25 Best Free Offline Android Games 2018

If you and your Android device are where there is no Internet connection, in order not to feel cut off from the rest of the world – here are the best offline games for Android 2018.

We have compiled a list of the best games for Android to help you navigate among the plethora of their names on the Play Store. Join us to explore games of different genres, because we will tell you about all the best games of this year. So, let’s go!

Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem Major Mayhem is the newest shooter from Adult Swim Games. This guy likes to shoot very much, so help Major Mayhem.

Your task is to save the lovely girl from the bad guys and the whole world as well. You are offered a huge range of weapons and tools to achieve the goal. There are 45 exciting levels, 4 game modes, 100 achievements, and 150 mini-missions. Are you interested? In general, you will not have to miss. The game has 3 scenic locations (the tropics, the Metropolis, and the desert) full of crazy monsters. In your arsenal, there are 20 unique weapons and 42 suits and, of course, hats. Do not delay! You can start right now.

Major Mayhem app

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Swamp Attack

Swamp AttackOn the outskirts of a dense forest, an old hut, covered with greenery. There, a hunter, a woodcutter and just a good-natured hero of the original arcade Swamp Attack lives. Dozens of years any animals haven’t been there, but now there are a plenty of guests – mostly marsh crocodiles, beavers in helmets and flying birds. And the hero would not pay attention to the guests. But the animals are aggressive and the house of the protagonist will be destroyed if the user does not want to download the Swamp Attack to Android and will not go to the rescue!

The game world is divided into seventy-eight levels, included in four episodes. In addition, in Swamp Attack for Android, there is a mode of a fast game for having lightning-fast fighting. At each level, players need to protect the house in any way, using different types of weapons and explosives. Control is reduced to pressing only a few buttons – for shooting at monsters and for using additional items. For the passage of the level, players will receive the coins. They are necessary for pumping the weapons or buying a new one. Victory is not far off!

Swamp Attack app

Cooking Fever

Cooking FeverGames of the genre “Time Management” are so pleasant. It is fun and interesting to develop a provincial café to the level of a restaurant or a small eatery – to a large concern. It is necessary to make improvements, discover additional ingredients and bonuses for customers, and also train abilities. Novelty Cooking Fever for Android demonstrates the perfect work of the cook, waiter, the owner of the cafe and the restorer-designer.

Levels and control. A picturesque city of Cooking Fever meets players in iridescent colors – smiling visitors, friendly training, simplified requirements on levels. The situation, of course, will become more complicated, and the pleasant location will be the same. You will support the mood of customers and get tips if orders are quick and unmistakable. Managing the cooking process is difficult. Something is roasting all the time, the kettle is boiling, there are not enough ingredients… It is necessary to press correctly and quickly. Customers don’t like to wait!

Achievements and goals. The main goal of the players is to make the visitors satisfied. If the task is completed, then start to close all levels at the highest quality. Further – a complete restoration of cafes and kitchen. Download Cooking Fever for Android right now, open a business. Customers are already waiting!

Cooking Fever app

Inotia 4

Inotia 4 Inotia 4 is a gloomy legend about a fearless hero who decided to crush the army of darkness and return calm to the destroyed cities. Events begin from generating of characters. It is allowed to choose the appearance, and at the same time determine the class of the future champion. After you start, a series of story notifications, videos and dialogues begin. In principle, it is quite interesting to study the fantastic universe, the details come up constantly!

Gameplay. Battles in the Inotia 4 game for Android are similar to real. You’ll have to carefully build a strategy and to choose different actions in the right order. At the same time, the chance of a mistake is great enough – because of the disabled tactical pause, it is not possible to make decisions on time. All enemies perfectly represent the alternative Middle Ages – knights, princesses, well-equipped fighters of darkness. In general, the atmosphere turned out plausible and attractive.

Development and skills. After a victory, held in different parts of the universe, you can return to your native city, change outfit, learn a few skills and choose a new test. Be sure to invite friends to download Inotia 4 to Android – the project is worth attention!

Inotia 4 app

Real Football

Real Football Real Football is a classic football arcade with decent graphics, extensive coaching capabilities and a pleasant atmosphere of honest competitions fights. Everything develops in a standard way. First checking skills at a training match. Depending on the results, the computer advises the complexity. Next, the main menu with different modes appears, and at the same time a whole collection of parameters that allow you to fully customize each element of the interface.

