15 Best Apps to See Through Clothes for Android & iOS

If you ever have a feeling entertaining apps can’t go any further, think again. There’s a whole new genre now: apps that let you see through things.

To be more specific, there are apps to see through clothes for Android & iOS, and we’ve picked up the best of them. These apps let you do full-on body scans with little to no effort.

Of course, these are not real scanners, the apps are only made for pranks and entertainment. Some of them even imitate x-rays and you can use them to educate yourself too. Let’s dive in!


Let’s start with an app that probably is the one and only editor that is available for three platforms at the same time and that actually allows removing clothes from pictures. Initially, it is a photo editor that now has an integrated AI feature that allows to edit pictures in different ways.

The algorithm of editing all the pictures here is simple you just need to upload a photo that you would like to edit and then choose one of the AI tools to make the alterations.

You can for example apply makeup, and improve the overall look of your body, but probably the main feature that has the most interest for us today is the clothes remover. In order to do that, you will need to upload a picture into the bikini section, and then process it.

Then the AI tool will analyze the body structure, will analyze the body lines and the overall type of it, and will transform this picture into a bikini pic. Please keep in mind that this app cannot generate the full nudes. It can only generate bikini pics.

What is more, the app has a quite user-friendly interface that is easy enough to navigate. I’m saying it because I know that the majority of AI tools nowadays can be overwhelmingly complicated with all their prompts and additional accounts that you need to look into before you can even use these AI picture generators.


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X-ray Scanner body by Houimdi Noureddinr

The X-ray Scanner body mobile app will help you have a great time and amaze your fam and pals with your abilities. The app is made for entertainment objectives and is not used as a real scanner.

The app is easy and fun to use. Show what you can do by taking your friends by surprise. The innovative program will give your company a lot of unforgettable emotions.

To get the result of scanning, it is enough to get the app, point the phone to the object of research, and press the start. In just a few secs, you will be able to show the result.

The app is absolutely safe. It gives you a chance to have a great time and have fun for free. Suggest this program to your pals or start using it yourself. Select the gender of the model for the best effect.

Amaze your pals with an unremarkable app. People of all ages can use the features of the app. Just start scanning and watch how your participants react.

X-ray Scanner body1
X-ray Scanner body2

Body image filtering

This app makes a great prank source. It covers various pre-ade scans o all kinds of bodies so you can get the one that matches your needs.
How it works:

Upload a photo from the gallery or make a new one

Choose one photo from the app’s database

Superimpose the second photo so the body parts match.

Everything is done, now you can share this pic on socials. Yes, it’s that simple, and the whole process takes a few mins at max. No real scanning here, though, so keep that in mind.

Body editor scanner 18+

Body scanner: X ray scanner by MTK Soft

Going straight to the point, Body scanne­r: X ray scanner is a cool educational tool, not a real X-ray scanne­r. It uses ready-made picture­s of males and females to te­ach about our bodies. Still, you can use this app to pretend like you can see through clothes. It cove­rs the skeleton, muscle­s, breathing, and digestion.

The app is e­asy and fun to use. It’s made for learning not me­dical practice. A virtual doc walks you through the steps. You pick a body part to ‘scan.’ The­n, pick from given body pictures. So, you can ‘see­’ inside the body. The aim is to make­ learning about us simple and fun.

But, reme­mber, there are­ limits. The app is not a real medical de­vice. It’s like an education game­, making learning about our bodies fun. The app is use­r-friendly, even for those­ without medical know-how.

So to sum up, the Body scanner: X ray scanne­r app is a fun, interactive biology lesson. It doe­sn’t have real medical or scanning powe­rs, and it can’t see through clothes. Its stre­ngth is in teaching, in a fun and easy way. It’s great for casual le­arning, not serious medical rese­arch.

Body scanner : X ray scanner


This resource can help you to see through someone’s clothes using AI technologies. When visiting the website, it will be crystal clear for you how to upload a photo because it provides step-by-step instructions.

In general, it is the same AI photo tool but with a focus on the undress feature. When you have uploaded a pic to the website, you will need to highlight those areas where you want to remove clothes.

After that, you will need to process the image and then wait a little bit before you see the result. If you aren’t satisfied with the result you can always re-generate it. It is that easy.

What is more, the website has quite a nice UI design which is pleasant to the eye. Moreover, there are no annoying ads as is often case with the web portals of this type.

After the image is processed you can download it to your smartphone or to PC. The AI makes changes according to all the body lines and types so the initial result is extremely precise.


Xray Body Scanner by Zia Khan

As you may guess by the name, this is a virtual X-ray scanner for you to have fun with. It’s a fun sim tool that generates a pretty realistic X-ray model of your body.

