13 Free Apps to Measure Blood Pressure (Android & iOS)

Health is a matter of paramount importance. Fortunately, today there is a large number of applications in the category “Health” available both on Android and iOS.

These apps can turn your smartphone into a valuable diagnostic tool, allowing you to learn about various diseases and improve your health condition. Seven applications for tracking blood pressure are described below. All of them are free, so you can choose one and install it right now.

It is worth mentioning that measuring blood pressure with a smartphone is of course impossible. You need a tonometer for that. The apps can only help you to keep and track the measurements.

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Blood Pressure Companion

This is the multifunctional app for everything that concerns the measurement of blood pressure. Thanks to Blood Pressure Companion, you will be able to track your data, compile statistics and study your daily progress.

Despite its extended functionality Blood Pressure Companion has quite a simple interface. It’s easy to use and navigate.

Moreover, this app gives you the chance to calculate the mean of each statistic. You can also create reminders in this app so you won’t forget to measure your blood pressure. What is more, you can create doctor appointments using the same app.

It’s even more convenient to check in for a doctor’s appointment since thus you can share your statistics right from the app. Blood Pressure Companion contains lots of useful information about blood pressure classification and a bunch of comparative diagrams.

Blood Pressure Companion1
Blood Pressure Companion1
app store logo

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Cardio Journal

Cardio Journal is an excellent application for tracking blood pressure. Measure your pressure and write it down in the app. If you can do this regularly, the app will provide you with the statistics of the results.

The main advantage of the application is that it is easy to use. Everyone can figure out how to enter the blood pressure and where to view the history and statistics. The design of the app is simple and nice. There are gorgeous ‘heart indicators’ that show whether the measurements are alright or below/above the norm.

The app can separate night and day measurements. You can turn on notifications to get reminded to make a measurement. There are even free consultations with a specialist but it is always better to consult a real doctor. So, this is a solid five. Download Cardio Journal now and start taking care of your heart more seriously.

Cardio Journal — Blood Pressur
Cardio Journal — Blood Pressur
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Currently, Welltory is one of the most popular apps in this category. It is used by more than 5 million people. Welltory can serve you as your personal fitness tracker or healthcare assistant. Considering the heart rate monitoring feature, Welltory is capable of analyzing the variability of your heart rhythm and blood pressure.

It can measure your pulse with the touch of your finger. It uses the flashlight and the changes of color at your fingertip each time your heart beats. This is a versatile instrument, that unites the features of several tools. Now you can have all of them on your phone and that’s really convenient.

We are saying that because the app is capable of tracking the statistics of your daily heartbeat and then analyzing it, therefore, providing you with detailed information about your heart health.  In addition, you can synchronize Welltory with the fitness bracelets with other devices with smartwatches and other trackers and receive information about your heart rate as well.

The app includes more than 80 graphs in the section my activity, and there you will see how your habits and your daily lifestyle influence your health in general.

In addition, you will be able to track your fitness results for instance how many steps you made throughout the day, or track the restoration of your body after the workout, your weight tracking, and more.

In the app, you will also find some recommendations on how you can get rid of chronic stress, panic attacks, and insomnia. The studies show that 20% of its users feel better after already 30 days of using Welltory.

Another crucial point of well Tory is that it provides the complete safety of your information and it never hands over your data to third parties.

Another great advantage of the Welltory app is that it has an excellent interface design with cute details and elaborate graphic elements however, at the same time it’s really easy to navigate in the app since the main menu is designed in the way that any type of the user can handle it.

Welltory received great feedback from users and we would recommend using it as well.

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Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor is an app designed to help users track and manage their blood pressure conveniently. 

The app provides clear instructions to ensure accurate data input. It allows users to record multiple readings throughout the day, making it easy to track any fluctuations.

It serves as a digital health companion, helping users keep tabs on their blood pressure levels and detect any potential irregularities.

By maintaining a detailed log of readings over time, individuals can spot trends and patterns, aiding healthcare providers in making informed decisions during medical consultations.

Moreover, the app offers customizable reminders, ensuring that you never miss a blood pressure measurement. Consistency is key in managing blood pressure, and these reminders can be a game changer for those with busy schedules.

