7 Best Gaming Booster Apps for Android

If you’re sick of playing mobile games with endless lags and pins, this article may come in handy.

We’ve picked up the best gaming booster apps for Android to help you get the best experience ever. These apps improve gaming performance by tracking and boosting the FPS of the games. With these apps, you’ll get to stabilize network connection, clean cache, and free up some memory space for the games. One way or another, these apps will help you reach the real gaming potential of your device. Let’s dive in!

Game Booster

It’s one of the original game booster apps that has been around for quite a while. It lets you improve the performance of the games on mobile with a single tap. Once installed, the app automatically detects all the games on your device and puts them on the list. Then, all you need to do is to click “boost”, and the performance will enhance immediately.

You’ll also get to load the games right from the app, which saves even more time. You’ll get to manage your game collections and sort them by genre if needed. Plus, you can put your fave games on a dashboard for quick access.

Along with that, the app lets you track the FPS of the game to see where the problems lie. It automatically detects all the eggs, speed issues, and all that. However, this tool won’t work with all the games, so keep that in mind. The app even displays the temperature of your device, and you’ll get to see if it gets overheated or not.


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GFX Game Booster Pro

This app helps to get the best gaming experience possible. It’s the easiest way to boost game performance and track FPS to figure out what issues you’re dealing with. The app detects all the games on your device automatically, there’s no need to search for them individually.

Plus, the app covers several boosting modes. First, we have an auto mode that will activate automatically if any FPS issues get detected. Then, there’s a so-called normal boost that clears the cache on your device to free up some memory space and optimizes the gaming process. In most cases, this mode is enough but if you’re having serious issues it’s best to use the most powerful mode.

Lastly, there’s an ultra boost made for heavy gaming. This mode boosts your phone for benchmarks and increases gaming performance to the maximum. The app also covers a GFX manager and a Ping tracker. It tracks the memory of your device in real-time as well.


Gaming Mode 

Next, there’s an app that lets you play mobile games like a pro. It increases the performance of any game and lets you get rid of lags and bugs of all kinds. The game is incredibly easy to use, and the mechanics are quite intuitive. You only need to configure it once, and it will be done automatically ever since.

There are several settings for you to adjust, and some of them let you block all the calls and notifications if needed. The call blocking may not affect the game performance directly, but it lets you play without interruptions. The same thing goes for notifications. You’ll get to adjust the list o apps to block notifications from, which is handy.

Plus, you’ll get to regulate the auto-brightness tool and change the Wi-Fi state if needed. The app automatically detects all the games on your device and puts them on a list. You’ll be able to launch the games right from the app, and it also lets you create widgets to open the games from the home screen.



That’s a game booster that lets you get rid of the game latency once and for all. The main goal of this app is to help you unleash the real potential of the game. It stabilizes the game performance and enhances the speed in just a few secs. The app uses special technology that actually reduces game lags and doesn’t consume additional data (or battery).

It works well with the major mobile games, including the newest ones, so the chances to have an issue here are minimal. As for the mechanics, all you need to do is to find the game you wanna play and tap one button. That’s right, it only takes one click.

The app detects all the games automatically, and you’ll get to rearrange the list for better navigation. The app also uses VPN tech that transmits your data to the server much more quickly. Herewith, the data gets under a high level of security and encryption, and none of it gets collected in any way.


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UU Game Booster

It’s another booster app to minimize game latency. This app provides a superfast, stable connection you can reach with only one tap. It lets you detect and fix pings, and lags, and get rid of any network connection problems in general. All the results are actually noticeable, and you’ll see how the gaming experience has changed with this app.

As for the game support, for now, the app works with over 3K games. It covers all the most popular ones in different genes, and all the latest releases are covered as well. The app also supports multipath connections that let you link several routes at once to provide maximum stability.

The app uses patented tech that offers maximum gaming performance. It encrypts and secures all your data and makes sure it won’t get leaked or used by third parties. The booster doesn’t consume too much data or battery usage, so no worries there. It’s also entirely free to use.


Game Booster Power Lag Fix 

With this app, you’ll get a faster and smoother gaming experience right away. It’s an intuitive booster that you’ll figure out how to use at first glance. The app covers various features: launcher, booster, and lag analyzer. Well, first things first, the app detects all the games on your device and lets you get to launch them straight away with one tap.

The boosting tool optimizes the speed of the game and closes all the background apps to avoid potential issues. Herewith, the app constantly monitors memory usage, battery power, and web connection. It even tracks battery temperature and tells you if it’s too high and needs fixing.

The web connection analyzer studies the network latency and tells you if there are any issues here as well. It will also detect lags and let you know if there are any problems that need to be addressed. Plus, you’ll get to use turbo mode which will automatically clean the cache of our device, ensuring that any temporary files are removed, and your connection is running optimally.


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Game Booster

To wrap up, there’s a powerful game booster to unleash the potential of gaming performance. The app works simply, but the changes it makes are noticeable right away. It frees up the memory of your phone and closes all the unneeded tasks and background apps to stabilize the gaming performance.

The app will detect all the games on your device, and you’ll get to launch them right away. It offers a special game mode that lets you adjust the setting for each game individually. There’s a tool for long plays that save the battery, one for power play, and an offline play as well (this one will automatically disconnect you from the web once the game gets launched).

And if that’s not enough, the app lets you create a custom mode and pick all the settings and tools manually. You’ll get to adjust the brightness of the screen, mobile data, screen rotation, sounds, and even data sync. All these tools are free, so there are no reasons to not try this app.

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