Control and goals. Particular attention in Real Football for Android is accentuated on the career mode, where it is necessary to turn a beginner club into the most popular one. You are to choose the name of the team, a set of players and various additional attributes, such as a flag and home stadium. It remains only to use the materials offered and to achieve the championship.

In general, the project fully performs the main function – entertains and gives out space for testing. Winning is really difficult, and much depends not only on users but also on weather, team mood and overtraining. Observe the various indicators and correctly distribute the forces – this is the main task of the coach. Click to download Real Football on Android and show your skill!

Real Football

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar VegasAll fans of action games, with elements of shooting, fights, races, murders, and robberies will be interested in a new game: Gangstar Vegas. The game itself is very similar to GTA for desktops. Now it is available for Android.

This is a really smart game:
1. A saturated plot. During the passage of the game, you will feel that you are running a steep blockbuster.
2. The big game world.
3. There are 80 special tasks are at your disposal
4. A solid selection of weapons, equipment that can be improved, and also the development of the abilities and skills of the protagonist.
5. All the characters in the game are worked out to details: character, manners, everyone has his own story.

Do you still have few opportunities in Gangstar Vegas for Android? And what about a car fleet with a monster truck, a fighter, and a muscle car? If you want to arrange lawlessness, to get distracted from the main plot – there is no a problem! Arrange fights, participate in fights without rules and races, arrange riots in the streets, go to the casino, or rob someone, after all.

Graphics, dynamics, and physics in the game. You can perform make all sorts of gaming tricks. Control and physics of the game are on a high level. As for the graphics – it may hang on some devices, in view of the overall size of the game and the requirements for the device.

Gangstar Vegas app

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter The war in support of social equality and political ambitions on the planet Earth ended with the triumphant launch of nuclear warheads. A devastating explosion and people received prohibitive levels of radiation, and animals – radiation dose causing incredible mutations. The earth has become a wasteland and only shelters hidden in the mountains are able to meet guests and nurture new people. The user is offered to become the proprietor of a radioactive hotel and it is enough to download Fallout Shelter on Android for this!

Tasks and rules. Every wanderer and vagabond, who has arrived at the steel doors of the shelter, wanders in search of shelter, water, and food. The main task of the players is to meet the guests and distribute them according to the innate characteristics. There are three main (and several additional) rooms which are offered for the guests: where food, water, and electricity are produced.

You can send strong and armed characters to wastelands to make new discoveries. You will equip each hero with weapons and clothing, as well as with anti-radiation packs and stimulants produced in the shelter. A character who has not died at the hands of enemies, will necessarily return with the points (game currency) and vivid impressions!

Fallout Shelter app

RedSun RTS

RedSun RTS Do not like mindless games? Then you should pay attention to the strategy genre, and especially – on the RedSun RTS. An interesting game with high-quality and detailed graphics will immerse you in its world completely.

Here you will not only have to fight with various opponents but also to think over, plan attacks and develop your skills before the battle. The goal is to develop your own base, strengthen it and prepare your army for possible battles.

Do not forget about having fights. The base, of course, is good, but battles also play a significant role in determining your importance as an adversary.

It should be noted that the strategy is characterized by its simple and intuitive interface. It is not difficult to learn how to manage your character. Try to pass the RedSun RTS and you certainly will not regret about the time spent. The game takes to the past with the help of its atmosphere while it does not lack some modernity, at its best.

RedSun RTS app

Soccer Star 2018

Soccer Star 2018Soccer Star 2018 Top Leagues is a quality mix of two game genres: football simulator and manager for Android devices. Studio Genera Games is not the first to produce projects of this genre. Therefore, relying on their experience, the developers were able to release a fairly high-quality game, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

Installing Soccer Star 2018, you must select the country you want to play for. Then write your name, T-shirt number. You become a member of the national team in the World Cup finals.

The user has to go the whole way of the real football player from the usual player of the first league to the star of his national team.

Go to the club menu and start setting up the starting lineup. Pay enough attention to this process, because the further results depend on it. Going into the match, the user does not see the game process, only a brief textual review of what is happening. When the opponent breaks the rules near his penalty area, you appear on the football field. The main character (football player) under the direction of the user must make a free kick.

Management is very simple and easy. To give a pass to another player just draw a line on the screen of your mobile device. Be attentive, the physics is close to reality, so the ball will not fly in an incomprehensible trajectory. The gameplay is interesting, a little non-classical. However, such a plot is used in other sports games.

