11 Best Proofreading Apps for Android & iOS

Working with content, you probably know how much time is spent on the texts checking. What to do if the content in a foreign language you don’t speak?

Or if you need to verify the correctness of the translation? You can entrust this task to your mobile phone, or rather a special application that checks your text for grammar, syntax, spelling errors. So, let’s look at the list of best proofreading apps for Android and iOS devices.

Make all your texts grammatically correct using these best spell checking apps.

Proofreader: Grammar Checker

The app allows you to practice learning English. There is a free one-week trial period. Artificial intelligence will check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors if any.

You will also be offered options for correcting mistakes with explanations that will allow you to remember them and not make them in the future. Translation of texts into other foreign languages is available, of which there are about 100 in the app.

To learn new vocabulary, the service offers to get acquainted with the extensive dictionary. In addition to words, it will offer phrases in which they can be used. English has dialects, and in the app, you can choose the option that suits you.

To learn how to read a text correctly, you can listen to it beforehand. Thanks to this function, pronunciation will improve. Texts can be taken from other sources and added to the app.

Moreover, extra functions are available when you pay for a subscription. These include a text check for correctness, an expanded list of synonyms for vocabulary, and so on.


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AI Grammar Checker for English

This app allows you to check your English text for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The program automatically replaces incorrect words and their forms and highlights errors in a word or text construction.

Text changes are made thanks to artificial intelligence, which recognizes all mistakes that users have made before. Each correction is recorded and saved, so you can analyze it to make sure you don’t make mistakes in the future.

You can learn correct pronunciation by reading and listening to the text. You are allowed to add scanned and copied texts to the app.

The service includes a camera that can read the text from a picture or image. On the received text, the program also automatically notices and corrects inaccuracies. Tips for correcting mistakes allow you to learn and remember them.


Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard

In the app you can practice your knowledge of the English language, its grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Inside the program, you will have a personal assistant to help you correct errors in any text. You can type text either in the app itself or add a ready-made one from other sources.

The app checks the text for typical typos, the absence or presence of punctuation errors, and grammatical inaccuracies. You can also consult a number of synonyms for words to enrich your vocabulary.

For each correction, the program offers tips and advice to help you remember mistakes and not make them in the future. You can select and customize one of the most appropriate dialects of the English language.

Extra features of the app will become available after you pay for a subscription. These include an advanced vocabulary, word choice for error correction, cursory reading, and so on.


AICheck: Grammar Checker

This program is designed to detect errors in the text. It corrects both grammatical and spelling errors. The program recognizes typical typos in words, incorrect use of vocabulary, errors in place of spellings and so on.

Once the service detects errors, it provides the user with a detailed analysis of the errors. This helps in working on the errors, so that they never happen again. There is a translator inside the app that is capable of recognizing 50 languages.

You can use a feature that paraphrases a sentence and makes it better in terms of grammar and punctuation rules. In addition to the fact that the text in the program can write itself, add copies, it can also be scanned with the camera.

The program recognizes text from pictures and images. The artificial intelligence automatically reads punctuation and spelling errors, correcting and highlighting them for better memorization.


Ginger Writer, Grammar Speller

This app with artificial intelligence software will improve your English language skills. The app helps to identify and correct typical and atypical mistakes. These include grammatical, punctuation, lexical and spelling errors.

A dictionary is available to expand your vocabulary. It offers synonyms for words as well as their inclusion in various phrases and sentences. All errors in the text are automatically detected and just as quickly corrected. You can improve the appearance of your text with a feature that paraphrases it.

Texts can also be easily translated into one of the 60 languages with the built-in translator. You can choose any of the appropriate dialects to learn and improve your English.

You can also access the rest of the functionality by paying a subscription. These features include: better checking of text and phrases for errors, improving the text to make the readability and receptivity better, and so on.


iGrammar Checker – Correct Spell

The app allows you to proofread and correct your texts with artificial intelligence, finding inaccuracies and instantly highlighting them.

