12 Best Animated Weather Apps 2024 for Android & iOS

You may be on vacation or going to work – either way, you need to know what the weather is like outside your window right now. Many apps handle this, but most of them have basic functionality that hasn’t surprised anyone for a long time.

Now mobile apps can really surprise you, even if you just need to know the situation outside. Ordinary numbers that show degrees don’t give complete information. It is much more interesting and clear to see the weather without getting out of bed.

You can use these best animated weather apps 2024 for Android & iOS. They show everything so realistically that you’ll definitely feel like you’re looking out the window. 

If you need more information about the weather then use these best wind speed measurement apps.

Weather Live

Thanks to the Weather Live app, you no longer need to go outside and take temperatures. All you have to do is go into this program and see the air temperature and precipitation for the coming day.

The app will allow you to install a live wallpaper depicting weather phenomena on your smartphone. This utility will request the necessary data for tracking, including your location.

The app can show the weather in absolutely all places on the planet. The weather conditions will be displayed on your device even if it is turned off.

By downloading the program, you will have no problem recognizing the temperature outside your window. The system will do everything. What’s more, tracking wind direction and speed has become real, here you can view and track everything.

You can have several city positions in the navigation at once, which you will be able to flip through. The app does not distribute personal data.


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Realistic animated weather backgrounds add-on

Realistic animated backgrounds is a program for tracking weather conditions. This app includes a large collection of weather backgrounds.

There are different images suitable for certain conditions, such as hurricanes, sun, and rain.

Moreover, you will be able to hear the sound of phenomena outside the window. Imagine the whole situation outside, which is really convenient.

Now you do not have to go outside and check the temperature, just download this app and you will see the weather graph for the moment.

The program functions in real-time. This utility is frequently updated and gets various interesting features.


Weather by WeatherBug

WeatherBug is a program that includes several radars, the real-time temperature in a particular area, and more.

You can install widgets on your smartphone screen to make it easier to keep track of weather conditions without having to go into the app. Not surprisingly, WheaterBug is used by newcomers with no problem, as it has a simple interface.

You’ll always be dressed for the weather and keeping track of all the upcoming precipitation. What’s more, watch video news about the weather and different events happening.

Watch precipitation 10 days in advance so you can take everything you need on your planned trip with you. Spot an impending thunderstorm cloud or hurricane in time. You can connect notifications to the program if you wish.

Furthermore, there are interesting features such as the ability to measure rain and air quality. It is handy that WeatherBug is translated into many languages. To start using, the program must have access to your location.


Weathergraph weather widget

Weathergraph weather widget1

If you need to know the weather, then this app for your gadgets will be an excellent alternative to other forecast sources.

The service updates the weather status every hour. In this way, you are always aware of how many degrees it is outside, sunny or cloudy, and you can plan your outfits as well as trips.

As for rain and snow, such forecasts are updated every 15 minutes. That is why you always get relevant weather information. You will receive a notification of an upcoming rainstorm in advance and will be able to be ready for it.

Widgets are a great solution for those who do not want to spend extra few seconds opening the app every time. As soon as you turn on your phone or tablet, you immediately receive a weather forecast.

What is more, widgets can be customized as you want. Change the color, configuration, and metrics.

It is also possible to install the app on your watch. The service is adapted to any device, but the Weathergraph for watches is extremely convenient for people who spend a lot of time outside, for example, athletes.

Furthermore, the service gives you the weather forecast even if there is no access to the network because it downloads weather data for 24 hours.

Weathergraph weather widget1

MyRadar Weather Radar

The original MyRadar app allows you to see the weather for the near future with animated images.

To start tracking the weather, you need to log into the program and it will use radar to determine your current location. Plan your day by looking ahead at the forecast.

MyRadar works in real-time, allowing you to track precipitation. What’s more, track the strength of pressure, and winds. You’ll also be able to know all the events happening in the United States.

Don’t forget to turn on the 24-hour alert system to be on time to keep away from adverse weather conditions.

This program is a handy travel assistant. You will be able to open the U.S. map and see the weather in certain areas.

You will no longer have to search for the forecast on websites, everything is compactly collected here. Install MyRadar and enjoy using it.


Weather Live Wallpapers

Weather Live Wallpapers is an unusual weather tracking app. Would you like to dress for the weather and not get caught in downpours? If so, this program is just for you.

Here you will be able to see the coming precipitation and observe the phases of the moon, and the sun. Besides, beautiful images reflecting the weather can be put on your smartphone desktop screen.

