9 Best Love Calculators by Date of Birth

Having a crush on somebody gives us so much excitement, however, it can also hurt since we may be in doubt and worry about how our crush treats us. Here we have listed the best love calculators by date of birth and gain more confidence about how to interpret one’s behavior. 

Moreover, the fans of various types of predictions will also appreciate our collection of astrology apps to read your birth chart.

Love Calculator

The first one is very simple and is more of a small game to get a precise answer to your question. After you have filled in all the necessary information about you and your crush, you will have the exact percentage of your compatibility.

All you have to know is the name of your crush and one’s date of birth. After that, you will have to complete a small questionnaire about your attitude towards them, what you fell when you meet, etc. It’s hard to say what affects the result more – the answers you give or the actual dates of birth.

The percentage of your match is followed by a small description of your couple according to the so-called Love Guru, the website’s relationship expert. It will give you some advice on how to improve the relationship and some possible predictions whether it will work out or not.

Love Calculator1

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Compatibility by the Pythagorean Square (psychomatrix) by Tragos

This option is way more advanced than the previous one. Again, what you will have to provide is your date of birth and your partner’s, but the algorithm this website uses to calculate love percentage is different from basic options.

Tragos uses the so-called Pythagorean Square, or you may come across the name ‘psychomatrix’ as well. It is one of the most ancient numerological techniques that dates back to the times of Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian priests created a method of characterizing people based on calculating various numbers according to the date of birth. The method was later adapted by Pythagoras, who gave the numbers the harmony of a square.

Now we have a complete psychomatrix, where every number of the square stands for a particular characteristic of a person. To understand your psychomatrix you will have to read the description provided below the actual square.

As for love compatibility based on your square and your partner’s, you should also look through the transcript that will tell you a detailed description of your couple. It takes some time to understand what’s going on, however, it’s way more interesting.

If you want, after you have checked your love forecast, you can also opt for your personal psychomatrix to find out something interesting about yourself.

Compatibility by the Pythagorean Square (psychomatrix) by Tragos1

mPanchang Love Calculator

Another option that provides quite a basic and short report based on the data you fill in. The compatibility of you and your partner or crush is calculated via your names and your dates of birth.

However, though mPanchang Love Calculator doesn’t give you an extensive report that would contemplate on all your couple’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as give some advice on how to improve your relationship, there are some reasons to assume that the calculating technique used in this service is more advanced than the regular one.

Not only you have to fill in the names and the dates of you and your loved one, but also the exact time of birth and the city. The database of cities is quite wide, so it will find even a small town you were born in. If you don’t know the exact time, don’t worry: just press the “I don’t know the time” button.

As you can see, the algorithm of this calculator is closer to the one of natal charts. It is a simplified option for those who want to rely on the stars and at the same time not to spend much time studying how it all works. You just receive your love percentage within seconds.


Love Calculator by Date of Birth by The Calculator

The design of this website doesn’t really resemble a typical love match calculator. The website has a professional and laconic look, so filling in the data may give a feeling of doing an excel research.

On the other hand, it makes it even cooler, since what requires a professional approach and the curiosity of a researcher more than love?

This calculator, provided by The Calculator, the website that has many other interesting calculating services, has some distinctive advantages.

The fields you have to fill in, meaning the date, the month and the year of birth of you and your partner, all give you three different paragraphs of results to contemplate on.

The first section is dedicated to your compatibility based on your dates of birth. Even if it’s not very high according to the algorithm, there’s a friendly reminder that you are the one who makes the rules of your love and your life.

The second point is about the match by the month of birth. It can as well be both high and low, though sometimes there are more ambiguous terms such as “exciting”.

Finally, the last section tells you about your compatibility depending on the gap you have according to the year of birth.

Love Calculator by Date of Birth by The Calculator1


If you feel uncomfortable calculating your love percentage with the help of a website that looks as if you are counting your bills and taxes, you can opt for one of the options that look more conventional, such as this Love Calculator by Date of Birth.

In general, there’s nothing too special about this website. It works perfectly the same way as many others do: you simply fill in your partner’s and your own name, date of birth and wait for a few seconds to see the results. There’s no report about your couple provided, so you will have to think up yourself what “awesome” or “questionable” stands for.

The only remarkable feature we can mention is the design of the website. It is all red, with heartbeats flying around. The cardiogram in the background adds more excitement to the whole process, we mean it.



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Love Compatibility Horoscope

Now we are moving on to some really serious stuff. Remember we have already discussed with you the natal chart technique? Here it is, as serious and complicated as it is.

Just joking, but reading natal charts can be a little bit difficult at first sight. There are too many lines and too many categories to interpret on one’s own, so if you are looking for some easier option that would just show you the exact love percentage, you can consider opting for some other service listed here.

What is a natal chart even? A natal chart, or a birth chart, is a special map based on your date and time of birth. It recreates the look the sky had when you were born.

The creator of the chart lists the positions of major planets and stars in a separate field. This is where you should stop if you are not a professional astrologist.

As for the compatibility, the actual chart will probably tell you nothing since it’s just a number of lines and signs only a professional can read. Luckily, there’s a description below that analyzes the compatibility in your couple regarding the so-called aspects. A detailed description provided will help you understand what stars and planets tell about your couple.

Mind that the characteristics given may not necessarily suit your case. There’s always room for hypothesis, moreover, it all depends more on how you behave in the relationship than it’s initial traits.

Love Compatibility Horoscope1


The promise this website gives at the very beginning is quite ambitious – it says it can calculate the cosmic energy between you and your partner within seconds! Sounds quite mysterious, isn’t it?

Actually, it is quite good with what it says it does. After you have filled your and your partner’s names and dates of birth, the service calculates the overall compatibility and then provides a more extensive report divided in categories of the so-called “cosmic chemistry”. Each category has its own percentage and a small conclusion you can contemplate on.

The categories are Soul Bond, Talk Bond, Love Bond, etc. After each aspect you will have a small button named What To Do. If you click on it, you will get a YouTube link with a video that explains everything in detail.

The whole calculation is based on the position of the planets and their compatibility, so it can also be considered a variation of the natal chart. All in all, this service uses slightly a different calculating technique that is also worth considering.


Relationship Compatibility Report – No Birth Times

Another service that creates a synastry report based on the dates of birth.

While checking compatibility, we often have no idea about the exact time when our partner was born, especially when one is yet our crush only and we are not in a close relationship enough to ask for the details. The date of birth is still an important factor that can reveal a lot of information.

The service calculates the compatibility regarding the Sun and the planets’ position in the sky when you and your partner or crush were born. It doesn’t calculate the influence of the Moon to let you omit the exact birth time.

There’s also the Orb parameter in each aspect that tells you how important it is and how strongly it influences your couple. The smaller the orb is, the more attention you should pay on this aspect. Therefore, if you see the orb numbers from 0 to 4, it means that these sections are felt more intensely than those numbered 5 or 6.

The description this service gives is probably one of the most extensive among the whole websites of the time. It covers a lot of aspects of the relationship and gives a detailed recommendation on how to maintain it. So get yourself a cup of tea and prepare to spend some time to find out what the stars tell you.

Relationship Compatibility Report – No Birth Times1

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LOVE CALCULATOR by Rudra Astrology Center

We are finishing our list with another simple tool that can help you understand more about you and your partner. The only information it requires is your names and your dates of birth.

However, this website requires a registration to achieve the report, which can take quite a time. It uses the email and the password, so it’s a nice option if you have tried basically all the services but still want to have more information and won’t stop until you try all the calculators.

LOVE CALCULATOR by Rudra Astrology Center1
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