13 Free Private Browsers for Android 

Have you ever thought about the fact that your search queries and browsing history are saved even after you clear your browser history? Even your passwords can be at risk of being leaked by malicious actors. Nowadays, the capabilities of mobile apps are not limited to hiding photos and videos on your phone.

Anyone with the hacking skills can get a hold of the personal information that you share online. If you want to keep absolutely all your data private, then use these free private browsers for Android. With them, you can be sure of your digital security.

DuckDuckGo Private Browser

To ensure complete protection of your personal data on the Internet, use the DuckDuckGo app.

DuckDuckGo is an ordinary browser that can be used to visit any website or Internet service. The main difference from other similar programs is the 4-level protection of user privacy.

This app will help you avoid communicating with scammers and getting important information into the wrong hands. Using this browser, you can be sure of your own safety.

DuckDuckGo does not give attackers an opportunity to track your activities. This applies to email, online shopping, and social networks. No tracking and data storage on extra services. Forget about the uncontrolled downloading of trackers. No program will appear on your device without the owner’s knowledge.

All data security features work constantly and do not require user intervention. This browser requires suspicious sites to use an HTTPS connection, which eliminates spyware from getting in sight.

Protect your email from all angles. Eliminate the chances of receiving and installing trackers along with your emails. You can easily hide your real mailbox address on any website.

If you wish, use the VPN option so that no one can figure out your real location. A simple and powerful program for everyone who wants to protect themselves from outside encroachments.


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Brave Private Web Browser

Brave is a modern browser at your service. It is essential for users who want to leave their online activities inaccessible to third parties. This app works quickly and efficiently, reliably protecting you from intruders in the online space.

The browser is suitable for any device with Android 7.0 and above installed. More than 100 million users from all over the world access the internet through Brave every day.

Forget about annoying ads and spam. Private Browser helps you maintain your privacy and creates enhanced protection against viruses and other malware. It also blocks pop-ups that appear when you visit certain websites.

All features work in automatic mode and there are no hidden fees. To appreciate the development of Brave Software, just download this app to your phone or tablet. All settings are already installed and the software is ready to use.

Apart from routine browser duties, Brave significantly speeds up page loading, thereby reducing power consumption. Charge will last much longer. In its work, the app uses the HTTPS encryption function.


Firefox Fast & Private Browser

Firefox is a browser widely known all over the world. It is one of the most popular and frequently used programs for entering the Internet. Simple interface, useful options, and free to use at any time.

Keep your important data private. Spare yourself and your loved ones from pop-ups and useless ads. Save time on launching internet pages. The highest level of protection is set in the default settings. This applies to various trackers, malware, advertising, and spam.

The developers of Firefox position it as a free, confidential, and powerful browser for the open Internet. Every user should feel safe while using the internet on phones and tablets.

This app speeds up loading sites and saves time and energy. Save any passwords and codes with the confidence that only you have access to them. Create entire collections for easy data sorting.

A “private” mode is provided for your convenience. All search history is automatically deleted after each session. Custom settings allow you to shift the search bar, customize Firefox’s default selection, and use a dark theme.

Do not forget about useful add-ons that make using this browser even easier and more convenient.


Hi Browser – Private&Fast web

Hi Browser is an innovative development of a private company for your safety on the Internet. The modern browser can be used by anyone.

The program combines several functions, including searching for data on the Internet, downloading video files, protection from trackers and viruses, and blocking spam. You no longer need to get annoyed and waste time watching commercials.

You will forever forget about the possibility of surveillance in the Internet space. Scan pages and online portals of interest before you even open them on your electronic device.

Downloading videos in high quality will no longer be a serious problem. Get any video at your disposal quickly and confidentially. Advertisements will not haunt you at every step.

Choose one of the offered modes. For example, working without images helps you save battery power and speeds up your phone. Incognito mode allows you to remain unnoticed in any situation. Night mode will allow tired eyes to rest in the dark.

Use bookmarks to keep popular pages in quick access. Save your search results and use them in other sessions.

Hi Browser has been downloaded over 100 million times to date. Trust your online life to a trusted browser.