The graphics are pleasant. Detailing and drawing is good. The visual effects, animation are used. Advertising appears very rarely. There is a quality sound. Install a free offline sports game Soccer Star 2018 for OC Android and become a star player in your country.

Soccer Star 2018

Bio Inc

Bio Inc Bio Inc. is an incredibly interesting simulator. The plot of the game is very original and unusual. We are used to being treated by doctors. And what if one of them wants to make the patient die by all available means? A player in Bio Inc. now is in the role of “Doctor of Death”, who, manipulating various functions, must bring the patient to a lethal outcome as quickly as possible.

To do this, the player has full access to all the internal systems of the victim’s body, as well as the ability to influence risk factors, diseases and even the process of recovery.

During the game, you need to collect viruses that appear in the patient’s body. You can exchange them for the development of some disease or instill in their victim a bad habit that weakens the body.

Starting with the easiest task – to bring to death the patient with a bunch of bad habits, the player gradually unlocks more complex levels.

The game is so interesting and informative. It can be recommended for schoolchildren. It has beautiful graphics and perfectly shows all the internal systems of the body, as well as its diseases and factors that can lead to negative consequences for health. This new simulator is not only an excitingly interesting game but also a good anatomy manual.

Bio Inc app

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of PolytopiaThe Battle of Polytopia is an amazing urban simulator designed for modern Android devices. The plot of the game takes users to a fantastic universe wherein the representatives of the greatest nations in the history of human civilization will fight. What role do you choose? Fearless Viking, a proud Roman legionnaire, a freedom-loving Indian or a warlike Spartan?

The Battle of Polytopia is a free strategy where all events occur in real time. At your disposal, there is a whole settlement, which, with good leadership, will turn into a powerful state. To do this, it is necessary to use a whole set of tools, represented by strategic, industrial and military buildings.

In total, there are four types of land in the game. Each map is a unique set of natural resources that affect the gameplay. In addition, all levels are generated randomly, what gives military clashes the effect of surprise.

The application has a well-developed intuitive user interface. All the battles take place in an interactive mode. So it’s convenient to monitor every single battle. The creators of the project release regular updates, what brings new civilizations, buildings and technologies. All these factors make The Battle of Polytopia a high-quality strategy, made in a colorful retro style.

The Battle of Polytopia app

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 Rules and control. Long jumps with tricks and acrobatic maneuvers, fighting for cans with gasoline and total improvement of any vehicle you get or receive as a gift – the racing arcade Hill Climb Racing 2 offers all the same functionality, but with global changes in physics and game process. There will be more additional awards, a complete reconstruction of the character, special accelerators.

Actions and levels. But the goals in Hill Climb Racing 2 will remain the same. You also have to drive on rough terrain, monitor the fuel in the tank and try not to be damaged when jumping on the trampolines. After the next arrival, you are allowed to return to the main menu and make a number of changes. You can, for example, buy new details, open accelerators or completely change vehicles.

Improvements and purchases. There are stickers, paints, wheels of all colors and brands, and also powerful engines, bottomless tanks, and other elements available. And if you just pay for everything with a virtual currency, the real bacchanalia and insane struggle for the first places in cups and tournaments will begin. Be sure to download Hill Climb Racing 2 and see how the project changed after the original part has been updated!

Hill Climb Racing 2 app


Six-Guns The company Gameloft knows how to win the hearts of gamers, and the proof is the game Six-Guns for Android.

The plot will take you to the wild west, where your character is a desperate cowboy. Having lost his wife and hope for a better life, he decides to help to those who are in trouble: beautiful ladies, sheriff, Indians and other inhabitants of the area. At your disposal, there will be a pistol and a horse, which are designed to help the cowboy in a dangerous shootout.

At the beginning of each level, you will be given a task. After arriving at the point shown on the map, you must start shooting at the enemy and finding a shelter.

For the completed tasks, you get experience, gold and occasionally more valuable currency – the silver stars of the sheriff. The money receiver can be used to buy clothes, weapons, horses, medicines and other updates. By the way, these items can also be won by taking part in the daily lottery.

Graphics and sound effects really remind the wild west, what makes the game even more fun. That’s why Six-Guns is worth downloading. If you want, you can try your hand at the multiplayer game, so show everyone what a real cowboy must be!

