11 Best Kids Shopping Apps in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Children always need to devote a lot of time and effort, and many parents know how difficult it is sometimes to go shopping with children.

But in such cases, online stores through which you can make purchases for the whole family often come to the rescue, so we present to you a selection of the best kids’ shopping apps. And if you want to buy some garments for your child and yourself, check out our article about the best apps to buy clothes.

Popopie – Kids’ Clothing

Popopie is an app of a popular clothing store for babies and their mothers.

The Popopie app has been running for several years now and has evolved to a huge scale in that time. It is chosen for the quality of clothing, low prices, and a convenient way to buy goods.

In addition to the app, the Popopie store also has an official website. But one of the most important components is the store’s mobile app, which can be downloaded and used on all devices.

To start shopping, you need to go through a simple registration and immediately start choosing new clothes for your kid and for yourself. Because the Popopie store is also known for its designer clothes for moms and their babies.

Delivery of the goods for you will be absolutely free, and if the goods do not suit you, then you can also send it back, while you also do not need to pay for the return. You can return the product within thirty days from the date of purchase. Or, for example, you can exchange it for another.

But you should pay attention to the fact that you can only return a new product that has not yet been in use. And there is a separate category of goods that are non-refundable. For example, swimwear or lingerie, so order carefully and get acquainted with all the nuances.

You can pay for your order using most major credit and debit cards: VISA, and Mastercard. And recently, payment via PayPal became available in the app.

In addition to a large selection of assortment, the Popopie app pleases users with large discounts and sales, which are displayed in a separate tab of the app. For example, after installing the app, a fifteen percent discount on your first order will be available to you.

Order baby clothes in the Popopie app and enjoy online shopping saving time and money.


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PatPat – Kids and Baby Clothing

PatPat – Kids and Baby Clothing is an app store for children’s goods and clothes of popular brands.

The app offers users a wide range of children’s productions, toys, clothes, shoes, accessories, and many other interesting things.

It is worth noting the quality service of the app, as well as the ability to pay for the order after receiving it. But you should pay attention to the fact that the delivery of the goods is paid separately if the amount of the goods is less than $45.

You can pay for your order with a credit card or via PayPal.

The PatPat app is very easy to use for online shopping: you can find everything quickly and easily.

Also in the PatPat app, there is a rapidly developing bonus program and a system of discounts, promotions and etc. For example, the first personal discount will be available to you immediately after installing the app, you will have a fifteen percent discount on your first order in the PatPat app.

You can start shopping online right after a simple and quick registration.

In addition to a wide selection of children’s products, the app has an online chat that brings together many parents from all over the world. Therefore, you can enlist support or find common topics for communication, as well as get interesting and useful tips from other families.

The app has a bright and cute design, so it will be easy for you to find the right product.

In the app, you can find many unique children’s productions that your kid and others will definitely like. Shop on the PatPat app and enjoy online shopping right from your phone.


All Kids Shopping Apps

All Kids Shopping Apps is an app that is a whole network of online stores for children’s productions and many other useful and interesting products.

The All Kids Shopping app brings together more than a hundred online stores and many popular brands.

Before proceeding with online shopping, you need to go through a short registration in the app. While the app focuses on baby productions and stores, you can also purchase some items for yourself as the app has twelve product sections.

For example, you can buy clothes, toys, electronics, books, and even food. The app also has a section with a selection of travel booking websites.

With All Kids Shopping Apps, you can buy fashionable and stylish clothes for yourself and your kid, purchase the necessary stationery for school, and many other interesting things right from the comfort of your home.


Kids Shop

If you do not have the physical ability or time to go shopping, but you need to buy a specific product in the near future, then the Kids Shop app will help you make the necessary purchases quickly, efficiently, and without overpayments.

The app has a large selection of clothes, toys, and children’s products from popular brands and the best manufacturers.

The prices on the Kids Shop app are much cheaper than in regular stores. It should also be noted as a very simple and convenient app that will facilitate the search for the product you need.

Using the app, you can compare prices for a specific product in different stores and choose the one that will be more profitable for you.

The app contains only proven online stores of children’s goods, so you can not be afraid of scammers and be sure of the quality of the goods. Enjoy shopping and choose quality products at a good price in the Kids Shop app.



If you’re looking for an online store where you can shop quickly, cheaply, and securely, then ThredUp is the app for you.

In this app, you can find many different children’s and women’s clothing from the most famous brands for every partiality.

The ThredUp app has a simple interface that is understandable to absolutely every user, so you can start shopping right after installing the app.

In the app, you can easily return the order if it does not suit you. But you should pay attention to the fact that delivery is paid separately if the total amount of the order does not exceed $79.

There are many discounts and bonuses available to you in the app, and you will receive the first discount immediately after installing the ThredUp app.

