11 Best Area Calculator Apps for Android & iOS

Not all people always have roulette or even a classic ruler at hand. If this is your situation, then do not worry – there is a solution to this problem.

A lot of Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablets support various applications, which will help you make the right measurements without special devices, like 15 Best Measure Distance Apps for Android & iOS. In this case, almost all modern models have the same built-in tools for such measurements.

Sometimes it happens that you need to know the size of not just your kitchen table or room, but the whole house, plot of land, or even the area in the city. In this case, we also found special services that will be useful for you.

It is worth noting that all of them are effective in the measurement process, but no one will give you a guarantee of perfect accuracy. If you need perfectly accurate figures and results for your work or project, it is better not to rely on the work of the applications.

If for you it does not matter, then we suggest you find out 11 Best Area Calculator Apps for Android & iOS.

Marea – Map Area Calculator

Marea - Map Area CalculatorArchitects, builders, and designers often face the fact that they need to work in open terrain. This is mainly due to new constructions or restoration of buildings. You may also want to build your own house – but for this, you need the exact size of the plot.

To avoid walking down the street on your own, just use the Marea service. It will help you to estimate the area of a certain region, and you will need to set the parameters only with the coordinates on the map.

The Marea service helps you to estimate not only the area of a certain region but also its other parameters, such as distance from a point to a point. You may make measurements in any calculation system – feet, acres, hectares, square meters, and so on.

If you need to save an area, you should purchase a subscription. With this subscription, you can mark all the details on Google Maps, as well as save areas with their names. This is especially useful if your area is not very well visible on the map inside the application.

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Area Calculator by Testskill

Area Calculator by TestskillArea Calculator is one of the most convenient and practical tools for measuring the area of an area. It is easy to understand even intuitively and without having to look at special instructions.

All you need to do to get the data is to find a place on the map and highlight it in the application. All other measurements will be performed by the Area Calculator itself and give you the result.

The application automatically opens Google Maps, in which you will select all objects and areas. You can choose from several geometric shapes, as well as give the opportunity to select points and areas yourself.

In Area Calculator, you can calculate both the area and the perimeter with the map. If you will need to use the data or the drawing of the area itself, just save it to the application under a custom name. Then you can open it through the menu on the left side of the screen, and the data can even be exported as coordinates on the map.

Area Calculator by Testskill1 Area Calculator by Testskill2


Geometry Calculator

Geometry CalculatorDo you need step-by-step calculations and even complete task solutions? Geometry Calculator is ready to provide you with them for each type of shape. With this calculator, you can calculate different parameters for both flat and volumetric shapes.

Students often have problems solving any geometric problems, and such services can help them and their parents. Just write down the solution from the application and no one will even suspect that you did not do it yourself.

In Geometry Calculator you can work with different types of figures and objects – ellipse, ball, cube, cones in different variations, rhombuses, and much more. In general, here you can find everything that is found in the classic problems of geometry.

You can calculate the diameter of the figure, area, mean, volume, and much more. Select a shape from the list in Geometry Calculator and enter the necessary parameters. Each of the parameters will be marked with an ordinary Latin letter, and you will get complete information about the calculated parameters of the shape.

Geometry Calculator1 Geometry Calculator2


GPS Fields Area Measure

GPS Fields Area MeasureAre you a farmer or an agronomist and working with large lands? Sometimes fields and plantations need to be measured so that you can make full use of yield calculations and other details.

GPS Fields Area Measure is an application that allows you to quickly and accurately calculate the area and distance, while you need to bypass all the land you are interested in. The work is carried out using GPS technology, which allows you to know the parameters of fields or plantations in the most accurate way.

Mapping the land is fast – you just need to go from one point to another, and GPS Fields Area Measure will fix everything. When measuring, you will also be able to correct the parameters and dimensions if you think they are wrong or if you know where the error is.

In order for the service to automatically measure distance while driving or walking, simply run the application at the beginning. The convenience of GPS Fields Area Measure is that all your results and measurements you can easily send to colleagues or customers directly from the application.

GPS Fields Area Measure1 GPS Fields Area Measure2

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Measure distance on map. Land

Measure distance on map. LandWe think it’s immediately clear from the name of the service, what exactly you can do here. In Measure distance on a map, you can measure absolutely any area – even if there are no roads or borders.

Buildings, roads, fields, and much more from a bird’s eye view can be measured with a special application. At your disposal, there will be a map on which you will need to add route points, lines of restriction of the terrain, or other details from which you can determine the area or distance.

Measure distance on the map helps travelers to find out what distance they will pass during their hike or trip. On the map are marked the points through which you are going to pass or pass.

You can also use the map to find new interesting ways, which you did not even know before. It is worth noting that in the free version of Measure distance on a map you can mark only 5 points for one route.

If you plan a much longer and more extensive journey, you will need to make a purchase inside the application and use it without restrictions.

Measure distance on map. Land1 Measure distance on map. Land2


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Area Calculator surface area formula

Area Calculator surface area formulaArea Calculator is another handy tool that perfectly measures the area of flat figures. As in the previous application, you will need to know the exact parameters of the desired shape, and the service will automatically perform all calculations for you.

It uses mathematical formulas that find the exact results of the area and perimeter measurements. You don’t want to memorize the formulas? In this case, just use the Area Calculator.

