Top 11 Apps To Search Songs By Humming (Android & iPhone)

Determining what song is playing from the speakers next to you is easy with the help of special services. In fact, there are many of them and they all give excellent results.

Yet, it happens that you remember the melody or lyrics of the song, but do not know the name. In this case, the above-mentioned apps will not help, because for them to work, the music should sound somewhere near you.

Now, this problem can be solved by these top apps to search songs by humming for Android & iPhone. Sing the music and they will tell you the name of the artist and the title of the track.

When you finally find the song you want, you can sing it with these free karaoke apps with lyrics.


With the SoundHound app, you can find out the title of any song you want. The search function of lyrics and automatic addition of the track to the playlist is supported.

To use the app, you must provide access to a microphone. Then you should bring your smartphone as close as possible during the playback of a music track. Note that a network connection is required to search for information.

After a while, the name of the artist will appear on the screen, as well as the name of the track and album. Users have an introductory fragment of a length of 30 seconds. There is also an opportunity to sing the melody yourself.

Besides, the utility allows you to get acquainted with the lyrics of the song. For this purpose, integration with the Google search engine is implemented. A separate tab saves the search history. There is a function of automatic addition of the track to the playlist after recognition.

With the app, you can share a song with friends by posting a post to the social network Twitter. In this case, it is possible to add information about your location to the message.

There is a list of the most popular songs that users are looking for most often. The utility allows you to select a genre and listen to the tracks.


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Shazam is an app for music recognition by sound. The utility allows you to quickly find the artist and the song title.

To enable melody analysis, you need to open the utility and press the big round button in the center of the screen. Then, bring your smartphone as close as possible to the sound source.

In most cases, identifying the track takes no more than 15 seconds. A network connection is required for the program to work fully. Despite this, there is an offline mode that allows you to record a snippet of a song and find it later.

The utility can be used to recognize the melody in apps like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and so on. It’s enough to enable the Auto Shazam feature, and music detection will work in the background while you use your smartphone.

The app has a built-in player with which you can listen to music. It is able to work in minimized form, with the screen off, and supports pause and rewind functions. Synchronization with Apple Music and Google Play Music services is provided.

All songs that Shazam has recognized are automatically saved in a separate tab where you can listen to them later. You can find other songs of the artist and share them with friends on social networks or messengers.


Music Recognition

Music Recognition is an app for music recognition, with it you will always know what track is playing on your phone or nearby.

The program will be able to show the last of the art release, the artists’ albums, and their biography. Play and listen to the song in advance on Spotify, and Youtube.

Show your friends your ability to find songs quickly, and share tracks in messengers. Defuse the situation, press the lightning button and turn the music all the way up, making a disco.

Music Recognition includes many features. You will be able to recognize a track in a short period of time, all the songs you searched for will be displayed in the recent history. Besides, there is a pre-listening before you play a track, so that you are sure that this is the song you want to play.

What’s more, there will be an option to watch video clips on video hosting. Enjoy and relax by turning on your flashlight and dancing to the beat of the music.


Song Finder & Identifier

Song Finder & Identifier is invented to identify playing tracks. Do you love music? Do you want to know the name of new songs you like? If so, Song Finder & Identifier is for you.

The system will give you an immediate answer to the song title as the detector recognizes the tune with accuracy.

Whether you’re listening to the radio or have a tune playing on your phone, you’ll be able to listen to the song, identify it and get quick results.

Users like this app because guessing the sounds is quick and easy. You need to click on the special icon and then you will see the song playing.

The program has a lot of interesting features, for example, all the tunes you were looking for will be saved and displayed on your page. Besides, all songs can be recognized at any time. Please note, that you have to agree to use the microphone, otherwise, the app won’t function.

Also to find certain music, use the search that works with a network connection. Send songs to family and friends via WhatsApp, and Facebook. Have fun listening to music, finding new songs, seeing artist information, make playlists.


Song Finder: Identify Songs

Song Finder is the best free app of all its few competitors for music recognition. Here you can find out the name of the tune in a short period of time and watch dynamic videos to the song, as well as you can read the biography of the singer.

