6 Best Battery Charger Alarm Apps for Android & iOS

Everyone has a smartphone. Sometimes we run into one problem. When we need a smartphone, it ends up charging the battery. The phone turns off. You can’t contact the world. We feel unprotected without a phone. But why? How we couldn’t keep track of charging. We will help you! There is a lot of apps that help you control your battery.

These apps are designed to control the charge of the smartphone. They show the charging level and charging time. You will always know how long your smartphone is charging.

You can also save your battery’s life using these best battery saver apps.

Apps will notify you when your phone is fully charged. It saves electricity. You can change the sound of the alert. There is a list of the best battery charge alert app. Try them all or choose only one.

Full Battery & Theft Alarm

This app will probably attract your attention because it is not just a battery charge alarm, but also a theft alarm. This unusual combination makes this software the leader of this list. And that is quite logical, because, let’s be honest the pure function of the full battery charge alarm is a too-small one.

Moreover, if you travel to the countries with high level of pickpockets on the streets (hello, Barcelona) then this Full Battery & Theft Alarm will only be a life-saving bonus. The way how the latter function works is simple: just set up the alarm in case your phone will be plugged off from the charger. The alarm will be extremely loud and will scare away any thief.

Unfortunately, this app is available for Android only. In this category of apps, software for Android devices definitely prevails. What is more, when you put your phone to the charging, the app shows the exact percentage of the battery charge and the time remaining before the battery will be full. The app also shows the temperature outside.


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Charge Alarm

Use this app for any battery level. The app will alert you when your charge is 100%. This is a useful app for your phone. You will always be notified of the status of your battery. You can see at any time how many percent of the battery charge on your phone. It is important to know to avoid disconnecting the phone.

The battery is damaged when you overcharge the phone. You will save electricity. Your bills will be less. You will have more money. If you have one charger and many smartphones, the app will help you charge them faster.

It will alert when the phone is fully charged. You won’t forget about it. You can choose the sound alert. Put something funny. When the smartphone is fully charged, you will hear a funny song.

The app does well its work. You will always be aware of the battery status of your phone. You won’t forget that your phone is charging. This is a great helper for those who forget everything. The app will inform you about the full charge of the battery. You will never forget about your phone! Try the app and you won’t be upset.

App Store

Battery Alarm by Zoran Vujacic

Battery Alarm is a handy Android app that helps you check the battery status of your device. It provides reliable and effective protection against a low battery by alerting you in advance of the need to charge. You can set the charge level at which the app will alert you when you need to connect to charging.

Choose from audible alerts or vibrations, as well as voice notifications. Adjust volume settings or notify your phone to send notifications even when the volume is off. View charging statistics and track any changes or unusual behavior of your battery.

The app works for free and without an internet connection, so you can receive notifications about your battery status even without a network. Set the minimum and maximum battery level at which your smartphone will send notifications.

Here you can also set the appropriate language in which all information about your device’s charging status is broadcast. Check your battery indicators thanks to the handy emojis on the screen. Thanks to them you will be able to evaluate the status of your battery.


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Full Battery Charge Alarm

This app will let you know when your smartphone is fully charged. You will be aware of the state of the battery. You will prevent unnecessary waste of electricity. You will save money. Spend it on yourself. You can customize the alert. Select music and vibration. Create your own alert. It can be what you want it to be. The design of the app is simple. You won’t get confused.

The app will help you turn off the smartphone from charging on time. You can set up alerts or turn them off. Turn on the vibration. So you better hear the alert. You can select the background of the app. Put a fun picture. It can be even your dog. The app is fast. It doesn’t take up much space on the smartphone. It weighs only 2.6 MB.

The app is free. It can help you to control the battery of your smartphone. You can see the charge percentages. This is very important, especially when you have a low charge.

Download the app and you will be prepared for unexpected phone outages. As soon as the smartphone is charged up to 100%, the app will inform you about it. You will save money on electricity!


BatteryFull + (Alarm)

If you love your smartphone, you need this app. It shows the charge level of the battery. You will learn all the condition of your battery. The app notifies its users.

You will hear a special sound when your smartphone is fully charged. This is useful for those who forget everything forever. After downloading the app, you will always know when the smartphone is charged.

Choose your own melody for alerts. Choose a funny song. You will be in a great mood when your smartphone is fully charged. The app shows the distribution of energy on the smartphone. You will find out what app is spending more energy. Maybe it’s time to remove them? Removing them, your battery will last longer.

This app is recommended by many users. It really helps you with the battery. You will fully control it. The design of the app is modern. You will like the dark background. The navigation of the app is simple. You won’t be confused. You no longer need to monitor your battery. The app will alert you when it is fully charged.

App Store

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Battery 100% Alarm

Don’t you have time to monitor your battery? Does your phone is always discharged out of time? Download this app. You can track the condition of your battery anytime and anyplace. The app shows the number of percentages for charging. It is very useful. You will always know when the phone needs to be charged. The phone will never turn off.

Select an alert sound. You can choose anything. Turn on the vibration. You can find out the waste of the battery. The app shows a list of all apps. You will know which app spends more energy. Delete this app. The battery alarm works well. It is a perfect helper for anyone.

The app has been used by more than 1 million people. The interface of the app is nice. There are no ads. Nothing will bother you, You can control your battery with the app. The app will notify you when the smartphone is charged. Download this app and you will become more productive. You can always track the charge of the smartphone.

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