9 Best Laundry Service Apps for 2024 (Android & iOS)

If you lack a home washing machine, another day of laundry can be an intolerable pain and your least favorite day. Nowadays, many household issues can be solved by outsourcing. Laundry is among them and you can take advantage of specialized services.

In this review, we have gathered for you the best laundry service apps for 2024. They offer the best level of service in their field.

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If you urgently need to do laundry and you’re looking for a good laundromat, then you should definitely check out the SudShare app.

Here you can order delivery or pickup from $1. It is the largest service from laundromats across the United States. It provides laundry and drying services.

To use the services, you need to register your account in the app. Then you have to place your order and collect your clothes as you wish: wash and dry.

Your laundry is washed and dried in one day if the order was placed before 15:00. Thanks to the service, you can choose the appropriate type of drying for your laundry.

You only need to select it during the order, and employees will perform all in the best way. You will forever forget about the laundry at home, this app will reduce the time and effort for these daily hassles.


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If you have no time to wash your clothes, and they have already accumulated a huge amount, then the app Rinse will be useful for you. You can send your laundry to this service for washing and dry cleaning.

You will not have to waste time doing it yourself, because the specialists will do everything for you. Packed items in bags may be left at the door.

They will pick up an employee of the company after placing an order on the platform. Ready and clean clothes will also be delivered to your door by specialists.

The service provides quality washing and dry cleaning of clothes. All stains and dirt will be removed from the surface of the laundry using the greatest cleaning agents. Each customer’s clothes are washed separately, so there is no risk that they could be mixed up with someone else’s.

You can arrange for delivery without contacting the representatives of the service. You need to choose the time interval from 20:00 to 22:00 during the whole week.



CleanCloud is an app you can go to for cleaning and repairing your laundry or shoes.

The app includes many well-known laundry and dry cleaning places, and you need to click on the one that will be located near you.

Next, you should create your account, and choose a location and a timeframe for the delivery and pickup of your laundry bags. You can choose pickup from your apartment or any other convenient location.

Specialists will accept your order with items and deliver them to the assigned location. You can track the readiness of things for delivery. The items can be delivered to your apartment door or you can pick them up yourself from the place where the laundry or dry cleaning is located.

You can pay for the ordered items through your online account. There you will also receive notifications about the readiness of the order for pickup, the deadline, and the location of the courier with your items.



The Laundryheap app will save you time ironing and washing your clothes and laundry. It gives you access to a selection of laundry and ironing services.

After selecting the options you need, you can arrange for free delivery, which is available 24 hours a day.

You can clean your clothes, take advantage of ironing services, clean large items, and so on.

The service is available in many cities. You need to collect your things in a bag and give it to the courier, who will take them to the laundry.

You will also be able to track the location of the courier and the status of your order.



If you don’t have time to do your own laundry, then you can use the Laundrapp service.

The app lets you choose a time and delivery date for your laundry directly from the dry cleaner.

Laundry and dry-cleaning services are available for all types of clothing, including those with decorative elements.

Through the app, you can make free delivery, and receive notifications about the status of your order and the location of the courier with the items.


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Thanks to the CleanLine app, you have the option of having your items picked up and washed at one of the service points.

You won’t have to clean and wash your clothes of dirt and stains yourself, because the laundry staff will do it for you. The entire order can be placed online without leaving the app.

There are two options for you to deliver things: standard and express. The first method is suitable for those who are ready to receive the order within 24 hours.

The second method is designed for those who want to receive washed items within 6 hours of handing them over.

You will get favorable prices on laundry and dry cleaning services, as well as free delivery to any selected location.



The HappyNest app will save you several times the laundry time. It provides U.S. delivery services to any location you choose.

In addition to a convenient delivery method, you’re also given a choice of laundry services to choose from.

The app also allows you to track the status of your order and the location of the courier with your items.

You will be notified 24 hours in advance of the delivery date of your order. Your laundry will only be washed with the products you choose in the app.

There you can also check the items related to the drying and delivery method of your clothes.



All you need to do is download the Hamperapp app so you’ll never again have to waste time washing and dry-cleaning your clothes.

The service provides delivery, cleaning, and drying of your clothes. You need to register an account and choose the laundry or dry cleaning services you need.

Within two days of dropping off your laundry, you can get it back with a delivery service. Hamperapp also provides it. You can wash your laundry throughout the week.


The schedule allows you to contact the service from 8:00 to 22:00 daily. The favorable cost of laundry cleaning will allow you to save money and time. Just download the app and select the services you need.


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The Laundrish app will allow you to drop off your items at laundries and dry cleaners, where they will be cleaned with quality and reliable products.

Delivery and pickup service is available all week long. There is also a 100% guarantee that you can repeat the wash if you don’t like the result after the first time.

You can write to the customer support chat within 24 hours to clear all the information you are interested in.

Also, every customer can track the status of their order through a handy app. There are available prices and rates for the services you choose.

Delivery is made within twenty-four hours after the clothes are delivered to the laundry or dry cleaner.

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