7 Best Lap Timer Apps For Android & iOS

Are you tired of the default timer on your phone? Or maybe it doesn’t have the tools you need for your purpose? Then we recommend you use these best lap timer apps for Android & iOS.

Predominantly they are designed for sports events, where you need to know the time in which a certain lap was completed. If you are a frequent visitor of such events, then try all of these apps or choose the best one. 

If you are into sports, then you may need these best interval timer apps to improve your training experience.

Stopwatch 2

The Stopwatch 2 app is designed primarily to accompany sporting events. It also allows athletes themselves to control the time of the course.

Time control is a necessary condition for achieving high sports results. A program is a reliable tool that allows you to do this.

For the convenience of users, the stopwatch has a large high-quality display. This allows athletes to see digital values immediately and not lose precious seconds.

You can see not only the total time of the course but also the values of its current lap. Check the average lap time and the highest lap time. All of these features will allow you to evaluate your prospects of winning a prize.

If sport is a part of your life, if you are an active participant in sports competitions or if you are engaged in coaching, feel free to download the app. It is really handy and does a great job with the declared function – reliable time control.


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TrackAddict is an app for motorsports. Most of the options are available for free, but there is paid content.

The app has interesting features and a high-quality interface. In fact, you will have in your hands a timer combined with a camera.

The app will be of particular interest to motorsport fans and professionals, their spectators, and coaches. You will see not only the actual time of the lap but also a forecast by time, taking into account speed and current location.

The capabilities of the app allow you to synchronize races, record and analyze data and capture high-quality video. Your cool video is easy to share with friends and interested parties.

Please note, that for the app to work correctly, your device must support GPS and have access to the Internet. All these and other features are already highly appreciated by active users.

Download the app and see for yourself its benefits and high-quality work.



The LapTrophy app is a multifunctional timer. Working on the program does not require registration. It is easy to use and has a great user interface. Athletes on the tracks will especially appreciate it.

The lap timer function allows you not only to control the time of its passage but also to record it. You can analyze the race and identify problem areas of performance. This will allow you to show better results in the next race.

During the race, in real-time, you will be able to get information and voice notifications about the time of a particular lap. This feature works with the help of GPS, which helps to determine your location.

You will also receive an alert when you cross the finish line. Track information is available to users based on your location. You’ll also be able to view themed sports clips and access leaderboards.

Take advantage of all the features in the app to keep track of your time and your sporting achievements. 



RaceChrono is a motorsports app. It comes with a good interface and feature set. Allows not only to measure the time of a particular lap but also to record the figures and analyze them. It also provides support for GPS receivers.

You will be able to synchronize your data with the chart and map. Another useful option is the track library, which has information about most race tracks.

If you use paid content, you get the ability to record video from external and internal video cameras, export video, and access other interesting features.

The capabilities of the app have already been evaluated by more than a hundred thousand users. It is used not only by amateurs but also by professional athletes.

The program is designed not only for motorists. If your mode of transport is a motorcycle or a map, you too will be able to appreciate the features and work of the app.


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LapTrax is an app for auto racing and more. It is a stopwatch and a camera, combined with a lap timer. Designed primarily for athletes.

The app has four operating modes. The camera has the ability to set an automatic mode to record the laps of only one racer. Each driver has a unique color.

The camera also comes with the ability to identify the driver and automatically record exactly his or her laps. Users are also available to record in relation to multiple, defined by color, riders. And the last mode allows you to listen to the race.

The app has a feature that allows you to keep track of the multiple racers you select. Each time an athlete passes the camera, lap times will automatically be provided. There is also the ability to get race summary information, comments, and a beep of the last lap.

There is also the option to set up automatic photos of the rider as he or she passes the camera. The options of the app allow athletes to control the time of the course, and spectators to be more involved in the competitive process. You can use the app not only for auto racing but also for other sporting events.


Stopwatch X

Stopwatch X is an indispensable attribute of any sports competition and training process. The program is free for users, but there is paid content.

It’s simple, with excellent functionality and high accuracy of displayed time. For complete time control, users can see many timers simultaneously – main time, pre-trial time, and target time.

A simple and minimalistic user interface will not distract from the details and get the necessary information. The large size of the buttons and numbers also contributes to this.

If necessary, you will be able to reduce or increase the size. The app has ads. It is located on the screen so as not to distract from the work of the timer. If it bothers you, you can ask for a paid update, and access to it will be stopped.

The app has already been appreciated by more than a million users. Join this impressive team.


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Lap Timer

The Lap Timer app is free for users, without any advertising. It has a large display that shows the current lap time data. The minimalistic design provides users with extra comfort.

You are not distracted by unnecessary details, you see only the digital values. You can control the program using the volume buttons or the keys in the program itself.

Unlike similar apps, this service provides users with the ability to control the time for two adjacent circles, which will be combined with each other. This is relevant in situations where the timer was pressed before the due time.

For the convenience of users, there is an opportunity to save their results to be able to analyze them and monitor the dynamics. You will also be able to view the statistics of the competition.

If your life or profession is connected with sports and you need to keep track of time, download the app and become an active user. It does its job perfectly.

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