At the very beginning, once you run the application, you will be asked to choose one of the eight presented flat figures. Among them, mainly all the standard, which you can calculate yourself – for example, a rectangle or a square.

However, in the list of Area Calculator there are also more complex shapes, such as a parallelogram or ellipse. So if you regularly calculate areas, volumes, or perimeters of different areas, then this application may be useful for you. You can even take formulas from Area Calculator!

Area Calculator surface area formula1 Area Calculator surface area formula2


Geo Measure Area calculator

Geo Measure Area calculator logoThe Geo Measure Area calculator app offers its users free tools to determine the dimensions of a selected area. It promises to present accurate area calculations thanks to different approaches.

Here, you can do it manually or by using a GPS measurement. Using the first method, you need to select one suitable option from several presented. Then you will see an interactive map on which you need to place the appropriate markers.

You can place several markers at the same time to get more accurate data. Incorrect ones can be removed or their location can be changed. All necessary actions are described in special hints that will appear in the process of using this program.

The method with the use of GPS assumes your physical movement on the ground. First, mark on the map the starting point and press the record button. Then start moving to the place where the terrain you need to measure ends. This way, the app will independently extract all the necessary data based on your location.

Any area calculation can be saved right in the app so you don’t have to go back to the process again. All the data can also be shared with friends and colleagues in any way you like.

Geo Measure Area calculator screen 1 Geo Measure Area calculator screen 2

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All-In-One Calculator

All-In-One CalculatorYou may need the measurement at the most unusual moment. Even if you know the parameters of the shape you need, not everyone can quickly recall the formulas to calculate proportions, volume, area, or perimeter.

In this case, just install the All-In-One Calculator on your smartphone and you will not get into this situation again. This service is a universal calculator, which quickly calculates the necessary details according to your specified parameters.

In the All-In-One Calculator you will find a huge number of units and converters, as well as various calculators that you may need. You can even find scientific calculators that give you the results you need in the smallest detail.

Whether you’re doing research, doing your homework, or just doing renovations, the All-In-One Calculator will give you everything you need. For students and schoolchildren, the application has a convenient function of step-by-step solutions.

They will show you exactly how the calculations were made, by what formulas, and what actions were necessary for this. So your solution will remain detailed even if you use the calculator.

All-In-One Calculator1 All-In-One Calculator2


SketchAndCalc – Area Calculator – Images – Maps

SketchAndCalc - Area Calculator - Images - MapsYou do not have the ability to measure the area parameters? Try to make calculations in the SketchAndCalc application, perhaps this will help you. This service can calculate both the areas from the images you load from your smartphone memory and from your sketches.

Just draw the desired area on the screen and specify its parameters, and SketchAndCalc converts the drawing into a real figure. The application can even scale the dimensions as you need them at a given time.

If you need to know the area or perimeter of a region from a map, SketchAndCalc will help you in this situation as well. The service will give you the image from the satellite, and you just select the desired area by coordinates or drawing its borders.

Drawings and calculations can be performed in several layers – sometimes this is required for builders or architects. You can calculate an unlimited number of times the area and details inside it, and SketchAndCalc will perform absolutely all calculations quickly and easily.

SketchAndCalc - Area Calculator - Images - Maps1 SketchAndCalc - Area Calculator - Images - Maps2


Area Calculator by Aink Studio

Area Calculator by Aink StudioDo you often calculate the area by area size? Area Calculator is a tool that will simplify the process and do half the work for you. In one application, you can calculate the size of fields, their area, perimeter, and other parameters simply by entering their data.

For example, for a standard rectangle, you’ll only need to enter length and width, and you’ll also need to select measurement units – metric or imperial. The computational part of the work is done by the application.

For engineers, builders, or students of technical professions Area Calculator is useful in training and creating their own projects. You will use the application as a computation assistant because this way the whole project will take you much less time.

Area Calculator can work with rectangles, non-standard parallelograms, triangles, and other figures from classic geometry. The main thing is that you know the specified parameters, and the units may be different.

You can also calculate other sides of the figure, knowing only some of the parameters. The interface of Area Calculator is quite simple and even too banal, but this does not make the application less functional.

Area Calculator by Aink Studio1


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Land Area Calculator And Converter

Land Area Calculator And ConverterIndia is one of those countries, which regularly uses different applications for smartphones and develops different services. For this country, there is an application Land Area Calculator, which helps to measure the land of absolutely everyone.

If you are having trouble converting units of measurement, as well as can not always calculate the correct area of the field, the service will help you in just a few clicks.

In order to get the results of calculations, you will need to select the region you are interested in. Next, you will need to select the correct geometrical figure that will correspond to the approximate shape of the field or region.

As a result, you will get different results depending on what you have chosen. By the way, all the calculations are saved in the history of the application, so you can view them at any time or share them. You can also convert units of measure in Land Area Calculator right away to provide results in the format that suits you best.

Land Area Calculator And Converter1 Land Area Calculator And Converter2


In some cases, even the parameters of areas that you just pass by cause interest. For example, you are on a walk with a friend wondering what size this quarter or alley – the answer you can get almost instantly if your smartphone has a special application.

It is always worth remembering that the measurement error is significant only on small surfaces and in small rooms. If you measure an entire house or area, the error will be very small and will not matter to you.

We hope you found this article useful, as we have tried to collect the best measurement tools among the applications at the moment.

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