11 Best apps to change message background (Android & iOS)

Standard messaging applications look dull and dull. Modern users want their phones to reflect their mood and even their personality. We want to personalize the phone in every detail. But it is impossible to do it without extra features.

In this list, you will find the best apps to change the message background. With their help, you can make the exchange of messages more pleasant, beautiful and convenient.

GO Keyboard Pro – Emoji, GIF, Cute, Swipe Faster

GO Keyboard Pro - Emoji, GIF, Cute, Swipe FasterGO Keyboard Pro – Emoji, GIF, Cute, Swipe Faster is an application to send a message and have a good time with your friends.

In this application, you can set any image as a background, even your own photo. But, it has many other useful features.

The interface of the application is two-windowed. The first window contains message chains, the second window contains contacts.

In the window, to the left, you can set up a photo, specify the phone number, think up a nickname and upload an avatar.

Also, you can set up a blacklist, which is not remarkable, just block the subscriber and everything. You can choose one of several design themes and invite your friends to the service. Below are the settings.

Here you can activate the night mode, disable notifications and set up the emoji style. In the latter case, you can change the skin color. One of the peculiarities is assigning a hashtag to the contact for a quick search.

It is also worth noting the possibility to parameterize the design theme. For example, hide unnecessary jewelry, enable animation, choose a color and much more. You can change the font to any other font and choose its size.

For chat settings even more. For example, besides editing a “bubble” with text inside, you can change the side of messages and statuses.

GO Keyboard Pro - Emoji, GIF, Cute, Swipe Faster GO Keyboard Pro - Emoji, GIF, Cute, Swipe Faster

You can also enable delayed sending, hide thumbnails of web pages and add a signature. This can be a smiley face. The chat list and contact list are also parameterized.


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GO SMS Theme DIYThe GO SMS Theme DIY interface looks pretty good and can be changed to your liking.

Dark background, concise font, smooth movement. Functional elements are in their former places, so you won’t have to get used to them.

In the upper right corner, you can mark all the messages read and make settings. Here you can fine-tune the appearance.

Choose the color of the screen, which also knows how to change depending on the time of day. The time of day adjusts to the current time zone, which is very convenient.

It is also possible to parameterize the theme of the design, which is to choose the main color and even its accent. The whole palette is provided, so the skin turns out to be unique.

But, this is not all. You can change the color of the dialog for each person you are talking to. As well as the color of the application’s icons, to adapt it to the desktop background.

As a background, you can set any image from your mobile device gallery. You can set different backgrounds for each person you are talking to.


For example, in a conversation with a friend, you can set the background of your joint photo with him/her. Below you can choose the style of “bubble” and, if necessary, upload the package of emoji, and free of charge.


Messaging Classic

Messaging ClassicMessaging Classic is an unusual application designed to communicate between users. It is characterized by high security and the ability to keep your data confidential.

This app will help you to decorate your smartphone and make its use more enjoyable. Here you can choose the color scheme and set any background in the message window.

Your favorite image from your phone’s gallery can be the background.

After you start the app Messaging Classic, the main window opens before you, where you need to click on the “Setup” button.

Slide your finger over the special strip. The system will create a unique key pair and an identification number.

Make a pile to the left and think of a nickname. Enter your mobile phone number or email address. Here you can fill in one field, you can both.

Scroll through the screen. Accept or decline contact synchronization. Finally, check that the data entered is correct and click on the “Finish” button.

The main options of this application are simple and clear:

  • At the top of the screen, you will see the Pegman Plus button, which is to add a new contact.
  • In the same place, there is a message icon with “+”, which allows you to start a chat.
  • There are several tabs below – chat, contact lists, and information.

Messaging Classic Messaging Classic

This free application works without any restrictions and does not need built-in purchases.

Color SMS – Send Text Messages, Fun for iMessage

Color SMS - Send Text Messages, Fun for iMessageThe Color SMS – Send Text Messages, Fun for iMessage application is a place for a convenient and pleasant exchange of messages.

Here you can personalize all the settings for yourself. Choose the theme of the design. Set any image from your phone’s gallery on the background of dialogs.

After the installation of the program, you need to be registered. It is done by means of the check message.

Thus, the application Color SMS – Send Text Messages, Fun for iMessage is bound to your phone number. During the registration process, you need to select an alias and an avatar.

After that, you will be taken to the main program screen, where all your dialogs should be displayed. The first time you start the program there will be no dialogs, but you will get some useful tips.

When you click the Create New Message button, you’re prompted to select a contact. We pay attention here to the possibility of the group and secret chatting.

But the most interesting feature of this messenger is a special bot. It is designed to answer any of your questions. He understands the appeal to the majority.

Color SMS - Send Text Messages, Fun for iMessage Color SMS - Send Text Messages, Fun for iMessage

This bot’s answers are based on an Internet search engine. It retrieves information and presents it in the messenger in a convenient form. Looks extremely cool and promising.

Mood Messenger

Mood MessengerThe Mood Messenger app is a convenient and versatile messenger, all the details of which can be changed.

In the settings, you can choose the color and theme of the application. Also here you can change the font, size, and color of the text.

Then you need to go to the dialog box. Here you can set any photo or picture as a background. For dialogs with different people, you can set different images.

When you enter the app Mood Messenger, you will see a welcome message that will describe the main functions.

Also here it is specified that your identifier is the phone number. All your contacts are already recorded in the program. Click the “Continue” button.

Now you need to register to use this application. Click on “Your country”. You will see a list of all countries in the world from which you need to choose your own. Click on it to choose.

Now you need to enter your mobile phone number. If you enter your number incorrectly or forget to dial the last digits, the program Mood Messenger will ask you to enter it again. Check that the number you have dialed is correct and press “Done”. Now press “Continue”.