The app copie­s a body scanning process. It also acts as a gag gift of sorts, pretending to se­e through clothes, just for laughs. While this bit is imaginary, it adds fun to the­ app, perfect for a good time among frie­nds.

It teaches use­rs about the body in an exciting way. Want to learn about the­ skull, ribs, or knees? Just tap it on the app, and ge­t to see pictures and facts about those­ parts. It’s a great tool for students, teache­rs, and medical folks who need visuals in unde­rstanding or explaining the body’s complex structure­s.

Xray Body Scanner interface­ is easy to get and use, making it broad and frie­ndly for all users, no matter the age­ or tech knowledge. The­ visuals are catchy, adding to its allure.

But let’s be­ clear – this app doesn’t have actual X-ray fe­atures, nor does it give any me­dical diagnosis. It’s all for learning and fun, so don’t mistake it for a real me­dical tool. While the prete­nd scan can be funny, remembe­r this part is just pretend. Use it wise­ly, and remember, it’s all make­-believe.

Xray Body Scanne­r is not only entertaining but also educational. It pe­rfectly merges le­arning with joy. Its interface is user-frie­ndly and the content is captivating.

Xray Body Scanner1


This is another general AI image generator that involves the feature of the “undresser”. It is a little bit less user-friendly than a previous website that we observed, but if you dedicate some time, you will learn to navigate here.

What you need to do is to scroll down and click on “Try AI undresser for free”. Please take note that the images will be generated in the anime style.

After you click on that line, the website will redirect you to Anime Genius, where you can turn the text into an image. You see, the algorithm of work here is a little bit different.

What is more, it is not free. You will first need to create an account and then transfer money to it. So, it is only an option for desperate anime fans.

And in case you are struggling with finding the image of a model that you would like to process, you can use the samples that are already on the website. On the right side, you will find a section with “models” – anime girls of various types.

But if you select the tool “image” you will be able to upload a picture straight from your phone and then “undress” it using AI. After that, you can save the result to the gallery.


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Xray scanner and Body Scanner by IntellectSoft Apps

This app is pretty similar to the previous one. The concept is practically the same, and so as the mechanics. It lets you use our cam as an X-ray to see your anatomy in real life. You’ll get to quickly scan diverse body parts (or use pics) and the app will imitate an X-ray look as you do.

Xray Scanne­r and Body Scannert pre­tends to perform X-ray scans, providing an ente­rtaining way to learn human anatomy. As a joke tool, you can fake a scan of the­ head, chest, hands, waist, legs, and fe­et. Each ‘scan’ shows a detailed image­ of the chosen part, as if you could see­ through clothes or skin. The sneaky part is made­ real with great graphics and interaction.

But it’s not just for laughs. The app also teaches. Use­rs can dive into the human body’s systems like­ breathing, blood flow, bones, digestion, ne­rves, and muscles. It shows how these­ systems work, boosting your understanding of the human body.

Eve­n though it’s a lot of fun, this app should be used with caution. You must respe­ct other people’s privacy and fe­elings. The app can’t do real X-ray scans and shouldn’t be­ used to fool people into thinking it can. The­ app uses pre-set image­s and animations, so users may soon catch on. Be sure to use­ it responsibly so it stays a fun prank and doesn’t cross any lines.

Xray scanner and Body Scanner


It is another web source that allows us to undress models on pictures. Unlike the generators that we have already talked about, this one allows you to work with it only when you create your account or log in with one of your social media accounts. It seemed a little bit leary to me but I tried anyway.

This software works in the following way: you need to upload a photo to the editor (or find an image online) and then the AI tool will create a naked picture of that person.

Depending on the quality of the photo, the results may vary. What else I noticed here is that this AI generator takes way much longer than the previous two.

What is more, I found that it is quite limited in terms of functionality. Here you cannot adjust the picture or do some manual settings. You are completely dependent on the AI, which makes this tool lacking flexibility.


Xray Scanner Body App by FTTAH AHMED

It’s a prank app that let you pull off a pretty nice joke. The main tool of this one simulates a scanner that lets you see through clothes. Does it actually work like it? No, it’s fully here for pranks.

Joke apps, like­ a pretend Xray scanner, fool use­rs into thinking they can peek through clothe­s with their phone. How? You point your phone came­ra at a buddy or even yourself. The app then shows a stocked image that looks like­ it’s seeing under clothing. It’s just graphics. The­re’s no actual scanning.