Six-Guns app


Mekorama Mekorama is an experimental puzzle game, with an unusual geometry of levels, but rather a mediocre storyline. You will not find the info about the main character or the game universe. Even notes with valuable information can not be found – you have to think out everything on the go. The iron robot is most likely the guinea pig in the world, consisting of blocks and mechanisms. Unfortunately, the locations are just a collection of unrelated cards with tasks.

Control and location. Mekorama starts with a fairly predictable training. You have to deal first with the camera and the character. By clicking on any place on the map, the tiny robot will start moving, and if you swipe across the screen – the camera turns. A mechanic is simple on every level.

Graphics and style. The graphics are nice. The problem is different – the project lacks originality. And yet the puzzle needs to be given a second chance – the prepared set of levels is perfectly entertaining, but only the first time.

Mekorama app

Traffic Rider

Traffic RiderTraffic Rider is a spectacular first-person racing with several modes, a huge set of motorcycles and complex levels based on goals with different conditions. The game action takes place on a busy highway, occupied by cars. Players will have to drive a motorcycle and perform tasks set at the levels. Sometimes you have to go a certain distance, sometimes make risky maneuvers. The difficulty depends on the chosen motorcycle, the speed and the busyness on the highway.

Tasks and rules. The racing arcade Traffic Rider is based on a single career with various levels and tasks with valuable rewards. In addition, players will be reminded of the possibility or need for improvements. On the road, everything is predictable – maneuver between the flow of oncoming and passing cars, take risks, develop maximum speed and get rewards for sincere madness!

Graphics and roads. The arcade looks stunning – incredible detailing of objects, cars and all scenery, dynamic shadows, and a change of day and night! So, click to download the Traffic Rider to Android, start setting records and share the results with your friends!

Traffic Rider app

Age of Strategy

Age of StrategyAge Of Strategy is a classic turn-based strategy with a stylized 8-bit graphics. More than 300 maps with historical and fictional battles are here.

The game will take you to the era of empires and knights. You can go through campaigns with links to real historical events (for example, the Trojan War), but in multiplayer mode, you can fight with the armies of other players. There are 170 maps for campaigns are available. There are also 40 random maps for step-by-step online battles in real time.

In the game, there are 25 different technologies that can be developed, as well as 80 types of units. So, it is possible to form your invincible army. Collect gold stars and crystals to unlock new combat units or new types of tasks.

The game is completely free. Here you do not have to invest real money to win, but if you want, you can support the developers with voluntary donations. The project is constantly developing.

Age of Strategy app

European War 4: Napoleon

European War 4This is the virtual world, which completely recreates the atmosphere of the 18th century, the era of Napoleon and exciting military battles. European War 4: Napoleon is an exciting step-by-step role-playing strategy for mobile devices with exciting gameplay and colorful graphics.

There are several modes available in the game. In the “Campaign” mode, you will have to pass exciting missions for the certain number of rounds. Initially, only two missions are open. Then, new ones will appear. There are 6 campaigns, consisting of 84 missions (in total), in 8 cities around the world. The “Conquest” mode consists of 6 maps, each of which is dedicated to a specific historical event. In this mode, you can try your hand at 40 countries. The goal is to conquer all enemy cities in 999 moves.

You have to choose a general for yourself. The choice is huge – 200 military commanders, each of whom has his own skills and abilities. At the beginning, only basic generals with minimal skill are available. Go through the missions and earn or change gold, food in special cities. You can also get them by developing your city, erecting farms, factories and ports. Create and pump up your troops, develop your own strategy of fighting, use already known tactics and your army will be invincible.

Can not wait to start? Then install European War 4: Napoleon on your gadget and enjoy the exciting gameplay.

European War 4 app


Stack Dynamic game Stack will allow you to kill time! A perfect combination of simplicity and complexity, graphics, nice to the eye will please every user.

The gameplay. You need to build a tower, but it’s not so simple. Plates should ideally match in size, otherwise, the extra space will simply be cut off, what will complicate further construction. The higher the tower – the faster the plates come. In addition, they pop up from different sides. So you should have a quick reaction!

Build your tower as high as you can. Let the Babylonians, New Yorkers, the Dubaians envy you. Try to touch the screen exactly at the moment when the plate is ideally adjusted to the area to the tower, reach the sky-high tops in both constructions and in the ranking of players around the world! This game is a great way to have fun on a trip, or for relaxing before going to bed. But be careful when playing during lessons, you can not notice the call!

Pleasant, though the simple game, 3D graphics, quiet music, slowness, but not boring gameplay will allow you to kill a lot of time. Build your tower and do it beautifully with Stack!

