9 Best Apps to Rent a Bike Near Me (Android & iOS)

Sometimes we want to ride a bike on the weekend. What should you do if you don’t have your own bike? You can rent it and use the bike as you want.

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Spend a weekend in the forest riding a bike. These apps are specifically designed for renting bikes near you. You will receive detailed information about the bike and the place where you can pick it up. Take a ride with the wind. There is a list of the best apps to rent a bike near you. Try them all or choose only one.

ONN Bikes – Self-Drive Bike Rentals

This app allows you to rent a bike without any problems. Download the app and turn on geolocation. Help the app determine your location. Select a country and city. Select a time and date. The app will show you all the available bikes. You will see the price and main characteristics of the bike. You can choose the bike that you like best.

Only you decide what to choose. Confirm your reservation and you will receive your bike on time. You will see the price you need to pay. The app supports several payment systems.

Go to the main menu to be aware of all events and bookings. The app will notify you of all events and violations at the time of booking. Read the obligations and rights of the parties to the contract.

You can see the booking history. It is convenient to book a bike in a big city. You don’t need to look for parking places. You will get through traffic jams faster.

A user-friendly interface allows you to comfortably use the app. The app will show all the bikes near you. You can quickly rent them. The app is popular. It won’t take up much space on your smartphone.

ONN Bikes - Self-Drive Bike Rentals ONN Bikes - Self-Drive Bike Rentals


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Spinlister – Global Bike Share

This app allows you to rent a bike anywhere in your city. The app has different rental prices. You will definitely find the right price for you. You can choose a bike. If you are going to the mountains, rent a mountain bike.

If you prefer to ride in the city, rent a city bike. It all depends on your desires. You will receive a message about the location of the rental bike.

You will be able to pay for your reservation in advance. The app supports several payment systems. The app will show all available bikes. Read a brief description of them.

This app allows you to meet people all over the world. You can add your own bike to the app. You can make money. The app has insurance. Do not be afraid of your bike! Pick up a bike and ride wherever you want.

Spinlister - Global Bike Share Spinlister - Global Bike Share

Rent A Bike – PMBA Cycle App

This multifunctional app will allow you to book a bike and show you interesting bike routes. Choose unusual routes and read all the information about it. You will find out how many days you notice the route and places of rest. You can read reviews from other people. The app will show the route on the map. Rent a bike and discover new locations.

The app also offers you to choose a category of rest. If you like hiking, choose an interesting route. The appтwill show you air temperature, humidity, and other weather indicators.

You will be ready for any weather while cycling. You can even rent a jeep. The design of the app is modern. You will enjoy using it. It will help you discover new places of nature.

Rent A Bike - PMBA Cycle App Rent A Bike - PMBA Cycle App


Social Bicycles

You can share your bikes or rent a bike anywhere. This app will allow you to have a bike for a while. You need to register to start renting bikes.

You will find out your account number and a special code. It is easy to rent a bike. The app has a map. You can see all the bikes available. Read the detailed information about any bike. Choose the most suitable rental price.

The app tracks your location and route. You will pay for the number of miles you rode. This is convenient because you don’t need to overpay.

You can rent a bike to get to work or just relax. Rental prices aren’t high. Biking allows you to improve your health. It’s like a mini-workout. You can train your legs. Download this app and enjoy riding the bike.

Social Bicycles Social Bicycles

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It is actually pleasing to see how the bike trend take over the big cities and not so big towns. People start thinking more about pollution and the greenhouse effect, so they try to avoid cars and use more simple transport means, such as bikes – completely harmless for the atmosphere!

And PBSC is another app that supports this trend by allowing you to rent a bike everywhere, wherever you are. For using this app, you need to switch on the GPS location and then PBSC will show you the nearest bikes on the map.

What is more, you can mark some stations as your favorites so next time you can quickly check if there are any available bikes. PBSC includes lots of various bike brands and cooperates with lots of other services. You can always synchronize your account here on multiple devices.



Donkey Republic

This is the bike rental app for Europeans. The fact that the citizens of this part of the world have a special attitude towards the bike is well-known. So if it happens that you are in Europe and you want to rent a bike in a moment, you can download the Donkey Republic and do that in no time.

The app works in more than 50 cities in Europe. Whether you need a quick ride or you are looking for a regular city bike solution, you will find the most flexible and affordable solutions with our PAYG or monthly plans. There are no hidden fees or binding periods, and no waiting time – you can just go and rent a bike right away.

Even if you take a bike for rent but later discover that it has a flat tire or broken lights – you can just leave it in the nearest suitable place and replace it with a new one.




If you spontaneously decided to ride a bike with friends, then this app will help you do this. Download it and open the map. The app will show all the bikes available for rent. You can choose the type of bike. The app has a huge selection of bikes.

Choose the one you like the most. Rental prices are very low. This won’t hit your wallet. You can easily reach the place where the bike is located.

You will be able to read information about bikes before renting. Choose the best one. You will be surprised at how many bikes you can rent in your city. You can share your bike with people and get paid for it. The design of the app is nice. Rent a bike and go on a mini trip. Spend the day with your friends. An unforgettable day awaits you.

nextbike nextbike


This app is for renting different things in general. It is needed to say a couple of world about the possibilities that you will discover in here before we move on to the bike section. RentoMojo allows renting the most diverse objects, starting from apartments and offices, ending with electronics and bikes.

So, about renting bikes. The thing is the app function mainly in big cities. You can check out local offers on the map – if there is something suitable for you.

The cool thing is RentoMojo gives a chance to earn some money to those who are letting things, and for those, who are looking for them it is a convenient way to get something they need for a little price for a couple of hours. In the main menu, you must choose the category that you need and check out there, if there are any bikes for rent.




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Nice Ride Bike Share

You can start moving faster. Just rent a bike. You will find more than 1 thousand bikes and 200 stations in your country. Open the map in the app and it will show you all the stations.

You need to select a bike to reserve it. The app will unlock it and you will be able to start your journey. You need to confirm the rent by paying for it. Just one click and you have your own bike.

The design of the app is modern. You will definitely like it. The navigation is intuitive. You will receive notifications about the status of your rental bike. The app has an excellent privacy policy.

Don’t be afraid that someone will steal your data. The appтstores them securely. Join the biker community with this app. You can have a perfect trip on a bike.

Nice Ride Bike Share Nice Ride Bike Share

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