15 Best Universal Remote Apps for Android & iOS

Sometimes we are lazy. Sometimes we are very tired. We are so lazy to get up from the couch and go for the remote. What should we do? Download the universal remote app. It will save you time.

You can continue to lie on the couch. Just take the phone, open the app, and click on the button. You can switch the channel on the TV or turn off the air conditioner. Your life will become easier.

Apps work fast. You don’t need an internet connection. You can control different devices. If your remote is broken, these apps will help you. Don’t buy a new remote.

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The app has all the functions of the remote. Turn down and turn up the volume. Turn off the sound. Flip through channels. This is your dream. There is a list of universal remote apps. Try them all or choose only one.

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control

You can control any device in your home. This app will allow you to manage everything. Do you need to turn off the air conditioner? It is done. Do you want to switch the channel? It is done. Do you want to play music? It is done. The app will allow you to become the king or queen of devices. This is a powerful app. It works fast. It is easy to use.

The app is popular. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The app can control more than a million devices of different brands. It remembers your devices.

You can even control Alexa. Set the necessary commands. The app will automatically execute them. The app notifies you. You can control devices without going into the app. It is very convenient. Try this!

AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control AnyMote Universal Remote + WiFi Smart Home Control


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SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

The main feature of the app is voice control. You can just say the command. The app will execute it. You don’t even need to touch the phone. You will save a lot of time.

You can make your barn house easier. Manage all devices in one app. Try this app. You will not regret it. It is also a music player. The app has many features. It is important to automate your actions.

The app has been used by more than 10 million people. It helps them control any devices. If you have any questions, please contact support. You will get an answer immediately.

The app supports thousands of different devices of any brand. Don’t be afraid that it will not be able to control your TV. It can do anything! The app is asking for your permission. This is important for privacy.

SURE - Smart Home and TV Universal Remote SURE - Smart Home and TV Universal Remote


URC Mobile

You can control your electronics at home. Control the lights, TV and other appliances. The app works as a remote. You can also use it as a music player. It is very convenient. All useful functions are in one app.

See the weather forecast. You can control the temperature in your home. And also monitor the humidity. Adjust the brightness of the light. Dim it to create a romantic atmosphere.

The app works only with the Internet. But it’s not a problem. Everyone has the internet. Control the music. Increase or decrease the volume. Do disco. The app is fast.

You won’t regret downloading it. This is a smart remote. Use voice control. Control the devices without getting up from the couch. It will simplify your life. The app has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times.

URC Mobile URC Mobile


URC Total Control 2.0 Mobile

This app is a total remote control for your home. You can control all your devices in one app. It’s comfortable. Turn off the lights. Turn on the TV. You no longer need to go anywhere.

You will save a lot of time. Just stay where you are. All you need is your smartphone and this app. You won’t be able to stop using it. The app requires a Wi-Fi connection. It works very fast.

This is a professional app to work with your home devices. Automate your home. Manage your security system. You will get full control over your home.

Your guests will be surprised. Adjust the brightness of the light. You can quickly manage everything. You can use the app as a music player. Turn on your favorite song! Any household chores run quickly.

URC Total Control 2.0 Mobile URC Total Control 2.0 Mobile


CC Control Mobile

This is a universal remote. Increase or decrease the sound of the TV. Control the radio. You can completely turn off the sound. Use the app as a remote control for all your TVs.

It is very simple. You can select your favorite TV channels and add them to your Favorites. You won’t need to waste time flipping through the channels. They will be on hand. It is very convenient. Control of the house has never been so easy.

The app doesn’t take up much space on your phone. Control your light. Do you like to read before bed? You lay down under a warm blanket and read. You are so lazy to get up to turn off the light.

Use this wonderful app and go to bed. Write channel numbers. You can quickly switch them. Control TV has never been so fast. You don’t need to buy batteries. Just charge the phone.

CC Control Mobile CC Control Mobile


Universal TV Remote Control

This is an innovative home management technology. This is a smart remote. You can manage anything. Control the lights, televisions, radio sets, music players, and other devices in your home. The app supports a lot of brands. Use voice control to make your actions faster. If you lost your remote, don’t be upset. This app will help you.

The app has been downloaded more than 50 million times. You will no longer scold your children for breaking the remote. You will always have access to the remote control. All useful actions in one app. The design of the app is very convenient. Modern background and elegant buttons. Try this app. You won’t regret it!

Universal TV Remote Control Universal TV Remote Control


Universal Remote for All TV

Are you tired of buying a new remote? It is a waste of money. Download the remote control app to your smartphone. You can control all the TVs in your home. The app supports all brands.

It will definitely suit you. Increase or decrease the volume. Turn off the sound. It is a mute mode. Switch any channels. Add channels to your favorite list. Everything is possible!

The app has been used by more than 1 million people. The interface of the app is like a remote. You will see all the buttons such as on the remote. You can choose a new style of the remote. Personalize it. Your life will become easier with this app. Control all the TVs in your home. Only one click is needed. Play music via Wi-Fi.

