11 Best proofreading apps for Android & iOS

Working with content, you probably know how much time is spent on the texts checking. What to do if the content in a foreign language you don’t speak? Or if you need to verify the correctness of the translation? You can entrust this task to your mobile phone, or rather a special application that checks your text for grammar, syntax, spelling errors. So, let’s look at the list of best proofreading apps for Android and iOS devices.

Ginger Page

Thanks to the free Ginger-keyboard applications and the Ginger Page corrections, it becomes possible to create high-quality texts more quickly on mobile devices.

The user gets at his disposal all that is necessary for a quick and competent expression of his thoughts. Along with writing, a parallel proofreading of your text is possible. Thanks to the corrector Ginger Page, the text is quickly checked and corrected.


  1. Thanks to Techcrunch, namely a word prediction and non-stop input, the writing speed increases in several times.
  2. The program has a lot of emoticons.
  3. The ability to test text using the Ginger keyboard with opening in it the proofreader Page with its unique tools for a literate writing of texts.
  4. The possibility of a variety of design of the keyboard with ready-made themes.
  5. The Ginger Page is the world’s best contextual corrector, which helps to correct all grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

The features of the Ginger Page include:

  • improved paraphrase, the presence of contextual definitions and synonyms;
  • support for more than 40 languages of translation;
  • creating a personal dictionary, moving text templates to “Favorites.”

IOS version Android version

eAngel Proofreading

eAngel proofreading service is a professional linguistic service that performs verification and correction of texts in foreign languages. Linguists of the service – your personal assistants, which will help to correct mistakes and send the literate text to the addressee. For a symbolic subscription fee, you get your own personal mail angel-linguist, which is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The eAngel team performs proofreading in the most popular European languages. The service supports English, German, French, Spanish and Hebrew. Your personal assistant will check your letter, article for a blog or a web page in a few minutes. For this, only one movement is sufficient.

The eAngel is an effective tool for communication on personal mail and business correspondence. In particular, the service will be useful for people suffering from diseases such as dyslexia, or visual impairment. In addition, the service is indispensable for business people while conducting business correspondence with foreign partners, since a professional linguist will make it possible to convey to the addressee the main meaning of the message, eliminating the errors of the electronic translator. When using the eAngel Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Corrector, grammar, spelling and punctuation are checked according to the peculiarities of the chosen language.

Android version

Proofread Bot Grammar Checker

Improve your writing, check the text for grammatical, stylistic, spelling mistakes. This application is a great text proofreading.

Android version

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GradeProof Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection

Do you want to write texts in perfection? Then, download the application GradeProof Proofreading & Plagiarism Detection. The program will analyze the text for the presence of grammatical errors, analyze whether you have chosen the word or structure of the phrase correctly.
Store texts in cloud storage, such as DropBox, or send them via email. Another interesting feature of this application is the ability to reduce or enlarge words in the text.
Check the text for spelling and grammar.
Change the number of words.
Checking plagiarism.

IOS version

Ediket – Human Proofreading & English Editing

A simple text check is useful only when you have an excellent knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, make perfect sentences and have no doubts about the content of what you have written.

If you want to correct not only grammatical but also stylistic mistakes, as well as partially correct the general style of work, Ediket will become your true helper. Professionally written reports, texts and resumes will impress your employers.

By downloading the application, you get access to editors with extensive experience and an impressive portfolio. They will find all typos and grammar mistakes in your work, as well as adjust the style and punctuation. If necessary, you can also get a full analysis of your letter and a comprehensive assessment.

When writing your work, you need to find out your opinion from the outside. This way you will know if your text has ambiguity or other flaws. It is the perception and reading of the work by another person that helps to determine the true level of writing.

Ediket editors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the size of the text being checked is unlimited. So you can check even a single line of text! You don’t risk giving money to someone you don’t know: if you don’t get a satisfactory result, you’ll get your money back.

Android version

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant

The program WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is the perfect assistant in spelling:

  1. Specialized error correction.
  2. Algorithms of the program are developed on the basis of mistakes made by people who suffer from dyslexia.
  3. Audio snippets.
  4. Listen to the whole text, as well as individual words – options for replacement.
  5. The results presented in order to maximize compliance with the context.
  6. All variants of word replacement are presented in order of more exact correspondence to the context.
  7. Compatible with MS Word.
  8. The Writing Assistant is opened from MS Word with just one click.
  9. Enables Word Search function.
  10. Check the replacement options using the Google search engine.