Stack app

Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2Storyline. Human cities are covered by the terrible Z virus from the first part of the Earn to Die. Many houses still glow with cleaning fire, quiet streets are still occupied by ghouls, cars are thrown, and stores are looted. The surviving people still stayed in the city. Everyone knows about this, but if the military organizations tried to save them before, now the rescue mission is stopped. No more battles are being fought, and people are left to their fate.

Levels and zombies. The racing arcade Earn to Die 2 offers players to save themselves and avoid the apocalypse, using various types of cars, as well as improvements and weapons. Initially, the reserves are scarce – the car is easily susceptible to accidents, there is not enough fuel. You only have to dream of guns. But with each level passed and defeated zombies, it will become easier and safer to move.

Machines and the world. In the Earn to Die 2 race for Android, there is a rather unusual choice of cars – there are racing models, fire engines, and siege technology, with an incredible array of weapons. Each car is evenly destroyed if the players are moving ahead and constantly destroy the surrounding objects. Try to explore the world in a safe mode – shoot zombies, break boxes and move to the goal! Download Earn to Die 2 on Android right now, do not miss the continuation of the series!

Earn to Die 2 app

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds Star Wars II It’s hard to imagine that such a simple game can have a huge number of battles, which, moreover, are intertwined with an incredible number of stories. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is a game cocktail, no one expected.

The sixth part of the famous Angry Birds series of games became one of the most successful of its kind, and was twice nominated in the category “Best Game of the Year”. All its charm is not in the famous birds and guinea pigs but in its unique scenario.

It all starts with the Tatooine episode, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, the new version of the game is designed for Android, and it’s possible to pass the levels wherever you are because the phone is an integral part of the modern person.

Having opened the next level, the player enters a new exciting world, the name of which is the Death Star. Then, having passed this level, you can get to the next planet Hot, where you will need to develop your strategy of passing the level. The next planet that you have to go through is the Jedi Way, where the difficulty level is higher, but it will be impossible to tear you away from playing this game! The cloudy city is the next step on the road to victory. The next level is the mission of Boba Fett, then the moon of Endor and finally the Bonuses of the Golden Droid. All levels will give you an incredible pleasure, cause this game is not just for killing time, you have to work out your own strategies, mentally count the moves in advance to get the best result.

What’s next? Then there is one thing left, download Angry Birds Star Wars 2 and enjoy the game as much as you have enough time for this. In just a few minutes or even seconds, you will get a unique game that will not let you get bored and will give you the opportunity to think.

Angry Birds Star Wars II app

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Fans of the genre Tower Defense should be pleased with the advent of the game Kingdom Rush. This is one of the best representatives of this genre. It all begins with a small battle of knights for their castle, after which the pace of the game increases. After some time on the screen of your mobile device, a real epic battle begins. The knights are trying to protect the castle, but new hordes of enemies attack.

All fans of fantasy are recommended to download Kingdom Rush on Android. After all, orcs, trolls, and other scoundrels are in the role of enemies in this game. The most dangerous are the evil magicians. They have destructive spells. Therefore, you need to cope with the magicians quickly.

There are eight types of towers for defense. Moreover, they have 18 different abilities. If you put them right, no enemy can break into the castle. However, this requires serious reflection and reaction.

The game has a built-in system of achievements today. In total, in Kingdom Rush, there are thirty different enemies who can not wait to capture your home.

The game is remarkable for its peculiar humor. In it you will find references to such blockbusters as “Evil Dead”, “Die Hard” and many others.

Kingdom Rush app


Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death Shadow of Death: Dark Knight is an action for Android, designed for fans of spectacular 2D-fights with ninjas. At the beginning, we will be asked to enter the name of our hero. As soon as we enter our nickname, we go to the game interface. In the left part of it, there is our ninja. Around it, there are various keys that will help you in outfitting, receiving gifts, etc. At the top of the main menu, there are indicators of in-game currency, energy, and also how many more commercials we can watch today (advertising inside the game does not prevent playing, but on the contrary – helps to double profits after passing the level, earn in-game currency and energy).