In addition, Blood Pressure Monitor comes equipped with interactive charts and graphs that provide a visual representation of your progress. These visual aids make it easier to comprehend your health journey, motivating users to make positive lifestyle changes to maintain optimal blood pressure levels.

Whether you’re managing hypertension, monitoring your overall well-being, or simply curious about your blood pressure fluctuations, Blood Pressure Monitor is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.


Blood Pressure – SmartBP

SmartBP is an app suitable both for iPhone and Android users. This application for monitoring blood pressure has an intuitive and user-friendly design. With its help, you can monitor the dynamics of blood pressure changes in various forms (e.g. graphs, and statistics).

You can record your systolic and diastolic pressure, time of measurement, pulse, weight, and pulse pressure. Manage the records with simple tools: charts, average calculation, and export of data via e-mail.

You can also use e-mail to keep your family, friends, and doctor up-to-date about your health. Sending the statistics to your doctor may help him or her to make rational decisions about your treatment faster.

Smart BP is designed to serve as a database tool for sharing information with your doctor. This application is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The developers of the app warn that they are not responsible for any damage that can stem from the use of this application.

Main advantages:

  • simple, attractive, elegant interface;
  • recording systolic/diastolic pressure, pulse, weight and time of measurement;
  • easy data entering;
  • calculation of average arterial pressure and pulse pressure;
  • reports by e-mail;
  • built-in reminder – you won’t miss the measurement time.
SmartBP Blood Pressure Tracker
SmartBP Blood Pressure Tracker
app store logo

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is an Android app for people who want to monitor their blood pressure and successfully cope with hypertension. With this application, you can track the level of your blood pressure. All the measurements are stored in the database.

You will be offered additional information on the treatment of hypertension, which you can share with your doctor. A convenient interface allows you to quickly navigate the application.

You can edit, update, and describe the measurements. Write why there was an increase in blood pressure – maybe, you’ve got tired from a walk or have gone through a stressful situation. Create special markers for yourself such as brief descriptions of high figures results, measurement location, pulse, and weight.

Study visual graphs to see the tendencies of your health. In a special tab, you can find out detailed statistics about pulse and average blood pressure as well as a pressure indicator. There is an opportunity to measure the blood pressure of several users.

The data can be exported in two convenient formats – CSV and XML. It can also be saved in a PDF file. The program notifies you daily about the necessity to measure your blood pressure. You can use filters to remove the parameters that you don’t want to be displayed.

The design of the app is beautiful but you can make it even more beautiful by choosing one of the app’s themes. The developers warn that it is necessary to have a tonometer to check the results. It should also be kept in mind that the software does not replace the advice of a qualified specialist.

Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure Log

Blood Pressure Log is one more Android application with the help of which you can collect and analyze measurements of your blood pressure as well as some other parameters such as heart rate, exercise, weight, etc.

Graphs and statistics allow you to track the results and constantly monitor your pressure. Thanks to reminders, you will no longer forget to measure your pressure and take the appropriate medication.

The application Blood Pressure Log is used only for recording blood pressure measurements and related parameters. It does not replace doctor visits, so don’t try to change your treatment without consulting a specialist.

Blood Pressure Log - bpresso.c
Blood Pressure Log - bpresso.c

BP Journal: Blood Pressure Log

Here we have another blood pressure Journal that will become your companion while measuring your blood pressure. Yes, it’s not directly the blood pressure measuring app, but since there are really few apps in the market related to this topic, it would be a good help.

Moreover, BP Journal is a great assistant that allows you to write down your blood pressure measurements, and their tendencies of them, and then send these reports to your doctor or professional medical services. To be more precise, here you can register the data about your blood pressure instantly.

The app will also help you to read the numbers and understand what they mean. All the statistics will be displayed on diagrams. Then you will be able to convert the reports about your blood pressure to PDF formats and send them to your doctor.

There is a feature in the app that allows you to set up reminders to take your medicine. In addition, you can explore your data in various formats including CSV and so on. All the data stored in the app is protected.

And speaking about the usability of the app, it works really fast, faster than all the previous apps, it takes a little of your memory space on the phone, and it has a cool and modern interface design that is pleasant to the eye.

BP Journal received great appraisal from its users because of its versatility of exploitation of reports as you can see this feature is really unique and helpful.

