9 Best Apps to See Through Clothes for Android & iOS

If you ever have a feeling entertaining apps can’t go any further, think again. There’s a whole new genre now: apps that let you see through things.

To be more specific, there are apps to see through clothes for Android & iOS, and we’ve picked up the best of them. These apps let you do full-on body scans with little to no effort.

Of course, these are not real scanners, the apps are only made for pranks and entertainment. Some of them even imitate x-rays and you can use them to educate yourself too. Let’s dive in!


Let’s start with an app that is able to make a full-on 3D model of your body. Although, it’s not as simple as you may think, this app only works with a special scanner you need to purchase separately.

You pair the scanner with the app and within a few mins, you get a complete model of your body you can zoom in to see everything in detail. You can rotate it to see from all angles, and the app also shows diverse metrics that can be helpful for those who like to keep an eye on their health.

For instance, you’ll get to see your fat quota, mass, and tons of other stats. It helps a lot if you wanna see how your body changes with time and see if you need to work out more.

Plus, you can compare the results without your previous scans, which is handy. All of them get saved automatically, so you won’t lose any data. The app can even visualize the changes with graphs if needed. Feel free to link it with your other health apps for more in-depth info.


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X-ray Scanner body

The X-ray Scanner body mobile app will help you have a great time and amaze your fam and pals with your abilities. The app is made for entertainment objectives and is not used as a real scanner.

The app is easy and fun to use. Show what you can do by taking your friends by surprise. The innovative program will give your company a lot of unforgettable emotions.

To get the result of scanning, it is enough to get the app, point the phone to the object of research, and press the start. In just a few secs, you will be able to show the result.

The app is absolutely safe. It gives you a chance to have a great time and have fun for free. Suggest this program to your pals or start using it yourself. Select the gender of the model for the best effect.

Amaze your pals with an unremarkable app. People of all ages can use the features of the app. Just start scanning and watch how your participants react.


Body image filtering

This app makes a great prank source. It covers various pre-ade scans o all kinds of bodies so you can get the one that matches your needs.
How it works:

Upload a photo from the gallery or make a new one

Choose one photo from the app’s database

Superimpose the second photo so the body parts match.

Everything is done, now you can share this pic on socials. Yes, it’s that simple, and the whole process takes a few mins at max. No real scanning here, though, so keep that in mind.


Xray Scan Body 

As you may guess by the name, this is a virtual X-ray scanner for you to have fun with. It’s a fun sim tool that generates a pretty realistic X-ray model of your body. It only takes a few taps or you to get cool outcomes, and you can easily share those with your fam or pals.

The mechanics are simple: pick one of the scanning options, point your cam at the subject, and let the app do its magic. The cool thing is, you can alter the app to fully match your needs. You’ll be able to regulate the X-ray for ultimate lifelike results. It runs offline, too, so you can use it at any time.

The app is fully free, and you can do as many scans as you want. It gives you a clear idea of human anatomy, and you won’t feel pressured to learn about all that.

So, is it a real X-ray? No, of course not. No tech can turn your phone into an X-ray, at least not yet. The app is not intended to be used for med guidance or diagnosis. It can still serve as a helpful medical reference or a fun educational source.


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Xray Camera Scanner 

This app is pretty similar to the previous one. The concept is practically the same, and so as the mechanics. It lets you use our cam as an X-ray to see your anatomy in real life. You’ll get to quickly scan diverse body parts (or use pics) and the app will imitate an X-ray look as you do.

It works on all parts individually, so if you’ll want to see how an X-ray of your knee or shoulder looks, this app lets you do that. And of course, it scans right through clothes, too.

The 3D model you end up with looks pretty realistic, and you can use it as a great source of anatomic reference. Hereby, it should be noted that you shouldn’t take this app seriously. It’s not a real X-ray, and it’s not made for any kind of medical diagnosis.

The app is fully here for entertainment. You can use it for pranks or to see what your bones look like. There are pretty much no limits on the number of scans, and you can save them as pics and post them on socials if needed.


Prank Scanner

It’s a prank app that let you pull off a pretty nice joke. The main tool of this one simulates a scanner that lets you see through clothes. Does it actually work like it? No, it’s fully here for pranks.

Plus, the app only works with pre-made pics, so you won’t get to see results in real-time. There’s also an X-ray mode that can turn a pic of your mate into a funny little skeleton. The results look pretty realistic, people can actually mistake them for actual X-rays.

It’s entirely free, and there are no limits on the number of scans you could do. The process is pretty quick, but you don’t get to cater to your needs at any point.

Another thing to keep in mind is you’d better use this app on body parts individually. It may have some glitches if you’ll try to make a full-body X-ray. You can save all the results in HQ without watermarks for further use. There are a couple of other filters you can use to add a little more fun to your shots, but the scanner is the main one.


X-ray Body Scanner 

This nifty app lets you see our full body structure within secs. It’s an interactive tool that mimics the functionality of an actual X-ray scanner. Thus, you get to scan your entire body and get a pretty realistic result with it. Seriously, the scans look like they were made with pro equipment.

The app uses smart algorithms for realistic simulation, and you can spend quite a lot of time exploring your body structure. It’s a great tool if you want to explore your anatomy and learn more about what our bodies look like.

You can use it on any pics, the app has no issues scanning through clothes at all. Above that, you can pick certain parts to scan and zoom the results for a closer look. The app does a great job with details, so you can see everything in a clear view.

It doesn’t serve as an actual X-ray, though. It won’t replace an actual scanner, and it’s not made to help you with a medical diagnosis. At this point, it’s here for all the anatomy-curious individuals and med students, so keep that in mind.


Full Body Scanner 

Here’s another app you can use to make fun of your pals and fam. You can easily fake X-ray scans that look like the real deal. The app is pretty flexible, too: you can try a bunch of scenarios to ensure the results fully match your needs.

The mechanics are simple: first, you need to pick a gender of a subject. Then, you need to specify whether it’s a scan for the front or back of the body and pick a skin tone (this is a pretty odd metric to add, but it’s here). You can also specify body parts if you’re not working with a full-body pic.

All these things are necessary because the app doesn’t actually work as a scanner. But by adding all the metrics, you’ll be able to get lifelike scans that can serve as a solid prank base.

The scans take literal secs to get done, and the app lets you save those pics and send these to your mates. The quality is pretty nice, and there are no watermarks to ruin the exp. There are no hidden fees, too, so you’re not risking anything.


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Girl Body Scanner Prank

Lastly, there’s a prank scanner that makes pretty realistic X-rays. It lets you scan right through clothes, although it won’t actually remove it from the pics. Once again, it’s not a real scanner, it’s just a little sim for you to have fun with.

Plus, the app only works with pre-made pics, so you won’t get results in real-time. Once it’s done, it takes a few secs for the scans to be ready, and they look like real X-rays you would get at the hospital.

You may rather use the app on the full body or certain parts, it’s up to you. You can also zoom in for a closer look, but the quality is not high enough to see everything in detail. The results will show your full body structure, so you can use them as an anatomic reference. That’s right, nothing inappropriate here, just skeletons for anatomy lovers.

The app is free, and no registration is required to use it. You can do as many scans as needed without spending a dime.

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