There are different special possibilities which can be activated pressing on the following buttons:

  • Skills – the ability to pump your own skill, as well as purchase additional super attacks;
  • Outfit – the acquisition of new items, weapons, armor, as well as the customization of your character, with the parallel possibility of pumping everything that is worn by a ninja;
  • Shop – the acquisition of items inside the game, for in-game currency, as well as for real funds;
  • Card store – it is possible to buy super-abilities for crystals, souls, and real money;
  • Street shop – the ability to exchange in-game currency. For example, 800 souls – 1 preview of the commercial, etc .;
  • Adventure – the passage of games on levels, the extraction of objects, skills and in-game currency.

To force the ninja to move around the location, use the joystick on the left side of the screen. On the opposite side, there are buttons for jumping, attacking and three super-hits. Each battle takes 1 energy indicator.

Other features of Shadow of Death:
1. The bulk of the colors of the application – black and red (the overall graphic design of the game is rather gloomy);
2. The application is undemanding to the device, but it can slow down a little, in moments, where the number of enemies, simultaneously exceeds the mark of 10.

All in all, Shadow of Death is an exciting free action for mobile devices with the Android operating system.

Shadow of Death app


MOBIUS FINAL FANTASYMOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is an adventure role-playing action film telling the story of Wal, a hero who lost his memory and found himself in the disparate world of Paramitia. The story develops precipitously. The hero is having nightmares and He goes in and out of states of recognition. The combat system is learned during training, and other details, such as role development and selection of tasks will be opened later. The first task of Wal is to protect the people of Paramitia from the invaders …

Role-playing elements. The MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY project for Android preserves the hero’s traditional principles for the development of the hero. The system of calculating the experience works. Also, there is the ability to improve skills and characteristics, both through pumping, and thanks to the found parts of equipment and weapons. The principle of gaining experience is in the fight against powerful opponents.

Combat system. Downloading MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY on Android is recommended to all lovers of the original series. Here are the same elements of development, the same dangerous and non-standard world, the same combat system: turn-based battles with the ability to combine punches and various abilities of defensive and attacking character. Get experience, develop abilities and fight opponents around the world!


Make More!

Make More!Make More! is an attractive simulator of the factory business, based on the “Clicker” genre. Users hire a team of employees, and then train them all the necessary skills, trying to earn the most money. The gameplay is fun. The characters sit down at the workstation and begin to cut out the desired object from the piece of material. For example, you will get a nut from a piece of iron, a skull – from a stone, well, and rubber becomes a basis for a yellow duck.

Controls and rules. All controls are completely touch-based. The navigation through menus and sections is improved. The rules are just as elementary. It is enough to fulfill the orders of the chief and try to exceed the plan. will be accumulated, and glory will come! Tasks change rarely. The to-do list is displayed on the screen and remains unchanged until the final.

Factories and development. Simulator Make More! for Android has an attractive mechanics and charming graphics. Unfortunately, the diversity is too small. Although the details change, and there are a lot of characters, to do the same type of orders in production quickly bothers. We have to look for additional tests and unexpected goals. And this, sooner or later, turns into routine or endless pumping. Click the download button and evaluate the project yourself!

Make More! app

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 In the center of the city, the gates of the shadows open. The daemons, armed to the teeth with the sharpest swords, came. The sunny morning turned into a bloodbath. There is no hope anymore. The surviving citizens plunged into irresistible longing and sadness. The shadows received absolute freedom when suddenly the leader was cut in two – so sharply the student of the shadow school of martial art appeared. Players will manage this daredevil in Shadow Fight 2.

The gameplay and rules. Before receiving the title of savior of the universe and the hero of modernity, players will have to undergo a small training – learn to walk, jump and attack combinations of punches and kicks. Basic actions build the entire combat system. It is necessary to choose combos at lightning speed and apply them in action, simultaneously evading the attacks of opponents. For the victory in the battles, you will be rewarded with money and experience. It is allowed to use them in a local store: buy weapons from hundreds available, pump out the characteristics of the hero, learn magic and unique techniques.

Each battle lasts up to two victories, and the outcome depends not on pumping, but on sleight of hand and the ability to think quickly and logically.

Shadow Fight 2 for Android is amazingly animated. The battles are not only realistic but also spectacular: rolling, jumping, kicks in the air. An illusion of infinite replayability and endless interest in mechanics is created. In this case, the control is based on two buttons and a stick of movement. Surroundings are created in bright and warm colors: tatami, fusuma, shoji, complete a unique oriental atmosphere. Shadow art is difficult to master, the battle philosophy is known only by few. Maybe it is you who needs to download Shadow Fight 2 to Android and show your own chosenness?

Shadow Fight 2 app