and train it in the end.

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Dynamix is a perfect rhythm game that a little bit looks like Pianista but the music is more modern electro a the sound of the instrument reminds us of a synthesizer.

The game starts with the introduction and showing us how to play and how to score more. You are just required to tap on the screen at the right time using both hands in the end.

You will find different sounds like you are playing a real instrument with different modes. It’s so enjoyable and relaxing to play though some can get bored fast.

It’s game more as a stress-relieve. It has different levels of difficulty and a vast number of songs and compositions of different styles.

In this game you can tap or swipe or slide touching particular buttons in the game in a syle it should be touched, either fast tap or prolonged when you are not removing your finger from a screen.

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Astonishing graphics, amazing music and the thrilling story blended in the rhythm game called Lethe.  This relatively new game is available for free on Android and for around $1 for iOS devices with in-app purchases on both platforms.

The game has received so many awards for sound effects and design. And even the famous Japanese composer Onoken praised it.

Anyone who has tried to play it will be captivated and shocked by the graphics in which magical sceneries are changing each other.  Each tap, slide or swipe will give birth to an object appearing in the scene.

Thus the player plays the role of a creator drawing a story and following at the same time. One act releases a music sound and at the same time action in the game.

Taping on the screen the player will grow different elements like plants or buildings creating an environment and also he can attack the enemy by taping on popping up buttons.

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Cytus is one of the most popular rhythms games with more than 500 000 downloads and a high rate. Its weight few and it’s free in general. Certainly you will be suggested for in-app purchases.

The game Cytus hiding a thrilling story behind her simple interface. It shows a future where only robots are living without even one human being.

The robots have decided to store human emotions in the shape of music not letting them fade away. And this is may help them to experience what people may feel, giving them the opportunity to have a soul just for a moment.

In this game, you must follow the active line and tap button anytime the line passing them. This way you will follow the rhythm correctly and will play really fascinating music.

Main features:

  • There are more than 200 different songs of different genres: Jazz, POP, DAnce.
  • A lot of levels of difficulty varying in type.
  • Headphones are recommended for better sound acoustic.
  • Anime graphics with a simple design.

The game is available for Android and iOS. It can be hard to play in small screen devices.

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Cytoid is a community of games competing with each other in scoring more playing music through the app. To join the community you must download the game and then register yourself.

The game is similar to Cytus or Deemo. You must follow the line passing through notes and tap all of them creating clear music. It’s easy; tap swipe or hold buttons.

At your first step, it’s better to choose an easier mode. Playing one song many times can help you memorize it as harder mode requires fast reactions, very fast finger movements.

In the end, the game is great stress-reliever suitable mostly for older children and adults. You will find it on both platforms Android and iOS for free.

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Give it up 2

Give it up 2 is a free rhythmic music game for Android and iOS. Easy to play with a simple design, clear graphic and nice melodies. All is what you need to do is to tap on screen so as not to die during the game process. Your taps go with the rhythm of the music.

Main features:

  • Easy gameplay with just one character.
  • 27 different levels with increasing difficulty from level to level.
  • Each movement is followed by rhythm from the soundtrack.
  • Various music styles: classic, electro

However, some may think that the game is too monotonous with just changing music and levels. Though for some of you this rhythm game can be relaxing and distractive in the moments when you don’t want to think about anything.

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Just Dance Now

A famous consol game has come to Android and iOS so anyone can enjoy without buying equipment.

Just Dance Now is a brilliant and addictive rhythm game that will improve your coordination and body management. Feel the rhythm and move to the beat. A lot of different popular songs where some of them you may know. The developers constantly adding new tracks while they appearing to the audience.

What can you do in this game:

  • If you like to dance and have nothing against pop music the game will be nice for you. Just choose compositions that you like.
  • To unlock new songs you need to earn coins or buy them for real money.
  • The game is a great choice for children.
  • Don’t forget to create your own playlist. Add and remove tracks at any time.

In the game, you will find advertisements and additional purchases.

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Shortly, Voes is a rhythm masterpiece. Originally the game was created for Nintendo console and then appeared for mobile devices. It’s quite a new and revolutionary game. It’s easy and at the same time, it’s complicated.

You have to tap notes falling over the screen- its the main task. However, the game goes with a story of school characters fulfilling their dream. Meanwhile, the graphics and design are stunning and magical to some extent.

Main features:

  • The games have an attractive design  that made in anime style and interface
  • There are three levels: easy, hard and special. It can be very slow or fast to the level of necessity to memorize the song.
  • It looks like you are playing the music on your own.
  • Different music genres: electronics, pop, piano etc.

Worldwide Voez community lets you participate in music competitions with other players.


Lost in Harmony

Lost in Harmony is a collaboration of eclectic sounds and fast reactions. You will never get bored playing it and your aesthetic perception will be fully satisfied.

With two heroes Kaito and Ayo drawn in anime style, you will run through roads passing by different obstacles and all this process go with different soundtracks that are collaborating with your actions.

Main features:

  • The main objective of the game is not to let both characters to separate while everything stands against them together. However, there is a bigger and sadder story in this game related to heavy illness of one of the main heroes. The ambiance of the game is emotional yet active as you must run to the beat of the music.
  • You can choose different songs for the next gameplay from a various number of eastern famous singers and composers like Wyclef Jean, Fumitake Igarashi.
  • It’s easy to start playing: choose ِa soundtrack, then start an action with just two movements swipe and jump to avoid obstacles.
  • The game supports more than 12 different languages including Dutch, Turkish, Thai, etc.

The game isn’t followed by comprehensive instruction on how to play, just try to follow the beat and rhythm.

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My singing monsters

My singing monsters is a wonderful unique mobile game with an unusual scenario that is suitable for children and adults. It’s so entertaining and exciting yet easy to play.

This game lets you fulfill different tasks: starting from growing a village of lovely monsters to creating different melodies and musical masterpieces in the end.

Main features:

  • The game represents a union of simulator and rhythm genres. Grow monster pets, feed them and care about them. Develop a village of cute colorful monsters on the island. You can unlock more than 150 monsters.
  • Decorate your island
  • Each monster has a unique sound. Engage monsters into one performance and hold your own orchestra.  The most unusual and fairytale orchestra will be always in your mobile giving you a sense of beauty and a good mood.
  • There is an option to play with your friends. Just invite them via your social media page.

Luckily the game is available for Android and iOS users, though it requires some money donations for unlocking different monsters and therefore different sounds.

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