The WhiteSmoke application has a simple and practical interface. The WhiteSmoke also allows you to translate full texts into a large number of languages.


Spelling Master

Spelling is an incredibly important section of any foreign language. If you know how to write a word correctly, you may think that you are on the right path to full language learning.

Spelling Master is a kind of game for everyone who wants to learn the language as well as possible and improve the skills of intuitive literate writing. In addition to spelling, you expand your vocabulary.

The application offers you to learn more than 400 unusual words with complex spelling and pronunciation. Explanations are attached to them, so you know what these words mean.

You can repeat the same test several times, perhaps even making the same mistakes. This will help you learn the correct spelling of words. That is, unlike other services and utilities, Spelling Master does not check your text, but teaches you to write text without mistakes and complaints.

Android version

editorr proofreading & editing

editor proofreadingYou don’t like to reread what you’ve written on your own? Do you have poor knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and syntax? Maybe you are not writing in your native language and simply get lost in a lot of new rules? Editorr will be your assistant in a difficult and complicated world of rules, errors and corrections.

This iPhone app can be called one of the best proofreaders in iTunes. It allows you to remove not only simple grammatical errors, but also errors in sentence construction or their structure.

Fixed sentences can be easily included in the text directly in the sentence – and they will fit seamlessly into the main body of what is written. The editors will put all the possibilities in place to make the text look perfect.

Although the application is downloaded free of charge, all services provided are paid. You buy time of work of real people. The more words you upload to check, the cheaper it becomes for you to charge ” sum ” for 1 word.

Just apply for a check, upload the text and you will be answered within 10 minutes! All over the world, wherever you are – proofreaders are located in different parts of the world as well.

editor proofreading

IOS version

Grammar Checker – Check Grammatical Mistakes

If you want to write a perfectly competent and beautiful essay to school, a competitive essay or just a letter, you would like to double-check it for errors. Grammar Checker will be your pocket teacher, who can check your work.

The app is automatically updated and takes new material directly from the user’s email! Back-end only expands every day, with each update and addition gaining new lexical features. It checks your grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and context errors. Grammar Checker is full of hundreds of grammar and lexical rules, so you will be able to analyze every correction if necessary.

All you need to do to get started is simply copy and paste the text you need to check. It could be an email, an essay, or a teacher’s work. Just click the check button and don’t even think about it.

In addition to the basic check, you can also slightly improve your knowledge. Grammar Checker offers its users a number of tests to help you learn your language skills. The quiz will help you to improve your skills, especially since new questions are added daily.

Android version

English Grammar Spell Checker

This application is more like a grammar dictionary. It is entirely aimed at English grammar and spelling. You write the sentence, and the application corrects grammatical errors in it.

English Grammar Spell Checker – is the very first application in the world, which for a second will help you to correct all your grammatical errors.

The application is also able to read the written text loudly. You write, and the app fixes errors and reproduces your offer for you.

It includes such aspects of grammar as:

  1. Present and Present Perfect Time.
  2. Past and past perfect time.
  3. Present and the past for a long time.
  4. Permanent and unstable verbs.
  5. Nouns that change in the plural.
  6. Modal verbs.
  7. The passive.
  8. Interrogative form and auxiliary verbs.
  9. Gerund and infinitive.
  10. Nouns and articles.
  11. Adjectives and adverbs.
  12. Comparisons.
  13. Unions.
  14. Comparative constructions.
  15. Prepositions.

The program includes 20,000 words, and you can expand your vocabulary yourself by adding new words from the sentence you wrote.



In case you don’t need to thoroughly check the text, study its originality and style, and don’t need detailed and deep analysis, you can install GrammarPal on your device. The application checks your written texts for grammatical errors, as well as examines it a little for stylistic and spelling inaccuracies.

You get a good grammar scanner that will help you correct errors or replace words with more appropriate ones. GrammarPal has a built-in dictionary in which you can add your words – so the application will not constantly mark them as erroneous.

You have the opportunity not to analyze the whole text, but simply check only 1-2 sentences that you doubt.

You see the number of errors right after the analysis. For your convenience, you can choose the type of errors that should not be taken into account by GrammarPal. Use the application when you have doubts and remember how to write certain words correctly.


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