Opera browser with AI

Opera browser has deservedly received a lot of positive reviews and awards. It has many different options that allow you to surf the internet at high speed. By blocking ads, this app prevents your actions from being tracked. This allows you to load pages even faster without wasting time on ads and spam.

It easily copes with over 200 trackers, recognizing them instantly and rejecting the download to your device. Discover new features of a modern browser.

The “Flow” option allows you to send emails and attachments with different types of files to yourself. This allows you to always have the data you need at hand and access it from any device.

The news feed is created separately for each user. The sites and pages you visit most often are used to create a selection. Now you will definitely not miss interesting news.

The night mode will help you keep your attention and concentration when reading in the dark. Your passwords will be saved automatically so you don’t have to keep separate records.

Downloads are automatically sorted by preset parameters. Private mode hides your online activities and gives you complete freedom of action.

In addition to routine functions, Opera contains a built-in barcode and QR code scanner. It is enough to use the camera on your phone to scan the code and follow the actual link.


Incognito Browser – Be Private

This private browser is designed specifically for the Android system. It is a multifunctional app that fully meets the high requirements of modern clients. Having installed it on your phone or tablet, you will get fast and safe access to the Internet.

Advertising, spam, and hidden trackers will not become an obstacle to high-speed connection. You will save several hours of time per week thanks to the extremely fast loading of pages.

The developers of this app emphasized the protection of your data when using Internet services. You will not leave a single trace in the online space and will be able to visit any site incognito. Trackers will not be able to find you, and you will be aware of dangerous sites and the presence of viruses in advance.

Deleting the history of each session is automatic, which greatly simplifies the use of the browser. Information about your actions and entered data is not transmitted to third-party services.

This free browser guarantees complete anonymity during and after the session. Not even a cache is left on your electronic device. Make ads disappear instantly. Thus, you use less mobile data and increase your connection speed.

All popular search engines are available here. Choose Google, Yandex, or Bing at your discretion.

Incognito Browser – Be Private has a dark mode and supports up to 5 different languages at the same time. Stay undetected and keep your secrets safe.


Private Internet Browser by Tabero

Private Internet Browser by Tabero is a great choice if you are looking for a fast and ultra-secure browser. It is suitable for both phones and tablets. It works for free and is ready to use immediately after installation. The only prerequisite is that you have Android 4.0 and later versions on your device.

The browser perfectly copes with its main function. Yet, you will be pleasantly surprised by its versatility. Speed up your browsing experience by blocking ads. Protect your children from unnecessary information. Be sure that there is no invisible tracker attached to an email.

Eliminate the possibility of tracking your activities on the Internet. After you click the “Exit” button, the session history is cleared automatically. You don’t have to constantly think about hiding all the information yourself. In addition to the search history, cookies, and cache files are also deleted.

The browser is private, but it can easily be used as a public browser. Private Internet Browser by Tabero requires 2 MB to install and fully utilize. Let your private life remain private, without interference.


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Private Browser – Change Icon

Private Browser from Hide Apps will help make every internet session private. Millions of users are looking for a way to remove ads from their phones.

Besides, with an outdated browser, you can’t be sure that there is no online snooping. This is why more and more users are choosing this private browser.

Simple and publicly available, it perfectly adjusts to the needs of each client. Pay attention to it if you need to hide your search history, block ads, and remove spam. All these actions allow pages to load much faster.

No one but you will know about the presence of this browser on your device. It will have a shortcut to a regular calculator on your desktop. To use its functions, all you have to do is open the app and enter a pin code. Before your eyes, it will transform into a browser and work for unlimited time.

You can create tabs and freely switch between them during the session. All files downloaded through this browser are protected by encryption and are inaccessible to other programs. They are not even displayed in the gallery and library.

Ads and pop-ups will be just an unpleasant memory. Private Browser – Change Icon is a great way to get a fast and secure Internet connection for free.


Snap Search – Private Browser

Be sure your data is safe with Snap Search. A private browser for everyday use without ads and spam. It speeds up loading sites, removes ads, and blocks trackers from joining. Contains a VPN option, which allows you to download files at high speed without compromising quality.

Make yourself an elusive spy on the vastness of the Internet. Visit any pages and sites without the risk of being caught. With this browser, intruders will not be able to track you. Advertising will not delay the download process and spoil your mood.