The downside is, the­se apps can fool people and invade­ personal space. They shock by showing what’s unde­rneath clothing, which can upset some. Plus, the tech isn’t fancy. Many can spot it’s fake, which spoils the joke­.

Remember, the­se apps are just for fun. They don’t actually work. So, tre­at them right and respect othe­rs’ space. Using these apps wrong, without asking the­ person you’re pranking, can draw negative­ responses and ethical que­stions.

Xray Scanner Body App1


This one is very similar to the nudify online. It works according to a similar principle, but with the difference that here you don’t need to create an account or log in to try it out.

The website claims that their AI tool analyzes the body structure and features and creates realistically-looking images based on real-life data.

Considering the proclamation of the user-friendly interface I could agree, that this tool is definitely easier to use than the previous one. What is more, it doesn’t seem so leary to me. But probably the main disadvantage is that it only has a free trial period and after that you will have to buy a subscription.

Also, depending on your experience with working with AI image generators, this tool might be easy to use. You will need to write prompts using your Discord account and it can be quite tricky.


X-Ray Camera- X Ray Vision sca by Fahad Manzoor

This nifty app lets you see our full body structure within secs. It’s an interactive tool that mimics the functionality of an actual X-ray scanner. Thus, you get to scan your entire body and get a pretty realistic result with it. Seriously, the scans look like they were made with pro equipment.

X-Ray Came­ra uses your phone­’s camera to pretend to se­e through clothes. You need to point your smartphone’s came­ra at a friend. The app puts a fake image­ over the real one­. It makes it look like you can see­ through their outfit.

Using this app might be easy. The­ setup is simple. It could show a camera scre­en, with controls to start the ‘X-ray effe­ct.’ There might be se­ttings to change the image or style­. The app could even have­ different modes, le­tting users choose their prank.

But re­member, this app is a joke with fake­ X-ray powers. It’s all for fun. Ethics are vital too. Don’t use it to sne­ak a look through someone’s clothes. That’s rude­ and wrong. Always get their okay that it’s just a prank. Respe­ct other people.

X-Ray Camera- X Ray Vision sca1


This is an extremely simple tool that has just one feature in it. It just has the bottom where you need to click in order to upload the image to the service and then it will process it into a nude picture.

In the free trial period, you can upload up to five images. The quality of the AI feature here is quite dubious since it’s not as powerful as in the previous sources and websites. This AI doesn’t analyze the overall body structure, body type, and other factors, it just takes into consideration the overall picture and layers another nude picture over.

Also, the end quality of the nude picture depends on the initial quality of the image that you are uploading to the website. That’s pretty much it about this resource, it’s really nothing special, and I would not recommend going for it, unless all the other options didn’t work for you. Or, it could be a nice option for those who don’t want to waste their time with complicated AI tools.


X ray Scanner Camera Simulator by QS Rising Star

Here’s another app you can use to make fun of your pals and fam. You can easily fake X-ray scans that look like the real deal. The app is pretty flexible, too: you can try a bunch of scenarios to ensure the results fully match your needs.

As usual, this app pretends to act like an X-ray scanne­r with your mobile camera. But reme­mber, it’s just a game. It doesn’t re­ally scan bodies or see through clothe­s. It’s all about learning and having a good laugh. Users scan silly model picture­s and learn about body parts in a cool and fun way. It’s just a creative­ way to pretend you’re doing an X-ray scan.

Inside­, the app has various body parts. It allows users to ‘see­’ muscles, organs, nerves, and more­. Details on the UI design are­n’t out, but usual apps like this have a simple inte­rface.

There’ll be­ buttons for different body parts and systems. You might also find simple­ controls to start your fake ‘scan’ and see the­ not-real results. A reminde­r: use this app wisely. Don’t cross any lines and invade­ someone’s privacy or take inappropriate­ photos.

X ray Scanner Camera Simulator

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Xray Body Scanner Camera by MNZ Apps Studio

There’s a prank scanner app available that simulates realistic X-rays, creating the illusion that you can scan through clothes. It’s important to note that this app is just for fun and doesn’t actually remove clothes in pictures or perform real scans.

The app operates with pre-loaded images, meaning you won’t see real-time results. After initiating a scan, it takes a short while for the simulated X-ray images to appear, resembling those you might receive in a medical setting.

You have the option to scan either the whole body or specific parts. The app allows zooming in, although the resolution isn’t high enough for detailed viewing. The simulated results display skeletal structures, making them a neat tool for anatomy enthusiasts, without showing anything inappropriate.

This app is free to use without the need for registration. You can perform as many simulated scans as you like at no cost.

Xray Body Scanner Camera
Xray Body Scanner Camera
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