7 Free Wind Direction Apps for Android & iOS

The wind direction info can be useful in a variety of situations. Whether you’re planning an outdoor activity or simply curious about the weather in the area, we know exactly what you need.

Here’s our list of the best free wind direction apps for Android & iOS you could use. These apps feature precise real-time info on wind speed and direction across thousands of locations worldwide. You’ll get up-to-date reports on the wind conditions nearby and get to plan trips ahead of time. Let’s dive in!


To start with, we have an ultimate app for wind monitoring. In fact, it lets you track multiple weather metrics such as waves, clouds, rain, and more. The app offers a detailed animated weather map you can use to track whatever you need. You can switch metrics depending on what you’re interested in. As for the options, there’s a wind map, a rain one, a wave one, and more.

As for the wind map, you’ll get to track direction and speed in different units. And although the map may seem overwhelming at one, you can easily turn off all the metrics you don’t currently need. The app displays both current measurements and long-term forecasts for almost two weeks ahead. You’ll get to mark your fave places to be able to reach the forecast in a few taps.

The app also supports severe weather alerts that are incredibly helpful if you’re planning an outdoor adventure. Speaking of which, it will be incredibly helpful for surfers, sailors, fishing, hiking, and a bunch of other activities. You can also set up notifications for specific wind measurements if needed.


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If you’re looking for a simple yet trustworthy weather source, don’t get past this one. It will keep you updated on the wind conditions nearby, and you can customize it to fully match your preferences. The app runs on over 50K weather stations worldwide, so you can be sure you’re getting accurate info all the time. There are a couple of stations for pro users only, but you can totally do without these.

You can mark several locations to track the wind there and access the info within secs. The forecasts change all the time, and you can view the reports for several days ahead. You’ll get to monitor the direction and speed of the wind and switch between units if needed.

Above that, the app covers tide and wave reports, which are game changers if you’re planning to go fishing or surfing. There are also several in-depth nautical charts for you to use here. You can switch between map modes, and there’s a special one for clouds as well.


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This app is an absolute gem when it comes to forecast visualization. It covers detailed, high-quality maps you can zoom and switch according to the metrics you’re interested in. And don’t get intimidated by the map too quickly, it’s actually pretty intuitive to use, and you won’t need much time figuring out how to use it.

More to that, the app covers over 50 maps for you to switch. There’s a special map for wind, one for pressure, tides, and all that. Plus, there are tons of webcams across the globe, tracking weather conditions 24/7. You’ll actually get to watch over 1K cams live if needed. The app lets you pin the locations and tools you use most to the dashboard for quick access.

Another great tool here is one for weather alerts. The app constantly tracks severe weather conditions, from tornados to storms, so you won’t be caught by surprise by any of those. There are both detailed hourly forecasts and long-term ones for 10 days ahead. You’ll get to monitor the wind speed and direction shifts and get alerts for specific measurements as well.


Digital Anemometer

As you may guess by the name, this app turns your phone into a full-on pocket anemometer. In case you’re not familiar with the tool, an anemometer lets you accurately estimate the wind wherever you are. Helpful, right? You can use it for outdoor trips, hunting, and whatever else is needed.

Of course, your phone is not equipped to work as an anemometer, so the app uses weather info and your GPS data to display a precise wind speed and direction. Yeah, it’s not very useful for planning, but if you want to check the wind movements in a specific place, the app is a treat.

Plus, the app uses your device’s built-in compass to show exactly where the wind comes from. All you need is to rotate the phone till it faces the wind, and the app will do the rest. It will also analyze the wind strength if needed. You’ll get to switch between measurement units and save the records for further use. The app is fully free, and there are not too many ads there.


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Windy Weather Map

That’s a weather radar that will keep you informed of all the significant changes. It comes with a powerful wind tacker and forecast that is easy to understand. There’s a full-on wind map for checking out the movement and speed in real-time as well. Plus, there’s a built-in wind compass and mater that lets you check the conditions in certain locations.

Plus, the app lets you set up win alerts to be aware of all the severe situations. It covers a full-on hurricane forecast as well and offers detailed marine traffic reports if needed. The app even keeps wind archives for the last 10 years. The archives contain the info on the wind, temp, pressure, and all that.

The app covers over 30K spots around the globe, and you can check out any of those with little to no effort. You can also mark your fave spots for outdoor activities to reach real-time weather info and forecast within a few taps. And if you want to check the wind info as quickly as possible, make sure to add widgets to your home screen.



Here’s a handy weather app with accurate up-to-date wind forecasts. It lets you check wind direction, speed, forecast, and more and comes with an easy-to-use interface. The app looks like a map, so you can track the weather changes in real-time.

The visualization part is incredibly satisfying to look at, but it may seem a bit intense at first. Along with wind, the app covers such conditions as tides, waves, swell height, temp, and pressure. You’ll get to specify which measurements you’re interested in and switch the units to match your prefs, too. You may even pick the stations to get info from.

The app offers hourly forecast as well as long-term one that lets you check weather info several days ahead. It’s pretty helpful when it comes to planning outdoor activity sessions. And for all the fishing and boating lovers, there’s a detailed tidal forecast to help you out as well. And don’t forget to set up notifications to be aware of the severe weather conditions.


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Wind Compass

To wrap up, there’s an app that lets you check wind info for your location. In case you don’t want to go outside to check how windy it is, this app is right here to help. It offers detailed forecasts and lets you check wind speed and movement in real time.

Plus, it shows you the exact time of sunrise and sunset if needed. It’s incredibly easy to use: enable location tracking, and you’re ready to go. You’ll get to pick the measurement units for the reading and the declination of the compass as well. The same goes for the temperature display, so you’re all the way covered.

As for the wind direction, you can switch the modes to see where the wind is bowing to or coming from. Along with real-time weather info, the app provides 7-day forecasts for you to use. It even features historical weather data you can check for free. It also lets you adjust the visual theme by changing the background.

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