See the weather for the coming week. Adjust all the widgets showing the forecast to your taste in the settings.

The program has a ton of different features, such as selecting terrain scenes with color themes. There are four seasons of the year in the collection with incredible landscapes equipped with great animations. These can be used to beautifully design the program.

Remember to include a location for accurate data. Enjoy the Weather Live Wallpapers app and feel the harmony with nature!


Cityscape animated weather backgrounds add-on

The unique Cityscape animated weather background add-on is designed to watch the weather anywhere. Have you been looking for a program like this? Then this utility is definitely for you.

You can take it easy because you can track everything that happens outside your window using this app. The weather conditions are as close to the real ones as possible.

It is crucial to note that you need to install the latest version of the program in order for the system to work properly.

The app is developed so qualitatively that the animation of clouds, sun, and raindrops is depicted realistically. Also, there are used various sounds, such as wind noise, and thunderstorms.

Besides, you will be able to track the time through a transparent clock.


Cartoon Weather Live Wallpaper

Cartoon Weather Live Wallpaper is an amazing app with features that displays all the conditions happening.

The app has a live wallpaper that shows the weather and time of year at the moment. No need to go outside, take the temperature and watch the precipitation, everything is in this app.

The app will show the weather in any city at any time of day. The design is so well-designed that the trees change their color depending on the time of year.

Also in the middle of the smartphone screen the river flows, which freezes in winter, and flowers and other plants bloom in the spring. In the program, you can adjust the brightness, and track the battery consumption.

Set notifications that will notify you about the weather for the following days. The 3D effect will help you clearly visualize the weather phenomena and see all the beauty.

There are many other useful features built into this program that you can try out by installing it.


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Weather Underground

Get the weather forecast in the blink of an eye with the Weather Underground app. This program has accurate data on weather phenomena in any location thanks to a large number of weather stations.

All data is as close to the real thing as possible. Now you will always be alerted to bad weather, and you can learn about the approach of a hurricane and heavy rain.

Also for accurate data, you can see the pressure, and know the sunrise and sunset. You will be able to see the weather forecast for 10 days ahead.

Customize the app according to your parameters to use it comfortably for you. There are special maps with interactive pictures of precipitation.

Use the program with pleasure and know quickly all the upcoming weather conditions. The Weather Underground app is securely and confidentially protected.


Weather Live Wallpaper

Weather Live Wallpaper is a handy weather app with a beautiful design. In this program, you will find live images of many weather phenomena.

All the wallpapers are realistic, they are frequently updated and added to the collection of the program. You can choose the season of the year, weather, and time of day and install it on your phone.

Set yourself warm summer landscapes with dandelions or winter landscapes with the icy lakes. This app makes sure your battery power is used sparingly.

You can adjust the brightness and the dimming phase. The program has a lot of extra awesome features. Customize widgets, and adjust weather notifications. Use any mode, portrait, or landscape to choose from.

Keep track of weather phenomena and enjoy the ease of use.



With the AccuWeather app, you can find out the weather forecast for several days ahead. You can also see a map of precipitation and atmospheric pressure.

Add a widget to your desktop and receive alerts for precipitation, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Users can enter location information manually or use the automatic location feature.

The current air temperature, air pressure, and humidity will then appear on the screen. By clicking on the appropriate tab, you can get information about the weather for the coming week.

The hourly forecast is also available. It is possible to know the wind speed and the time of sunrise and sunset.

The utility allows you to view an interactive map of precipitation and temperature. To do this, you need to go to the “Radar” section. Also, you can set up alerts on changes in weather conditions in your region.

Besides, this app is capable of sending notifications of impending hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. You can receive alerts for many cities at the same time.


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In the YoWindow app, users will find weather forecasts for different cities. It is possible to get acquainted with the humidity, pressure, and other indicators.

After installing the utility, it is necessary to give it access to the location. Then, the city in which the user is located will be automatically determined.

Next, the app will provide a detailed weather forecast for the coming week and show the current weather conditions. It is possible to see the air temperature, displayed in degrees Celsius, pressure, humidity, and wind speed.

Additionally, users can view visibility, day and night duration, moon phase, and dew point. For convenience, weather conditions are scheduled by hours. This information is updated on a regular basis with a stable network connection.

The creators of the app have worked well on the graphic component, so for each city, there are many landscapes. It is noteworthy that there are static and live wallpapers.

In most cases, the images are real photos of the selected city, but sometimes there is beautiful art. To change the scenery you need to go to the tab with the same name.

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