Aureal App Review

Aureal is a decentralized podcast platform that rewards content creators and listeners without ads or sponsorships. First of all, we would like to mention that Aureal is not very popular in the market, but it is really worth downloading. Now, let’s find out why this app is so special!

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Due to Aureal, you can create valuable content through interactions with your audience and easily connect with them. But what are the key benefits of this tool?

  • Quickly save and share Aureal Clips from your favorite podcasts
  • Easily monitor the detailed feed for all your activities on one page
  • Check the built-in Hive wallet in your profile and claim rewards at any time you want
  • Leave comments on the podcasts from the player
  • Create or join communities to share and discover amazing podcasts

In addition to the aforesaid, the app allows users to create specific rooms. In these rooms, you can interact with your audience in real-time, schedule live sessions, publish your live sessions and instantly monetize them, and so many other features!

By the way, we were really impressed by the modern app’s design that makes its interface very convenient to navigate. So, we can surely say that there is no need to be very tech-savvy to find out how all the functions work there.

Aureal App2

We have to mention that the developer tries to provide an excellent user experience, therefore the app’s version comes with regular updates. But if you have faced any difficulties while working with this app, you can contact customer service. The customer assistants are very responsive, so you can ask any question you want.

What is more, there are FREE podcast apps on the market – we even made a special article about them!

Summarizing all the points mentioned above, Aureal is full of magnificent features. We have not found any negative feedback about this tool. So, hurry up to try this app – we believe you will not regret!



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