The program sees and corrects grammar, spelling and punctuation. You can check text for context, allowing you to see a wider range of vocabulary to automatically replace it. You can even change the structure of text and sentences to make it clearer and more readable.

With a dictionary in place, every user can expand their vocabulary. It will not only contain words, but also tips on how to incorporate them into phrases. Errors are not only automatically corrected, but also highlighted, which allows you to remember them and not make them again.

Text in the app can be typed using the built-in keyboard. It can also be taken from other sources using the copy function.


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Grammar Check: Correct Grammar

This program allows you to check your knowledge of the English language through text. It recognizes several types of errors: grammar, spelling, and punctuation. In the app you can check any text, regardless of its volume and style.

Artificial intelligence automatically notices inaccuracies and errors, which allows you to correct them quickly. To check the text, you can not only write it inside the program, but also add any file by downloading it from the storage of your device.

To correct errors, automatic replacement after the program checks the entire text is offered. The app also allows you to see the history of errors and corrections to practice your English language skills. Each file within the program can be named so that it is not lost for future use.

All functions and features of the app are available to users absolutely free of charge. Its user-friendly and clear interface makes it one of the popular text proofreaders. It offers corrections regardless of the dialect of the language.


eAngel Proofreading

This app is designed to correct grammatical and spelling mistakes made in texts. It differs from other programs in that the text is not checked by artificial intelligence, but by real experts in the field of English. After the text is uploaded to the program, it will be sent to one of the experts for checking.

After that, the text will come back to the user with all the corrected inaccuracies and their detailed analysis. In the app, it is possible to check your knowledge of grammar and spelling. Texts for testing can be of any genre, style, and volume.

The program can also correct texts in other foreign languages. They are sent to one of the experts on the same principle, after which they are corrected and errors are explained to the user. After the text has been corrected, it can be used for publication in other sources.


Typeright: Grammar Checker

This program is a multifunctional app for checking and improving English. Here every user can check any text for typical errors. These include spelling, punctuation, and grammatical inaccuracies. Artificial intelligence identifies and corrects them.

While writing the text inside the program errors will be highlighted and corrected automatically. You can check texts not only in English, but also in other foreign languages, which are also in the range of the program.

The app has a built-in translator, which provides quality translation in several languages from the list. You can also use the speed dial feature, which allows you to select suggested word choices to continue it.

The program has an extensive dictionary of synonyms, which will be available to each user. You can use the test from any source, including notes and files, to check it. You can type it automatically in the app.


AI Paraphraser & Proofreading

This app will improve your English language skills by checking text for different types of errors. There is artificial intelligence inside the program that allows you to correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Thanks to the paraphrasing function, you can get a unique and well-read text.

The program offers automatic replacement of erroneous words, spellings, and inaccuracies. In the app, you can also choose the style and design of the text for which the special vocabulary will be intended. It can be a professional test, slang, fiction story or any other.

The app also offers a complete overview of a large text and its individual parts. You can make a longer text into a shorter one, which will allow you to fit the meaning into a few sentences. You can also enlarge the text with the help of program tips and an extensive vocabulary.

The functions and all the tools of the app are available to you for free, so you can edit and improve your texts without any restrictions.


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Grammar Check & Spell Checker

The app allows you to check your knowledge of the English language by highlighting and correcting any errors, or inaccuracies. Anyone can use it to check scientific, fictional, journalistic texts, and so on.

The program highlights errors based on those that have already been committed by other users and recorded by the program. It recognizes typos, inaccuracies, and grammatical and spelling errors.

The app allows you to correct the text using suggested synonyms, pronouns, verbs, prepositions, and so on. The program also allows you to proofread text and paraphrase sentences. Thus, you can upload texts of any size and volume.

The app and all its features are available to users for free. Corrections and errors can be learned immediately after checking the text. This will allow you to memorize the rules so as to avoid inaccuracies in the future. You can choose any style or genre of text to check in the program.

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