9 Best Bracket Creator Apps for Android & iOS

Any competition, tournament or even just a sporting event is accompanied by a match schedule. It can be a chess game between two players, a football match between two teams or a championship in which many teams take part.

During the full organization of the event, managers ask themselves the question: how best to organize the pairs themselves for the competition?

In such situations, special applications come to the rescue. Bracket creator apps will do this work for you: it will be enough to drive all the participants of the competition and the applications will distribute the pairs themselves.

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We have found for you not only such applications but also those in which you can do something other than the usual drawing up of schemes. So, we present to you the 9 best bracket creator apps for iOS and Android.

ESPN Tournament Challenge

espn tournThis application is indeed one of the best among Bracker creator apps on the AppStore. Here you can compete with your friends and even ESPN celebrities, watch the competition among the best tables and gain real fame among fans.

You can create up to 25 brackets, which will be divided into 10 categories. In each of them, there is a possibility to fight with real opponents and fight for a real prize.

Speaking of the prize: even though the application is free, you can win a real trip to Hawaii or even tickets to tournaments. Detailed information about each match is available to help you think through your strategy in the future.

Your bracket is filled in manually or generated by the application – but you can also import your bracket. Sorting the best players by points and you can immediately see who has already left the competition.

You can get full information about each match or battle of the tour and even a video about each game. Once you have all the data, you can make a conscious and wise choice. As soon as the games begin, start following the events and conclude how the players might have affected your performance.

espn tourn1 espn tourn2


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Bracket World

bracket1Bracket world is an app for creating, sharing, and playing tournament brackets. This application is perfect for people who are interested in strategic schemes and like to compete with others.

A great example of how to show your competitiveness is multi-country tournaments where you can play against the whole world.

The first time you enter Bracket world, you will need to register. You will be provided with access to a description of the entire program, which can be found by scrolling down the entry page.

On the home screen, there will be such sections as Brackets Joined and Brackets Created. To construct a bracket you will need to press the corresponding button on the left bottom corner.

During the whole creation process, you will be provided with hints on what to do and how to do it. You will be able to independently add your teammates to the group, edit, create and move slots. Remember to always save your actions before moving to the next step.


googleplay appstore

League App & Tournament Maker

leveradeYou can also find this application called LEVERADE. Here you can take a fresh look at how to organize your league or even a championship, as well as find new goals for your work. The application was created to allow novice managers to organize their events right on their smartphones.

All the possibilities that the Internet can offer you are presented in LEVERADE. Here, in addition to the standard brackets, you can create a playoff, a mixed competition system or something completely new.

There are plenty of possibilities only on your smartphone. In your profile, you act like an organizer and can manage yard leagues or even friendly leagues.

By the way, the number of participants is not limited: the tournament editing mode is available at any time of the games. Full control over statistics and team data – you have access to their profiles.

Tournament tables can be synchronized with other devices or via the Internet. You, as the organizer, will manage your refereeing staff and tools to regulate the game, and your brackets will be shown to all people who are interested in the league.

leverade1 leverade2


NCAA March Madness Live

ncaaThe NCAA March Madness Live was created for real basketball fans who want to keep track of what’s going on in the game in real-time.

In addition to being able to watch all the games live, you can also participate in the Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge, as well as view analytics and commentary.

Yes, you may have realized that the NCAA March Madness Live does not offer you the option of creating your schemes, but here you can see an example of the great work of the organizers.

The app includes brackets for the competitions, which are constantly updated and notify you of the results. In addition to the results, you will learn about all overtime games and all the news of the selected teams.

Here you can watch the games online with other fans. Direct inclusions in each match allow you to feel inside of all the events. During the game itself, you will be able to check brackets and compare these data with your records.

You can fill in brackets yourself and play together with your friends and acquaintances, without going deep into the knowledge and without making it difficult.

ncaa1 ncaa2


Tournament & league manager: brackets, schedules

tournamet and leagfue managerThe title immediately reflects the essence of what the application does. Tournament & league manager will become a real manager for sports competitions while giving you the role of manager.

You will be able to save your time and resources by using a special application to create the tournament layout. With this approach, you can even increase the revenue stream from sponsors!

Tournament & league manager will create a schedule, tables, and ratings for you online, as well as help you to keep up to date with the fans and the family of the participants.