Mood Messenger Mood Messenger

The app Mood Messenger will ask you again to check the correctness of the entered numbers, after which you can click “OK”. A call will be sent to your number, which will activate the application. Now enter your name in the special field.


TextraTextra is a beautiful and comfortable messenger.

You can personalize its design to your liking. Change color settings, themes, and text. You can choose any photo from your phone’s gallery as the background of the application. Set a separate picture for each dialog.

In the upper part of the screen, there are the main components of the menu. Messages, Contacts List, and Call History. At the bottom of the screen are Search, Add contact and Options.

The “Messages” section stores all your correspondence with the application users. You can create dialogs by clicking the “Create” button. Check the box next to the desired contact.

The “Contacts list” menu item will contain all your contacts recorded on your phone. In alphabetical order for faster search of the contact.

Below the main tabs, there will be three groups in which the contacts are sorted by the presence of this app.

The application Textra also stores the history of calls, outgoing and incoming calls.

By clicking on the “Search” button, you can quickly go to the search. This process will be performed in messages, contacts or call history. It depends on which tab you are in.

Textra Textra

To add a contact, tap on the corresponding icon. Select where to save the contact and enter the required information.


Plus Messenger

Plus MessengerThe Plus Messenger app not only provides you with a convenient platform for communication.

It also has an opportunity to personalize the program. You can change the color palette, shape and size of the buttons, as well as the background image.

Chat features. This application has a chat room to which you can send photos, videos and voice messages in addition to text.

The chat is highlighted by the presence of stickers. These are large images that can be sent as smileys.

Group channels. Here you can create a group chat. This allows you to talk to more than one person at a time. You can also create whole communities for people with common interests.

Making voice calls. You can call the other owner of the application Plus Messenger.

Design and interface of the program. The program is made in different colors. Its interface is quite minimalistic – there is no unnecessary information in it. You can always customize the interface design to your liking.

Plus Messenger Plus Messenger

Change the color scheme and design of the main buttons in the application Plus Messenger. You can also set any photo as a background image. In dialogs with different people, you can set different images.


GO SMS ProYou can send videos, photos, text messages, and voice messages to users of the GO SMS Pro application.

If desired, you can see not only the time of delivery but also the time of reading. This allows you to be more precise about the time when transmitting information.

There are also group channels that can be used for advertising purposes. In this case, there is a flexible configuration of the rights to manage them.

This application allows you to send audio messages to other users. It can be useful when you need to transfer the information received in such a message.

You can easily contact another phone owner who also has the application installed. The quality of communication will be like that of other messengers.

In addition to making regular video calls, you can organize group video conferences. The group can accommodate up to four participants. Contacts can communicate with video or just voice.

The design and interface of the program GO SMS Pro attract the attention of users. The application allows you to design it in a variety of colors. You can also set any image as a background in the dialog. Its interface is informative and convenient.


So, you can delete messages in bulk or get more information under the link without clicking on it. The ability to see the time of reading the message also refers to the interface features.


Chomp SMS

Chomp SMSThe Chomp SMS app has a huge set of different functions. The fine-tuning of the interface allows you to create a completely unique design.

After you launch the app, you will be asked to familiarize yourself with the main features. Then download the language pack.

To download, click on the “Download” button. After downloading and installing the package, the application Chomp SMS will automatically reboot.

After the application restarts, the main screen will appear. Here you will see a very familiar type of message. A dialog box is created for each contact.

There are two buttons at the top of the home screen. The button in the left corner allows you to create a new message. The button in the right corner opens a menu for quick access to some of the functions of the application.

Among the key functions and features of the application Chomp SMS is the following:

  • night mode for the interface
  • group chats
  • quick responses to messages
  • and much more

The Quick Answer function is one of the most interesting in this program. When you receive a new message, it pops up on top of all applications as a widget. You can then click on it and type the answer immediately.

Chomp SMS Chomp SMS

Also, interesting features of the app are the modern display of contacts in chat rooms and lists. As well as the lack of advertising.


QKSMSThe QKSMS app is a convenient and practical messenger that can be changed mono.

So, you can choose from more than 150 colors of themes. You can also set any image as a background. In each separate dialog box, you can set different photos.

There is a convenient message scheduler that allows you to create a mailing list by time and date. This way you can schedule a huge number of users to be notified of something.

There is also a secret chat, but to use it and other interesting features you need to authorize in the system.

You can change almost everything in dialogs. For example, set the size of avatars or choose a font for a particular contact. Thus, the messenger becomes completely personalized. The same applies to the settings of the conversation list.

The dialogue is separated by different colors, which can be changed. If you select a “bubble” with a message, you can do anything with it. For example, to protect from deletion or addition to the scheduler.

You can send any content, as well as a branded greeting card, which is loaded separately. In addition to geo-tagging, you can create and send a slide show, sketch, and even music.


Other features include checking the spelling of the message via the Internet service.

Handcent Next

Handcent Next The Handcent Next application is primarily aimed at speeding up the work with short text messages.

It starts in an instant and provides quick access to your messages. They are displayed as a chain of messages, grouped by the recipient.

You can change the design of the application as you like. The main function that put Handcent Next in this list is the ability to change the background.

For example, you can set any of your favorite images or photos in the dialogs.

The main feature is the possibility of individual change for each of your contacts. For example, you can make the icon of the notification about the messages from relatives to be red. And from your colleagues – blue.

You can also set different ringtones and vibration patterns for different messages. You can even change the color of the light sign on the devices where this feature is supported.

Thus, you can determine that a message has arrived from work without taking your phone. So, a message that can easily wait.

Handcent Next Handcent Next

In general, the application Handcent Next works quite steadily and quickly. It attracts users with the ability to personalize the entire application.


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