11 Best Memory Game Apps for Android & iOS

Do you have a long coffee break at work or at school? Do you want to spend time with pleasure and still doing something beneficial for your brain? It is time to take care of your mind that works for you day and night! Do not forget a thing and have an excellent memory with memory games that will keep your brain fit.

As we are getting on, we may lose some faculties and become prone to forgetting every important idea, thought, or deal. But if you start working on your cognitive abilities right now, you will hardly face any problem of such kind soon. The only thing you should do is to choose the most interesting memory game and play it. If you are looking for an app to memorize a certain scope of information for an important exam, you may find the app that will help you do that in our article about the best exam preparation apps for students.

This article is aimed at describing 11 Best Memory Game Apps for Android & iOS and their additional merits.

Train your brain

Train your brain Do you have free time and what to get profit from every minute even while relaxing? You will never get tired of games gathered in Train your Brain app that is available on both Android and iOS. Some of them will recall nostalgia because they are so much familiar to everyone: find card pairs, repeat sequences, associate objects, etc. You can choose the game you want to play right now and improve your long- and short-term memory.

The level of difficulty is customizable and can be adapted to any age. The app is also available in 5 languages.

The design is pretty colorful and attractive, so your mind will have a chance to recharge your battery. Don’t forget to set a reminder to keep training regularly. What can you do more for your mind? Try meditation with Aware app that we have talked about in our article.

Train your brain  Train your brain



LumosityMemory is not only to remember a glut of necessary stuff in everyday life, at work, or planning but also to keep us attentive during important meetings and improving our logic. To control and boost each and every part of your brain you can try Lumosity. Before starting, you can test your current abilities any pass a test to learn more about your cognitive capacity. The app includes more than 40 games targeted at different capabilities of your mind to do with language, memory, attention, math, etc. Such a veritable of games will keep your brain flexible and ready for any unexpected challenge in life. To make the game even more interest there is a timer that will help you to track the progress.

The user-friendly interface has a lot of games divided into themes that make it easy-to-navigate. In settings, you can customize the language with available 7 different ones set in. However, to get all games available some purchase is needed.

Lumosity   Lumosity


CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness is designed by neuroscientists and is no doubt incorporates a lot of useful tips and tactics to train your memory and concentration and to help you to overcome some types of cognitive impairment. Games provided by the app may be played during the break and even with friends. You can choose the level you want according to age and ability. Moreover, while you are playing, the program saves your results and produce your progress divided into subgroups according to the skill the considered.

You will find no difficulty looking for the game you want to play or the program you are going to fulfill as everything is set clearly and comfortably. As any useful app, this one includes a small purchase after a month of use.

CogniFit Brain Fitness  CogniFit Brain Fitness




If you want to boost your cognitive skills, Elevate will help you do it quickly and with pleasure. There are 35 games that are divided into 3 sections. To get access to 2 additional ones you should subscribe to the “PRO” version. The games would be more interesting for adults rather than children because the themes covered are mainly educational and targeted at your attention and lack bright visuals and pictures. For example, you may find a number of tasks where you should find quickly grammar mistakes, check your reading comprehension. There is also a section that will help you boost your memory capabilities.

In addition, you may find a graph that illustrates your progress and how you fulfill the tasks. If what to get more incentive, you may compare your track record with the one of other users.



Peak – Brain Training

peakDeveloped by scientists Peak seems to be a very accurate and useful “coach” that will challenge your brain and will improve your memory. It has a huge array of minigames set in different groups according to their target and theme. Language, memory, focus, problem solving, etc are presented in the app. You may choose any game you want to play but to get full access to all of them you should update the PRO version of the app, or get a personalized workout program created by the app that will harmoniously develop your brain.

There is also a possibility to overview your overall progress and every sphere in particular presented in a nutshell and a line chart. The app is very easy-to-navigate and will bring a lot of profit to your brain capacity.   

Peak     Peak



NeuroNationTo upgrade your overall mental abilities you may try NeuroNation. This simple app includes a range of different games that are interesting, entertaining, and educational at once. However, the number of them is less than in previous analogs and they are not grouped according to the skill that they improve and in addition to this, to be able to try all games you should get the premium membership.

Among basic features shared by the majority of apps of the same kind, there is a tracker that shows your success set in numbers like time, the percentage of your accuracy, and a graph of the overall progress. To stay motivated you can see the results of your friends.



Clockwork Brain

Clockwork BrainBeing influenced by Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art, the creators of Clockwork Brain made it eye-catching and exclusively stylish that makes it special among all previously overviewed apps. A robot will be giving you different tasks to make your brain work. But he is not alone here! You can boost your game with some other cool robots. All 17 of his tasks are divided into 5 sections: memory, attention, dexterity, language, and reasoning skills. Play these games against time and improve your timing every day. Try your fortune in a daily boost and get your personalized plan for today. Each skill is measured and set in a graph with general results and categorized ones. You will get a lot of inspiration out of this app and its unique style and to create more beautiful design pictures you need one of alternative procreate apps that we have talked about in our article.

Noticeably, the app is available in 7 languages and may be synced across devices to be available everywhere at any time.

Clockwork Brain  Clockwork Brain


 Muhjong Solitaire puzzle

 Muhjong Solitaire puzzle

Let’s have a look at some alternative games that will also be a great challenge for your brain like Muhjong Solitaire puzzle. This is a nontrivial but easy board game for one player. The main goal is to keep in mind the position of each and every card and find similar ones. You will never get bored of that because every time you play you open new levels and layouts.

To keep you motivated the app includes a timer. The less time you have spent, the better! With systematic training, you will obtain higher results. To not lose a day you can control yourself with the calendar set in the app.

The design of the game may is very cool and may be customized to the player as there are 3 different backgrounds.

 Muhjong Solitaire puzzle  Muhjong Solitaire puzzle



“Memory plus logic” is the structure of Onnect app. The rules of this game are similar to the ones of Muhjong Solitaire puzzle but there should not be any blocking elements between the tiles. From the first sight, it may seem simple, however, as the number of cards is growing you should keep in mind the location of each and every similar card to develop a strategy or at least think over your next steps. Unconsciously you will boost your memory gradually as well as spend your free time relaxing.

Every level the app changes the pictures put on the tiles to make you memorize different objects and make your gaming more pleasant. Plus, there is a possibility to change the language. The app also includes some extensive features that you may get only with a VIP subscription for a certain period of time.



Brain Quiz

brain quiz: memory, mind games

Do you have regular sport exercises? Your brain also needs to be trained! This is what Brain Quiz app propagates and provides a number of workout programs that will make your logic, memory, and attention solve issues in a playful way. The interface is really funny and even the titles of the programs are written in a funny way. The app is to make you struggle and achieve more and more success while playing games against time.

After all, the is a line that tracks your progress. However, after a week of use, you will have to get Premium subscription to continue exercising your brain.

Brain Quiz Brain Quiz


Memory games: Memory Match – Picture Match

Memory Match Memory Match is available only for Android. It is built on a very old and still popular conception of a game that is very addictive. There are cards lying face down and turning up each time only two cards and then closing them you should find a pair for every picture. It is very colorful and useful for your memory while you are having a break. We have also found the best card matching games that will improve your memory and make a bit of change for your edutainment. For this see our article about the best card matching games.

The game includes a lot of levels and challenges you driving you to get all 3 stars or each level. There is nothing difficult in the app, so just try it.

Memory Match


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