The program is relevant in today’s time because all people watch different videos, movies, TV series, etc., where different types of music are playing.

You want to know the name of the song and that’s what this program will help you with. The identification of music here is excellent.

Now you won’t have to ask questions about the title and the artist, you’ll find more understandable information through the search bar. What’s more, browse through entire released albums, snapshots, and more.

Use the feature to sync all the songs you’ve before watched at absolutely any time, thereby leaving all the information in the cloud. The Song Finder app is translated into all world languages, which is definitely convenient

Download the program, turn on the music in extraneous apps in excellent quality and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.


Music Finder – Songs & Lyrics

The simple but very effective Music Finder app will help you find out what music is playing on your phone, TV, or even another person’s device.

Do you want to find more artists with amazing tunes? If so, the program certainly won’t disappoint you. See the lyrics of the singers’ songs.

Here you can hear the music and then listen to it in any app, such as Apple Music, Spotify, etc. Music Finder has been endowed with nice features.

Thus, it is possible to find information quickly without much effort, all songs are synchronized.

It is worth noting that it will also be possible to enter the video hosting Youtube and watch clips on this platform.


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Music Recognition – Find songs

Music Recognition is a program where you can find out the name of the song you like, find different playlists and make your own list of favorite tunes.

What’s more, it has the latest tactic that allows you to recognize all the information and thus get action results.

The app will work great and will recognize a tune in a club, at the theater, at a show, or at any other event.

Remember to give the system permission to recognize sounds, otherwise, nothing will work, and all actions are safe.

Music Recognition receives frequent updates. Use this innovation everywhere.


Music Finder

Learn and listen to new tunes with Music Finder. This app is versatile, you can keep your smartphone close to the music source and see the names of the songs and watch the rhythm.

All actions are done in a small amount of time. You’re at a big show or some other place and you don’t know what music you’re hearing at the moment.

Thus, turn on the identification, and the sound is quickly recognized thanks to the waves heard by the system. Recognize and listen to songs in other programs.

Besides, you’ll be able to send your friends and acquaintances tunes in messengers and in social networks.

Listen to the tracks repeatedly and remember exactly what you want to find.


Song Recognition & Detector – Music Finder

Song Recognition & Detector is a program with the ability to find music by identifying a tune.

This app is new and very convenient, which will facilitate long searches on different sites. All you have to do to see the title is to use a special icon.

No matter where you are, the system will give you a search result in seconds even in a very noisy place such as a bar or a party.

The service includes a special panel and widgets for Samsung technology. Pay attention that it is necessary to give consent to use a microphone and also it is necessary to connect to the Internet for the app to work.

Moreover, it is possible to listen to recognized music on extraneous services like Spotify and others.


Song Finder – Find and identify songs and music

The Song Finder program will be very appreciated by all those who appreciate music because here you can find out the name of the songs you hear.

No matter if you are in a noisy place or in a quiet environment, the system will let you know the title in a short time. It’s worth noting that the app runs on a real-time system.

Identify all kinds of tracks accurately and quickly. Thus, you no longer need to ask someone for a tune or guess it, just log into the program and click on the recognition icon.

Song Finder has a lot of advantages, it won’t take up much space on your device, and you can identify music without much trouble in a simple way. Moreover, you will find out not only the name of the track but also its artist.

All the songs that you were looking for earlier will be in a special library. Install the program and have fun.


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Song Finder & Recognition

Now you can find any track, recognize famous singers, and find the release date of a certain album together with the Song Finder & Recognition app. Get a link to a song in an instant and listen to it in extraneous apps.

The result of the system will amaze you, you can press a button and the tune recognition will go.

Walk around and turn on Song Finder & Recognition when you hear a beautiful unknown song, dance in a club and also use the app, it’s very convenient.

There are some nice features, for example, all tracks have the property of being saved. Besides, you can hear in advance what you were looking for and see if the song is the right one.

Watch music videos on many platforms. Share your favorite songs on Twitter and more.

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