This way the coverage can be higher and your goals and the course of the tournament will be preserved. The results of each match are also recorded – you will be able to track the games you have ever played in. You can also use the application as a fan and keep track of your favorite players.

As a manager, you will manage the team registration, communication between fans, and never miss the highlights of the game. Automatically calculate the team rating, placing the teams in their places.
You will be surprised that the attendance of such a well-organized tournament will become higher!

tournamet and leagfue manager1 tournamet and leagfue manager2


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Challenge Place: Tournament and Bracket Manager

challenge1Challenge Place: Tournament and Bracket Manager is a unique manager created especially for those who are fond of the world of big sports, table games, and virtual games. It will perfectly suit people who want to feel like professional organizers of various tournaments.

When you first run the program, the registration menu will appear. There you can log in anonymously or register your account.

You can create your tournaments in just thirty seconds with any parameters you want. The choice variates itself from the Group stage, Series, Elimination, or Knockout tournaments (it’s up to you what to select).

You can create tournaments for basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, chess, and many other real sports disciplines! Everything is fast and automated: scheduling, rankings, statistics …

Add your events to your matches and install any team logos of your choice! You can also update your tournaments even without an internet connection, which will save you a lot of time and nerves.

It is advised to weigh every decision you make and keep a close eye on what is happening on the screen. The developers call you to show the world all your skills and talents!



My Bracket: Tournament Manager

my bracketIf you’re tired of drawing up diagrams manually, recording and thinking through each step yourself, then we recommend you try My Bracket. The app will become your competition pocket manager and personal assistant.

If you’re passionate about creating your tournaments and want to keep people up to date on what’s going on in real-time, it’s a great way to work.

My Bracket won’t keep you busy with a lot of features, yet you can easily manage it. The app allows the administrator to manage the competition process on the fly without having to break away from the game itself.

All your tournaments are easily tracked in one place and all the results can be easily shared with friends. It’s worth noting that My Bracket is divided into a paid and free version.

The free version only allows you to create brackets for up to 8 teams, with all the features available to you. To plan larger tournaments, you will need to unlock the PRO version.
If you need to make changes to team names or even change locations, you can do so right in the process.

my bracket1 my bracket2



Bracket Maker Pro

bracket maker proIf you have no more than 64 teams or participants in your tournament, you can easily use Bracket Maker Pro to create a bracket grid. The app does a great job and can easily create brackets for any type of competition.

In addition to the standard draw, you can use more complex combinations, such as single elimination, double elimination, and multiple team losses.

The use of different knockout schemes is achieved due to the fact that you put up the brackets of the losers and the number of players.

You choose the game mode, in that you can set up qualifying tournaments or real competitions. Even if you have an odd number of teams in your tournament, you can still enter BYE for additional team fields.

You will be able to do the whole building even when you don’t understand how such applications work. All account updates and battle dynamics are done in real-time.

By the way, all tournaments can be saved, and even photos from the scene can be attached to the results table. Upload your results to your social networks and remember pleasant moments with your friends.

bracket maker pro1 bracket maker pro2


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Brackelope: Tournament Builder

brackelopeBrackelope is a great tool for organizers of tournaments and competitions. It allows you to organize, create, run tournaments and battles for any kind of competition.

You can even manage multiple arenas simultaneously – for example, watching paintball or darts play simultaneously. And you’ll know what’s going on everywhere – you balance between players while keeping track of statistics.

Using Brackelope, you won’t face the problem of confusion in the statistics of victories and defeats of teams and players. Up to 128 players or teams are supported in the application and Brackelope will generate matches between them.

For each team, you can easily find the possible variants of battles, as well as easily remove it from the competition.

Please note that in Brackelope it is possible to publish results directly in real-time. To do this, there is a service Brackelope Live, which monitors the statistics of all your competitions. Save points and take into account even the outcome of the “Draw” with Brackelope.

brackelope1 brackelope2


If you previously thought that the work of the organizers is simple and does not have any problems, then we think that you have already changed your mind.

These applications can be useful not only for sports competitions but also for regular events that require serious organization. You just have to choose the application that you like most by design and install it on your smartphone. At the right moment, you just need to launch the application and use it.

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