7 Best Apps to Measure Humidity in House (Android & iOS)

Humidity in the interior of the house is one of the most important indicators that affect more than just the indoor climate. Humidity can affect the condition of your skin and hair, as well as affect the materials from which the house or apartment is made.

For example, wooden cottages and buildings will not tolerate high humidity. Moreover, it can grow mold, which will have a negative impact on your health. You may track your well-being via 13 Best Health Coach Apps for Android & iOS.

Insufficient or excessive humidity is equally detrimental to humans, plants, and even food. You may not be aware of the fact that the humidity level in your home is far from normal.

If you notice condensation on the windows of your house or apartment or too much dust, it’s time to take action. You won’t find a special humidity meter in every home – that’s why you should explore other ways to measure it. We found the 7 Best Apps to Measure Humidity in House for Android & iOS.

Galaxy Sensors by Alessandro Digilio

Galaxy Sensors by Alessandro DigilioGalaxy Sensors is an app developed specifically for Samsung Galaxy smartphones that allows you to find out information about your environment.

Because of this detailed development, the app may not be compatible with other devices, so we recommend checking for compatibility before downloading. Galaxy Sensors ensures the accuracy of the data obtained, as the error margin is only 5% of the total figures.

The application allows the user to find out the percentage of humidity in the air around him, as well as to measure the temperature in Celsius degrees. It is recommended to check these indicators at least once a day.

It is worth noting that as soon as you open a window or the weather changes rapidly, these indicators may also change. In addition, Galaxy Sensors measures light intensity, atmospheric pressure, and even altitude.

You must admit that it is quite convenient to get all the information about the climate in your house with a single application.

Galaxy Sensors by Alessandro Digilio Galaxy Sensors by Alessandro Digilio1


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Thermometer Room Temperature Indoor, Outdoor by Switch To Future

Thermometer Room Temperature Indoor, Outdoor by Switch To FutureThe Thermometer Room app, as you may realize, was primarily designed to measure temperature indoors and outdoors.

Now, you can also measure humidity, making sure that all readings are within normal limits. Maybe your dry skin or sore throat is due to low humidity, and you should take care of it before more serious consequences occur.

The Thermometer Room also receives data about the outside temperature with your location. For more accurate measurements indoors – in your apartment, for example – it uses built-in smartphone sensors.

Basically, all readings are determined using your location, so you will need to provide all necessary permissions to the app to get the full information.

The developers of Thermometer Room also note that if you have been using your smartphone for a long time before the measurement, its battery may get warm and show a slightly higher value than it actually is.

Thermometer Room Temperature Indoor, Outdoor by Switch To Future1


Thermometer – Hygrometer & Ambient Temperature app

Thermometer - Hygrometer & Ambient Temperature appDespite its name, the Thermometer app combines several functions to determine the current climate around you. You will always be able to check all the information about temperature, humidity, and even pressure before you leave the house or buy new furniture.

When you feel something is wrong with your air temperature, Thermometer will help you know if your fears are justified – it may be time to buy a humidifier or at least open a window in your house.

The app can be used not only for information during your daily routine but also for outdoor activities. For example, climbers or fishermen also need detailed information about humidity and pressure.

Note that the Thermometer automatically determines the discomfort index: it is calculated taking into account all temperature and air readings. To receive all of the data you need, you’ll need to set the Thermometer to use your location – only then will the information be truly accurate.

Thermometer - Hygrometer & Ambient Temperature app1 Thermometer - Hygrometer & Ambient Temperature app2


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TE Sensor Tag

TE Sensor TagSome apps are designed to work with real devices that measure environmental readings. For example, TE Sensor Tag is a special app for wireless MEAS sensors that collect all the information about the indicators in your home.

Humidity is measured from 0 to 100%. You can also get information about temperature (-20 to 85 degrees Celsius) and pressure. Now with the help of your smartphone and smart device you will control your climate.

TE Sensor Tag automatically evaluates all indicators – if they are within normal limits or ideal for a person, you will see a rating of “Pleasant”, otherwise, the rating will be negative.

You can also find out how high above sea level you are – for example, if you live in a mountainous area, that’s very interesting. With TE Sensor Tag, your smartphone will become a real microclimate information station.

TE Sensor Tag1 TE Sensor Tag2

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Home Humidity Control by Kair Studios

Home Humidity Control by Kair StudiosKeeping all the indicators in the ideal range is a very challenging task. It requires constant monitoring of humidity values. Deviations from the norm can lead to the possibility of viral infections and bacteria, as well as damage to your furniture.

Home Humidity Control is an app that will help you calculate the humidity in your home without the need for additional sensors or connected devices.

Depending on the area you live in, normal humidity readings may vary. Home Humidity Control captures the current weather conditions in your area as well as the temperature in your home and calculates the humidity based on that data.

For example, as soon as you open a window, the humidity in your home can increase, which means that getting too much air inside your apartment for too long can also be detrimental. Home Humidity Control helps you control all of these details without having to buy a real hygrometer.

Home Humidity Control by Kair Studios1 Home Humidity Control by Kair Studios2


You don’t always need to measure the humidity exactly indoors. Some people who take care of cars or have a backyard with lots of furniture also need accurate humidity readings. We have found applications that give you the most accurate real-time humidity readings.

AccuWeather: Live weather maps & local forecasts

AccuWeather Live weather maps & local forecastsHumidity is an important weather variable and you need one of the most accurate and best services to measure it. That is exactly what AccuWeather is. This application is considered one of the most popular and accurate.

The service will also send you alerts when the weather changes drastically or there is a real danger. With AccuWeather you will always be aware and ready for sudden rain or strong winds.

The service is a collection of weather news and indicators that are updated in real-time. AccuWeather will tell you what the humidity and wind speed will be in the near future, and the special technology of the developers accurately determines the air temperature.

With the app you can find out the weather not only near you but all over the world – perhaps you are planning a trip and you really want to know what temperature and humidity are expected in a given region.

AccuWeather Live weather maps & local forecasts1 AccuWeather Live weather maps & local forecasts2

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Barometer & Altimeter by EXA Tools

Barometer & Altimeter by EXA ToolsBarometer & Altimeter is a great app for measuring many environmental indicators. Depending on the model of your device, it can get all the readings either from the nearest weather station or from your smartphone’s sensors.

For example, some devices have a built-in pressure and humidity sensor that allows you to get all the information you need. Barometer & Altimeter also requires your GPS coordinates for other weather details.

The app is easy to use and always provides you with only up-to-date data. For example, if there is a change in your well-being, you can simply launch Barometer & Altimeter and see if it is related to the weather conditions – perhaps the barometric pressure or humidity is low.

The service does a great job of identifying and predicting the weather so you’re always prepared for rain, high winds, or even hail.

Barometer & Altimeter by EXA Tools1 Barometer & Altimeter by EXA Tools2

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You don’t have to have a hygrometer to measure humidity in order to approximate the figure in or around your home. Some smartphones have special sensors, while others make calculations based on outdoor ambient readings and weather forecasts.

Special apps can help you determine if the humidity reading in your home is within normal limits. Of course, you won’t get perfectly accurate values without special devices – but approximate data will suffice for monitoring.

You’ll be able to get local information on which you can base your measures. For example, if the humidity is low, you can install a special device at home – a humidifier. We hope that our article has helped you, because now you do not even need devices to determine such indicators.

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