All features are freely available. Use the mode without downloading images to reduce traffic consumption. If you are in a large company or do not want other passengers in public transportation to see your actions, activate the “guest” mode.

In dark times, you can activate the night mode. For working with documents or reading books, the reading mode will do. You can translate information on any site into more than 100 languages. The number of available search engines varies within 100.

With the VPN option, you can hide your real IP address. There is no need to pay or register. Using the browser is simple and straightforward. Install Snap Search today and enjoy a smooth browsing experience.


Tor Browser (Alpha)

Get complete freedom on the internet with Tor Browser (Alpha). Effectively block ads, bypass censorship and tracking.

The mobile browser is designed to maximize user experience regardless of location. Visit any websites without the risk of being caught. Download files of interest at high speed without restrictions. All this is absolutely free of charge.

Your movement on the Internet is no longer available to trackers. The browser automatically isolates all the pages you put. The cache and cookies are cleared immediately after your session ends. No one but you will have access to confidential information.

Anyone who wants to know about your activities will only know what browser you are using. Thanks to end-to-end encryption and VPN option, you can visit sites that are not available in your area for one reason or another. Bypass any official bans effortlessly.

Tor Browser (Alpha) helps millions of users to stay incognito on the Internet and successfully block ads and spam. Feel confident and be protected from unforeseen situations.


Ghostery Privacy Browser

If you want to hide your internet search history and remove ads, Ghostery Privacy Browser will help you. With its help, every Internet session will remain a mystery to others. Open web pages, visit online services, and hide from trackers.

This app provides a fast and stable connection thus greatly speeding up the process of searching and downloading files. Block ads and eliminate trackers without your participation. Enjoy freedom of action and open internet while Ghostery Privacy Browser works for your comfort.

Cookies are automatically rejected. This allows you to stay focused on your main activity. Pop-ups are also not a nuisance while using the internet. Without ads and trackers, your phone will work much faster and with less traffic.

All search history and tabs will disappear as soon as you close the app. These precautions will ensure your privacy even if you forget about it.

Ghostery Privacy Browser has a separate search engine, which also has several levels of protection. You can find out who collects data about your visits to various sites and services. Become a real ghost in online space and leave no trace.


Tor Browser

If you are not satisfied with the capabilities of the usual mobile browser, install Tor Browser. A representative of the new generation, high degree of data protection, and free of charge.

Experience the feeling of freedom on the Internet. Stop being distracted by ads and wasting time reading spam. Make tracking impossible by searching and blocking trackers. Rest assured that your confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands.

Tor Browser works with each individual site you visit. Such isolation eliminates the possibility of downloading trackers and other malware. You don’t need to delete search results manually. The cache, cookies, and search engine queries are cleared immediately after your session ends.

Visit any Internet portals, and download photos and videos. Now you will be able to open sites that were recently banned. No one will not be able to find out what you actually did. All information that is transmitted to the server, passes through 3 stages of encryption. No one will know your identity.

Tor Browser is an open-source program. It is designed to maintain privacy on the Internet. It is actively used by more than 10 million users.


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Private Browser with VPN

Private Browser with VPN is responsible for users’ anonymity when using the Internet. Open web pages, download files, and remain incognito. The mobile browser is adapted for use on phones and tablets. It speeds up page loading and provides a secure connection.

Every step of your actions will be securely hidden thanks to a modern encryption system. Besides, the app uses a VPN function to encrypt your real IP address. The work of the app is based on the innovative system of KeepSolid Inc.

By installing Private Browser, you will get a multifunctional browser with powerful protection. One app is enough for any work on the Internet. Download large files with maximum speed in high quality. Visit sites that for certain reasons are inaccessible for citizens of your country.

You can be sure that no one will be informed about your movements on the Internet. Create tabs and move between them instantly. Make bookmarks, sort them, and create entire folders.

Both incoming and outgoing data are encrypted. When you’re done, you can delete all session data: cache, cookies, and search history with a single tap.

Logging in to the app has several degrees of protection. You can use a pin code, push notification, or biometrics. This app is designed for a wide audience, so its menu is simple and accessible.

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