Also, the ThredUp app pays great attention to the environment, so you can be sure of the quality of the clothes you choose. The ThredUp app allows you and your kid to dress in style, quickly and affordably.


Hibobi – Kids Fashion Online

If you are looking for cute and quality clothes for your kid at affordable prices, then the Hibobi – Kids Fashion Online app is exactly what you need.

In the app, you can buy children’s clothes, toys, and many other interesting things for your kid.

The Hibobi – Kids Fashion Online app has a bright and colorful design that will make your online shopping experience even more enjoyable.

If you shop through the Hibobi app, you will have access to many discounts and special apps. And if the goods did not fit or came with some kind of marriage, then it is possible to return the goods within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the order.

The only thing that many users of the Hibobi – Kids Fashion Online app may find to be a disadvantage is that the delivery of the order can take up to twenty days because the goods will be sent by the manufacturer from Asia.

And sometimes some things are needed quickly and within a few days, so if you need an item within a few days after ordering, then the Hibobi app is not for you.

And if you have any questions about the product you have chosen, you can contact the Hibobi – Kids Fashion Online app support service, which works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It means you will receive an answer instantly.

Order trendy clothes from Asia with the Hibobi – Kids Fashion Online app and dress your kid in style without having to spend a lot of time going to the malls to find good clothes.


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Chic Point

Chic Point is an app for buying children’s and women’s clothing online at affordable prices.

Chic Point is a very convenient and simple application where you can choose beautiful, high-quality, inexpensive clothes for yourself and your child.

All you need to start shopping is to go through a short and quick registration right in the app.

In the Chic Point app, many discounts and bonuses are available to you. And also free shipping on purchases over a certain amount.

You can choose a payment method that is convenient for you since payment by bank cards and through some electronic wallets is available in the app.

The only thing that may seem inconvenient is the long delivery, up to 22 days. Use the Chic Point app and make profitable and high-quality purchases for your kid.



If you have a child whose age ranges from zero to fourteen years old, then you definitely need the FabPik app.

The FabPik app is very simple and easy to use, so you will not have any difficulties finding the right production because all products are very conveniently structured into groups.

There are always a lot of special offers and discounts in the FabPik app, every day and every day a variety of special sales and promotions for a certain category of goods are offered.

In addition to the intuitive interface of the app, many bonuses and discounts, free shipping, and a convenient way to pay for goods should be noted. Shop with FabPik app and save your time and effort.


Shop: All your favorite brands

Shop: All your favorite brands is an app that allows you to shop your favorite branded items for you and your kid.

The app has a large selection of children’s products from the most popular brands and well-known manufacturers.

The app Shop: all your favorite brands have a very convenient and intuitive interface, as well as a colorful and pleasant design. This will allow you to enjoy your online shopping experience.

The main feature of the app is the ability to track your order. This way you will be able to know the exact time when your order will be delivered to you.

Also in the Shop: For all your favorite brands, payment is available after receiving the order, and you can also pay for the order with a credit or debit card and using well-known electronic wallets.

But you can also pay for the goods immediately when placing an order, for this, you just need to make a couple of clicks. Get dressed fast and stylishly while saving time with the Shop: All Your Favorite Brands app.



Mothercare is an app that helps you buy everything you need for your baby and save valuable time and money.

In the Mothercare app, you will find absolutely everything that a child up to fourteen years old needs: clothes, toys, children’s books, or even hygiene products.

The app has a simple and high-quality interface, as well as a very user-friendly design, which allows you to quickly find and view the production.

You can make a purchase in a few simple clicks, and also pay for it in a way convenient for you and at a convenient time for you. For example, in the Mothercare app, it is possible to pay for goods only after receiving an order.

The app also has a system of personal discounts and bonuses, which you can find in your personal account in Mothercare. And new promotions and sales appear every week.

Follow the updates in the Mothercare app, and choose and buy stylish clothes, your favorite cute toys, or educational books without leaving your home. Thanks to the Mothercare app, you will not only get a lot of new and trendy things but also save your time, money, and effort.


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Baby Shop

Baby Shop is an app where you can find many baby products from well-known manufacturers.

You can easily find the products you need in just a couple of clicks because the Baby Shop app has a convenient system for searching and filtering products.

In addition to a simple and user-friendly interface, the program has a colorful and beautiful design that will allow you to enjoy your online shopping in the Baby Shop app.

The card of each product contains detailed information about the material and available sizes. Pay special attention to the size charts because each manufacturer may have different clothing sizes.

You can pay for the selected item with a Visa or Master Card credit card or via PayPal. Choose the payment method that seems more convenient to you.

All products presented in the Baby Shop app are of excellent quality and correspond to the description that is stated on the site. And the prices are lower than in retail stores.

In the Baby Shop app, you can buy trendy baby clothes or products with just a few clicks. Shop for clothes you can’t find in retail stores and spend less time and money shopping.

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