7 Best Apps to Learn About Crystals (Android & iOS)

Do you know a lot about nature? Well, when it comes to nature, you would probably think of animals and plants. But crystals are also a part of nature, and they are interesting to learn about.

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In this app, you will get the best tools to learn more. There are great options for iOS and Android users. Most of the apps are available at no cost or at least have a trial period.

Crystalyze: Crystals & Stones

crystalyze-logoLearning crystals can be a challenge. Books can be boring at times. When it comes to the Internet, it might be too hard to find good resources.

This is why it will be better to have a good app. Crystalyze is one of the best tools to get some info about crystals. Let’s look at the best options you will see in the app:

  • Enjoy a simple and intuitive interface. The app doesn’t work as a complicated site or encyclopedia. Instead of this, you will see an easy tool where you will find all the info right away.
  • Read articles about crystals. They contain verified information you can use later. The articles are quite short but rich in facts.
  • Add your notes and share thoughts about them. This is the best way of organizing information. You can attach a note to any crystal.
  • Create your collection of crystals. You can add anything there, including articles, photos, links, and any type of content.

Try a built-in moon calendar. Sometimes the owner of a crystal needs to know what phase of the moon ut is. Set alerts to always be informed about it.

The app is available on the App Store or Google Play.

crystalyze-screen crystalyze-screenshot


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A Guide To Crystals – The CC

guide-to-crystals-logoThis is a rich guide to almost all types of crystals that exist in the world. The app works just like a huge interactive encyclopedia. The only difference from the book is that you can search for what you need using the keywords.

You can search by the name of the crystal if you know it. However, a description or photo may also help you greatly.

Now we can concentrate on the best features you will get for free:

  1. Enjoy a clear and logical structure of the information. All the crystals are divided into groups, helping you to find what you need much faster. What is more, all the crystals, minerals, and stones also refer to some countries where they can be found. This is also a good filter to look for a crystal.
  2. Not only can you read some info but you can also learn crystals effectively! There are 4 types of games (most of them look like a quiz) aiming to teach you the names and characteristics of crystals.
  3. Read short descriptions of crystals and minerals with colorful photos attached to them. This will help you to get the most important info in a few minutes. However, the developer understands it’s impossible to give all the necessary details in a small app. This is why there are links to a website where you can read extra texts.

The size of this application is a bit less than 150 MB. This isn’t a lot if we keep in mind the amount of info it contains.

A Guide to Crystals is safe to use – it collects no data about you. You don’t even have to create an account.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

guide-to-crystals-2 guide-to-crystals-1


Crystal Eyes Crystal Identifier

crystal-eyes-logoHere is a great application to identify various crystals easily. If you struggle to understand what crystal you see, just use your camera. To enjoy such a function, make sure you give access to the camera.

Crystal Eyes Identifier is a simple app with an intuitive interface. There are also some tips devoted to the first steps in the app.

However, this isn’t the only option you will get. Let’s take a look at some other features: 

  • Enjoy a great identifier based on AI principles. This makes it a truly accurate tool. It is also quite fast – it will take you about 3 seconds to get the answer.
  • Add your crystals to your collection. This is the best way of enriching the app with new photos. You can categorize them later. What’s more, you may also leave comments and notes.
  • Browse through a huge database. You can search by name or description, as well as photos. New crystals and their images are being added all the time.
  • Learn as much as you can about crystals and their industries. This is the best way of learning the info fast – no boring lectures or books. There are short articles and profound descriptions of each crystal.
  • The app works offline – if you need to get some info, you will be able to do it wherever you are. However, some files might be unavailable.

These are the free (basic) options. If you need more, you will have to go premium. This will cost $3.99 per month or $19.99 per year if you plan to use it for a long time.

Crystal Eyes Identifier is quite small – having 120 MB of memory will be enough to download and enjoy the app. Both Android and iOS users can get it at no cost.



Crystals Gems Guide

crystals-gems-guide-logoThis is another detailed guide to gems and crystals for Android users. This is the best tool if you want to learn about various crystals.

The app has a big section of info devoted to disease healing with the help of crystals. For instance, it is proven that some crystals can help you with eye problems, others are good to fight diabetes.

Of course, it can’t replace treatment but can be a good help to support you. Let’s see what other functions you will get in Crystals Gems Guide:

  • Open a zodiac and chakra section. If you know your sign, you will be able to find the best crystals that will empower your life energy. And vice versa, if you have the crystal that doesn’t really fit you, your health and mood can change for the worse.
  • Create a list of your favorite crystals. This option helps you not to look for them every time you need them.
  • Enjoy a built-in meditation timer. This isn’t a primary feature of the app but it can help you to relax.

Crystals Gems Guide has an intuitive UI and smart design. This is one of the reasons for its high rating on Google Play. It has 4.8 out of 5 now.

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At the moment, the app is available for Android users only.



Minerals Guide

minerals-guide-logoAre you looking for a guide to minerals and crystals that is simple to use? This is one of them!

Even though the app is a pocket dictionary and encyclopedia, it contains tons of important data and cool functions. Here are some of them: 

  • The app has articles and short descriptions of all the popular minerals for today. You can search by name or characteristics. There is also a voice search in case you can’t write. 
  • Add your notes to the articles and images. This will help you not to forget important thoughts or insights about your favorite crystals. 
  • View your search history so as not to miss the data you’ve been looking for. However, you can delete it anytime if you don’t wanna see it again. Still, if you use the basic option, this function may have limitations.
  • Share info with other people. You can either generate a link or share content directly via social networks or email. 
  • The content is available with no connection to the Internet. However, if you use the free version, you won’t see the photos and other images offline. 

However, if you need more functions, you will have to go premium. In this case, you’ll get:

  1. No ads at all. All the content will be displayed right away and you won’t have to swipe to get rid of the ad, be it a video or a banner.
  2. Get access to 100% of the content, including photos and images.
  3. Delete all the actions and changes you have made.

As you see, this app is a must for people who want to learn crystals, minerals, and gems. The application is available on Google Play. Download it and boost your learning!



Geology Toolkit Lite

geology-tool-kit-logoThis is a good app for professionals who need a pocket minerals and crystals guide. Even though this is a small application, it contains a great set of articles, photos, links, as well as long texts about stones and nature in general.

Let’s take a look at the best options provided by Geology Toolkit Lite: 

  • See the guide on the minerals and crystals. This is a profound source of knowledge about crystals. You can either read all the materials or search for the crystals by their names and descriptions.
  • There is a strong section devoted to statistics. It will help you to understand how nature is changing. You can use the data for your studies.

There are also some other options you can explore but they are connected with professional geological aims. They are still free of charge.

The app is quite small, it requires less than 60 MB of memory. If you use the app with no connection to the Internet, you will still have a limited number of functions.

Please note this is a lite version of Geology Toolkit. There is a pro version as well, it contains more options but you have to pay for it.

Geology Toolkit Lite is available on Google Play only.



STONE: Crystals, illuminated

STONE-logoIf your aim is to learn more about crystals, this is one of the best tools for doing it. It has a simple interface and a huge set of articles devoted to crystals. 

Now let’s concentrate on the best functions provided by STONE: 

  1. Search for the crystals by their names or photos. This process will take a few seconds. 
  2. Enjoy short but clear description of crystals. It usually takes about 3 minutes to read the full articles.

As you see, there is a minimal set of functions. However, this is a strong point of the app – you won’t be distracted by extra options.

What is more, the app is super lightweight. You will need about 25 MB of memory to install it on your device.

The STONE application is available for iOS users at no cost.

STONE-screen STONE-screenshot

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