5 Best apps to see through clothes for Android & iOS

In the genre of comic applications, there is a new addition – applications that allow you to scan parts of the body in the X-ray spectrum. Immediately need to make a reservation that in fact, such applications do not scan anything, and they cannot – these applications are classified as a joke, designed primarily for schoolchildren.

Moosejaw X-RAY

Technologies of augmented reality continue to conquer the mobile applications sector. These technologies are used today for a variety of purposes, these are mobile games, they are works of virtual art, it is regional information and navigation, and, of course, it is advertising. Dodgy advertisers were among the first to master the augmented reality.

Another example of such an application is the Moosejaw X-RAY applet, which advertises the Moosejaw clothing chain, more specifically, a new catalog, an update of the winter wardrobe. The developers of this application have decided to give people what they have been dreaming of for a long time. For example, on one of the photos in the winter clothes catalog we see a very attractive girl, and the traditionally lustful strong half of humanity willy-nilly thinks: what is under this jacket and panties? Well, actually, women also think so, if the photo shows a handsome macho.

By installing the augmented reality app Moosejaw X-RAY on a smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android platform, the user opens the directory, points the camera on the device, and sees these models in their underwear. And this effect is not used in vain: the catalog of winter clothes adds a catalog of underwear.

Android version

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Body Scanner Camera prank App

The application for smartphones “Body Scanner Camera prank” was created especially for those users who do not represent their life without jokes and fun. Turn on your mobile, launch the “Body Scanner Camera prank” application, point the camera at any person – and the miracle will happen, on the phone screen the person will be without clothes or in one underwear!

Now you can tell all your friends that you are able to see them naked on the screen of your smartphone. Believe us, with such an application you can have fun with cheers! They do not know that the “Body Scanner Camera prank” application simply substitutes the necessary picture of a naked human body in various underwear.

Have fun with your colleagues at work! If your colleague (especially a girl) starts to claim that the smartphone shows untrue, you can ask to provide all present evidence. That will laugh!

Android version

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Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot

Look through the special scanner on the underwear of your friends! All you need is to point the camera at your friends and you’ll be able to see them naked!

This application will help you to play friends! They will think that you really see them naked through clothes.

However, still pay attention to the fact that this application is a comic, an ordinary fake. Naturally, you cannot see your friends naked through clothes. This cannot really be accomplished by any methods. You can see only the picture of a man or woman and their movements.

iOS version

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Girl Cloth Scanner Prank

This is a comic application for mobile phones, adding to the phone equipped with a camera, the function of a human scanner, that is, removing a person to the camera program removes clothing and shows you a naked body.

This application will surprise you and your friends, and maybe even shock! Imagine that you were given the opportunity to spy on the body for a suit, dress or top clothes!

Android version

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X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator

X-Ray Scanner simulator- play your friends, tell them that your phone is equipped with an X-ray capability. This application will help you to demonstrate this.

The program is intended for users over 18 years old! Choosing the right moment, you can make fun of your friends, raising yourself and their mood. Imitation of cool X-ray images is very realistic …

Body Scanner app simulates the work of the X-ray machine, allegedly catching bone tissue on the screen. For “X-ray” you can have a pelvis, knees, a head, a chest, and hands (maybe, a fluorography to pass?). The application does not even try to pretend to be a scanner – it quite honestly admits that it lacks even the simplest scripts that could catch the contours of the victim’s body and accordingly substitute the necessary substrates.

iOS version