11 Best Prayer Apps for Android & iOS

Today, applications for phones cover all areas of the modern person’s interests – from purchases and entertainment to science and finance. Religion has not become an exception. We have selected several prayer applications, which, in our opinion, are worthy for you to learn more about them:

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Abide is a perfect prayer app that allows you to go hand in hand with the modern technologies and trends of our time along with staying connected to the traditional religious roots. Abide combines the meditations with the prayer, thus making the whole praying process more modernized.

Actually, the prayer and the meditation have lots of common features, and with the right approach, it is possible to mix them together. However, if you don’t feel like you are ready for that, there are options to Abide which focus on one of the mentioned flows.

Abide has an excellent interface design along with lots of options for prayers, meditations, prayers and meditations, night sleep meditations, and many more. Whatever challenge you are currently going through right now, you will find the suitable guidance podcast in Abide – and maybe will get the answers to your questions.


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The meaning of prayer is immeasurably important for a Christian. At the same time, prayer is both a method and means for all the achievements of a Christian. Therefore, prayer should be considered the most important of all affairs of the day. And ORA application will help you in it.

The main features of the application:

  • a great way to connect with God
  • helps to organize your prayer life
  • has a circle feature (you can organize groups or “circles” with other members)
  • connect and share with those you want
  • private communication between you and your circle member
  • notification system


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We often underestimate the conversation with God, we don’t know about the extraordinary usefulness of it, about the fact that it is a remedy for all problems and it is even impossible to describe its uniqueness in words, that there is nothing stronger than it and even equal.

You do not need to have anything, only desire and faith to speak with the Creator. This and the unique position of man. But prayer should not be mechanical, but must be attentive, diligent. PrayerMate will be a perfect guide in organizing your prayer life.

The main features of the application:

  • intuitive interface
  • create your own categories (my family, my small group at church)
  • daily notifications to remind you to pray
  • attach photos
  • downloadable prayer gallery
 PrayerMate PrayerMate app

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Prayer Guide – Bible Devotions

Sometimes we all face difficult times and we might look for an answer. All those who have Christian confession might go looking for them in the Bible. Or, maybe you are enjoying your happy life and you are just curious to read this book to discover the more wisdom for personal development.

Anyway, you will find what you’re looking for in this app. This is a prayer guide that contains all the main Bible devotions that you can re-read again just by opening a necessary section in the app. There is also a section that contains important Bible verses. You can use the prayers in this app for your daily inspiration.



Prayer Prompter

Prayer is necessary for a person in difficult moments of life, requiring a person to concentrate his mental, physical strength. Prayer is necessary for a person in the period of especially difficult life situations, for the correct solution of particularly important difficult questions.

In such situations, the will is strengthened under the influence of prayer, the mind is cleared, the thoughts are cleared, patience and perseverance appear in order to adequately withstand serious life challenges. Prayer Prompter is one such app that keep the focus on God and helps you to be faithful in prayer.

The main features of the application:

  • it has two sections: Meditation and Prayer (stores Scripture passages and devotional material) and Petition/Intersession (stores prayer requests and answers by category).
  • more than 600 Scripture passages from the New American Standard Bible
  • add your own favorite passages

Prayer Prompter

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Prayers & Blessings Daily

Prayer is necessary in the life of a person in order to achieve not only spiritual development but also to improve the lives of other people around us.

Therefore, prayer is not only a good deed but also a necessary action for the spiritual improvement of man, thanks to which evil is cast out of the soul and the light of Divine grace is lighted, life is improved and man becomes the creator of good in the world. So, you are offered to try the Prayers & Blessings Daily application for Android.

The main features of the application:

  • it’s a new source of inspiration for praying
  • inspiring and biblical prayers every day
  • select a type of text or have it read-aloud
  • share prayers with others in email, SMS or via social networks

Prayers & Blessings Daily app Prayers & Blessings Daily


It often seems to us that it is difficult to combine our life and prayer. It’s a delusion. It happens because we have a false idea about life and prayer. We imagine that life consists of fussing, and praying is to go somewhere alone and forget everything. And this is not true. You can verify this using the Athan application.

The main features of the application:

  • get accurate prayer timing
  • find the nearest mosques
  • built-in Islamic Calendar
  • a system of notifications
  • read the Quran on more than 40 languages
  • change font size
  • save your favorite supplications and share them with family and friends
  • built-in Qibla compass


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Daily Prayer Guide

We do not know how to pray with concentration and deep, we do not know how to keep that deep peace of prayer in the soul that we gain in the temple, or which is sometimes given to us as an unexpected gift from God.

We do not know how to get away from vanity into those depths where one can unintentionally think about God and where life ripens as an action worthy of God.

The main features of the application:

  •  pray daily by using this daily devotional app
  • mark and add notes
  • share prayers with others via popular social networks
  • daily notifications to read prayers
  • change font size
  • landscape mode

Daily Prayer Guide app Daily Prayer Guide

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Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is the most convenient prayer application for Muslims, which makes it easy to see the time of the next prayer today.

The main features of the application:

  • the built-in navigation function allows you to see the direction of the nearest prayer in Mecca thanks to the green arrow on your city map
  • the application automatically determines the time data based on your location
  • the built-in Dhikr counting function makes it easy to do them every day, add and delete information, and most importantly – save it as a separate list to read in the future
  • in one touch you will be able to get acquainted with the list of 99 names of Allah and listen to various songs of the Quran using a dhikr counter
  • there is a system of notifications about prayers, working in text and sound mode
  • the application allows you to read the Quran in dozens of different translations and listen to the audio reading of its parts from different muezzins
  • some of the data from the application can easily share your friends on Facebook, other social networks, and some messengers
  • various maps and texts of the Quran can be downloaded into memory, so you do not need a permanent Internet connection to use the application.
  • the location is determined not by an Internet connection, but thanks to GPS data.

If you find that the application does not correctly detect your location, try to specify this data manually using the “Locate” function. With such a convenient mobile assistant, you no longer have to worry about missed prayers. Become a part of a large community of Muslims who use the app to pray for each other.

Muslim ProMuslim Pro app

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Prayer times: Qibla & Azan

Prayer Times: Qibla and Azan is a convenient application for Muslims around the world. The program shows the time of prayers and the direction of the Qibla from anywhere!

The main features of the application:

  • the application shows the exact time of prayer and the direction to Mecca, as well as the time of sunrise and much more
  • choose your city manually or turn on GPS to automatically determine your location
  • there are several methods for calculating Fajr and Isha, as well as the calculation method for ACP
  • activate notifications in order not to miss a prayer
  • set the alarm to wake up before prayer
  • adjust the direction to Mecca with the help of a compass and find out at what distance you are from Kibla.

Prayer times Prayer times app

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Prayer Times with Qibla

Prayer Times with Qibla is an application that will help Muslims not to miss a single daily prayer. Using it, you can create a schedule using several methods of calculation. You can switch to another method at any time.

The main features of the application:

  • set the convenient way to receive notifications of prayer
  • at different time intervals, you can put a special signal
  • the program has a timer that counts down to the nearest time of prayer, which will allow you to correct your plans and do everything in time
  • in addition to the digital display, there is also a color display, so you can understand that there is not much time left, just glancing at the screen of the mobile device, instead of reading the numbers

And of course, the compass is built into the program, the arrow of which always points to Mecca.

prayer times with quibla prayer times with quibla app

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