BP Journal1
BP Journal2

Blood Pressure Tracker

A one-time measurement of blood pressure is not always enough. In some cases, it is necessary to observe changes in blood pressure over a period of time. For some people, it is recommended to measure blood pressure daily. It is better to do it several times a day, because morning and evening results may differ.

Blood Pressure Tracker helps you to track your blood pressure and heart rate. The program automatically records systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and measurement time. Blood Pressure Tracker is a very convenient data storage tool. In addition to the storage, the app analyzes the results. The analysis can help you and your doctor to make a proper schedule of medication intake and regulate the dosage.


  • intuitive interface;
  • recording systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate;
  • viewing changes in blood pressure and heart rate over a long period in graphs;
  • saving the data in a text file in order to copy it to a PC or send to your doctor;
  • saving the data as a CSV file for archiving and backing up.
Blood Pressure Tracker
Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood Pressure App: High & Low

This is another app for tracking your blood pressure. It allows you to constantly track your blood pressure as it was mentioned before, and it detects information about the alterations and animalities in it. The main goal of this app is to help you to indicate hypertonia.

This Blood Pressure app writes down your blood pressure measurements and it can classify them in accordance with your BP range. The classification consists of the following sections: high, normal, and low.

What is more, the Blood Pressure app can compile graphs and diagrams so you can analyze the numbers of your blood pressure.

In addition to that, it can calculate extended health indicators, such as your pulse rate, your medium blood pressure, the frequency of the heartbeats, tendencies, predictions, and so on. Here you can literally measure each detail of your blood pressure measurements. For example, your systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

In the blood pressure app, you can also mark all the comments made by your doctors. You can make your own notes in general. The blood pressure app has a powerful mechanism of filtration, that will allow you to precisely measure certain indicators based on their range of blood pressure, hypertonia, time, date, and tags.

Another interesting feature of the blood pressure app is that it was developed with the cooperation of such reliable sources as the American Cardiologist College and the American Association of Cardiologists.

And, what is more important, these blood pressure app supports several profiles for various people. It means that you can all view your own measurements without interrupting each other. Great app with great feedback from users.

Blood Pressure App: High & Low1
Blood Pressure App: High & Low2

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor is an advanced pressure-tracking app for iPhone users. The app lets you enter your blood pressure and weight as well as some other parameters.

You can view the history and statistics of your measurements. There is also a meal-type tracker that can find out the correlations between your eating habits and health condition.

Moreover, it is possible to input a screenshot down below. It contains all the parameters that can be recorded. If you fancy the design and functionality of the app, why not get it right now?

Blood Pressure Monitor1
Blood Pressure Monitor2
app store logo

Blood Pressure – Heart Rate

Blood Pressure – Heart Rate is a multifunctional tool aimed at providing users with valuable insights into their cardiovascular well-being.

It provides users with a user-friendly interface to track and record blood pressure and heart rate readings over time. This longitudinal tracking enables users to spot patterns and potential health concerns, encouraging them to seek professional medical advice when needed.

Like other blood pressure apps, the accuracy of the readings may vary depending on external factors such as lighting conditions and user finger placement.

Therefore, the app should be considered a complementary tool for self-monitoring rather than a replacement for professional medical assessments.

In conclusion, Blood Pressure – Heart Rate joins the ranks of comprehensive health and wellness apps aiming to empower users to take an active role in their cardiovascular health. 


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Blood Pressure App: BP Monitor

Blood Pressure App: BP Monitor is an app that provides users with a convenient and efficient way to monitor their blood pressure using their smartphones. 

This software utilizes the smartphone’s camera and flashlight to measure blood pressure. To obtain readings, users place their finger on the camera lens while the flashlight illuminates the fingertip.

The primary benefit of the “Blood Pressure App: BP Monitor” lies in its portability and accessibility. It allows users to monitor their blood pressure on the go, which may be particularly useful for individuals who need to track their readings frequently or those who wish to be proactive about their health.

The accuracy of the app may be influenced by external factors such as lighting conditions and user finger placement, potentially leading to inconsistent or inaccurate readings.

To conclude, the Blood Pressure App: BP Monitor offers a glimpse into the possibilities of smartphone-based health monitoring. As technology continues to advance, these apps may play a more significant role in our healthcare routines. 

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