Universal Remote for All TV


Universal Remote Control Free

You can control any devices of your home. Turn on the DVD player and watch movies. Turn on the projector. This is useful at the university.

Turn on or turn off the TV set. You don’t need to get out of bed. Manage your music player. Turn up the volume when your favorite song is playing! Control game consoles. IT is easy to control everything. Just one click.

It is a perfect remote for any device. You can it anywhere ay home. The app doesn’t need an Internet connection. It works fast. The design of the application is like a real remote control.

Use the touch screen of your smartphone. You can easily learn to use it. It has been downloaded more than 1 million times! Try it and you will be convinced of the effectiveness.

Universal Remote Control Free Universal Remote Control Free


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Universal Remote Control

This simple app will help you manage your home electronics. It supports all brands and devices. Don’t worry about inconsistencies. The app will save your life. Sometimes we lose or break the remote.

We don’t know what to do. Download this remote app. Electronic control will be your favorite hobby. It is easy to use. Just open the app and you will see the remote.

Set up the remote to control your TV. The app will remember your devices. You just need to open the app. Switch channels. Increase the volume.

The app has been installed more than 1 million times. The design of the app is simple. It is like a real remote. Grey background and black buttons. You will like the app. It will save you time and make life easier.

Universal Remote Control Universal Remote Control


Universal TV Remote

Controlling your devices has never been so easy. All you need is this app. Connect the app to all the TVs in your house. You can manage them without getting up from the couch.

Just open the app and click on the desired buttons. Change the volume. Switch channels. You will save time and money. You no longer need to buy batteries. Charge your smartphone. The remote app will work forever.

Have you arrived at the hotel and cannot find the TV remote control? Use this app. It works fast. The design of the app is like a real remote control. The app will ask for data permission. This increases the security of using the app. The app is popular. It has been used by more than  1 million people. Try it. Your life will never be the same.

Universal TV Remote Universal TV Remote


Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote

The design of the app is modern. White background and white buttons. You will be pleased to use it. The app supports many brands. Control any devices. You can set the alarm.

You can find the weather forecast outside. Look at the temperature of the room. The app is easy to use. Manage the electricity in your smart home. You can turn off the power.

The application has many useful features. You can try them all. This is a remote control in your pocket. All in one app. You don’t need to buy thousands of remotes. TV remote looks like a real one. The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. Everyone likes it. It makes life easier. You will be happy to have this remote.

Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote


Roku Remote Control: RoByte

For those who have a smart TV and loves watching Netflix, Amazon Videos, Disney+, and other streaming services, there is a specified remote control app – RoByte. This app is also convertible into a widget.

The controller itself is quite simple but in the main menu, you will be seeing the list of the streaming services and channels with the ability to switch on the in a second. There is also a separate search bar where you can, for instance, type the name of a certain episode, and the app will find it in the database for you.



Mi Remote controller

Remote control apps can be different. Some of them look like they are created for controlling the UFO airship, and some of them are more simple with fewer functions. Here it is fair enough to claim that the abundance of unique and elaborate features doesn’t guarantee the success of the an app like that.

Not all people are able and want to handle the complex setting and try not to get lost in dozens of buttons (especially the older generation). That’s why an app like MI Remote controller is a perfect option for them.

It includes all the necessary features of a remote control app – but in the same time, it has a very clear and user-friendly interface where you can easily orientate and understand the meaning of each button.




For those who are looking for a more elaborate universal control app, there is the coolest choice called “MyURemote”. This app basically turns your phone into the physical remote control with the detailed functions and aspects. The number of systems and devices that it supports is truly wide.

MyURemote comes with a great set of features designed to make your Audio Video setup as user-friendly as possible. The best feature of this app is its possibilities for customization – you can set up the remote control on your PC and upload the settings onto the app.

Thus, you will get the type of the remote control that fits your specific needs. The drawback of MyURemote and the reason why it is placed so low on this list is this is the only remote control app here that is not free.




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Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast

Nowadays, there are tons of remote control apps on the market and the developers can’t just produce “another remote control app” that has two functions – on and off. An app like this just wouldn’t survive on the market.
That’s why today we can find the most unusual tv remote apps, which are compatible with thousands of devices, with the satellite signal functions and many more. The only thing, of course, your phone should have an infrared sensor for that.
Here we have another multi-functional remote control app for the most various devices you can imagine. It can work by the voice commands, it can work form a smartphone or a tablet, depending on what you prefer. Here you will also find the DashClock extensions.
One more really prominent feature of Yatse is it allows to affect the search on the devices controlled right in the app. You can just find the search function in the menu and type in the name of the file that you need to find. Even if the device doesn’t have that feature naturally, you can do that by simply using your remote control app.
Yatse also has multiple plugins for SMS, call, and notification forwarding or starting Kodi remotely. Here you can send media from YouTube or browser to Kodi or other players. The app can also be converted into a widget. In other words, this is a super multi-functional software that is more than just a remote control app.


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