7 Best Frogger Games for Android & iOS

What do you usually do to pass time on the road or just take yourself? We are confident that most of you often entertain themselves with mobile games.

In this article we will present you seven best frogger games. By the way, in case you like easy ad funny games, we also recommend checking our article about the hyper casual games.

Frog puzzle

 Frog puzzle – thousands of logical puzzles that will allow you to relax and take your brain at the same time.

What is the essence of the game? You play for a small frog, which you need to get to the target, solve the chain of puzzles. The game is created for people who relax during solving logical tasks.

 Game Concept:

  • Before the game, you will open an empty field with cells in the form of pebbles. Your task is to finish the puzzle.
  • You manage a frog. In order to get to the target (red platform on the field) you need to instruct the frog – program each platform for the right action (step to side, jump and so on)
  • After you gave instructions and posted the required number of platforms, click the Start button. If you really calculated everything – the frog will come to the goal, and you successfully solved the puzzle!

In the game you can create your own puzzles and share them with friends. For a fee, you can purchase a frog color or tips to pass the game.

If you do not have a desire to pay for tips, but you can’t pass the level – you can view the advertisement. For watching advertising, you will be given free tips.

Frog Puzzle1

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Hello Froggy!

Hello Froggy! – Casual game with cute graphics. Help a little frog to explore the world rising.

Hello Froggy game! This is a casual arcade in which you will need to control the frog with the tilt of your smartphone. You have to help the frog climb the very top.

The goal of the game is to help the frog climb on the top of the platforms of the leaf or water lily. The game has both simple platforms and platforms with special features (acceleration, flight and so on)

Let’s talk about the benefits of the game:

  • The game is quite simple control – all control is carried out by the tilt of the phone. Therefore, the game will suit, both at all young chairs and older users.
  • Fascinating gameplay. In the course of the game and your promotion, the task will be complicated, but at the same time you will have more features – you will have a special feature platform, using which you can easily pass the level.
  • Variety of games. You will not meet a single level similar to another, each level of the game is unique and different from the previous ones.
  • Cute and pleasant graphics. The game is made in pleasant gentle colors and uses a mile cartoon style rice. They say who some frogs even have their own special dances.
Hello Froggy!1

Lulu Home Garden

Lulu Home Garden is a fascinating colorful mobile game in which you have the opportunity to create your own garden.

The Lulu Frog has its own garden, you can help the frog with the design and development of her little green world. By downloading the game, you can create your own greenhouse in the style of Goblincore.

There are several locations in the game:

  • Greenhouse. Here you can grow plants (both ordinary flowers and very unique types of flora). Thanks to the greenhouse, you can assemble your own book-herbarium. A funny frog lives in the greenhouse by name Bart.
  • Greenery . The greenery is a real home frog; these green creatures will visit your greenery to admire the beautiful flowers. Do not forget to visit the greenhouse to water the flowers on time!
  • Coffee shop. Cozy and warm location on which the frogs will sometimes get willed, be quite friendly and treating green kids with a cup of fragrant coffee.
  • Lulu’s house. Sometimes the frog Lulu is so keen on his garden, which does not have time to restore order in his house. Help her go into order.
  • Flower shop. Imagine, you can open your own flower shop! Grow your favorite flowers and make lush bouquets to your taste.

The main functionality of the game is free. Details of the interior, decor and other items you buy for the internal currency of the game, but some elements of the game (for example, an increase in income) you can purchase separately for real money.

Lulu Home Garden1

Tap The Frog

Tap The Frog is not just a mobile game, but a whole collection of exciting a variety of mini games with frogs.

Tap The Frog is remarkable in that a whole collection of mini games with a fascinating plot fits in such a small app. Push on the frog and see what she can!

This app includes twenty-eight mini games. If you are bored play with frogs alone – you can enable multiplayer mode and play with friends or family.

For the successful passage of the level or the implementation of a particular action, you are given funny «titles» that you can share in our social networks and hang friends.

By downloading the game Tap The Frog, you can send a frog on a journey through space or on a romantic date, and maybe you want to roll it on a skate, play a ball or solve a puzzle?

Thanks to a wide range of mini-game capabilities, you will never be boring for sure, the green frog team will scratch your pastime.

Tap the Frog 1

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Frogger in Toy Town

Frogger In Toy Town – A small frog hit the world of slot machines. Help her go through all the locations and play mini games together with a frog.

Huge bright screens, glowing buttons, falling objects – the world of slot machines is full of adventure and dangers for a small frog. In this game, the Arcade you need to help the frog in her adventures.

Frogger in Toy Town is a continuation of the famous frog story named Frogeger. She and her frog friends got into a big city and they would not cope without your help.

We will tell you about controlling the game and its functionality:

  • The game in the game is quite simple. Everything is carried out due to the touch of your smartphone or shocking the screen.
  • You can play both in the portrait and landscape layout.
  • The virtual world of the game is incredibly colorful and realistic – you will never be boring to travel.
  • To develop your character and transition to the next level (location), you need to carry out instructions and various game missions.
  • Do not like to play alone? Not trouble! The game has a function of a cooperative regime – so you can safely enjoy the game with your friends.
Frogger in Toy Town 1

Frogger and ruins

Frogger and ruins– a colorful game with realistic graphics about a tricky frog travel in abandoned ruins. Will you be smart enough and lean to solve all levels?

Frogger and ruins – Continuation of the fascinating story about Frog , named Frogger. Now our frog fell into dense jungle with real ruins. Without your help, he can’t cope.

Concept and control of the game:

  • As before, you see the world through the eyes of a small frog traveler and you have to spend it through many locations, and also help solve a row of puzzles.
  •  Pressing on the screen or shifting it, you have to hold a baby of the frogger through the ruins and dangerous jungle
  • In the game you are waiting for more than 100 levels on colorful locations, but do not forget about caution! Everywhere you lie traps and enemies
  • At the end of the game, you are waiting for a serious fight with the main boss if you can defeat the villain and get the treasures of mysterious ruins?

Treasures Ruins, ancient riddles and secrets are already waiting for you! Take away from ordinary affairs and plunge into the world of adventure with a frog!

Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins1

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Frogger Retro Time

Frogger Retro Time – Arcade game, where you have to help a small frog go home, overcoming a dangerous bar of obstacles. The tiny frog was so fascinated with her walk that he did not notice how far she rode from her swamp.

She needs to go home as soon as possible. Return home prevents a whole bar of obstacles – a lively track, a river, the city at a rush hour, which she is unlikely to be able to overcome themselves. Will you get her home?

A little more about the management and features of the game Frogger Retro Time:

  • Management in the game is extremely simple and carried out through the control buttons displayed (arrow with directions)
  • Way to the right moment, so that the frog could safely cross the strip and direct it to the target using the arrow buttons.
  • Earn glasses and game coins to be able to purchase special features.
  • The game has a pleasant musical accompaniment
  • You are expected twenty levels of play with different levels of difficulty.

Especially the game will have to do with adult users – graphics from 1981 will help you to plunge back into your youth or childhood, allowing you to give you nostalgia.

Frogger Retro Time 1
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