15 Best Vault apps for Android & iOS

Cameras on phones have made privacy issues more relevant than ever. Emma Watson’s private intimate photos were just leaked, for instance.

We take the most intimate pics of our bodies and then we don’t wanna delete all that hotness and beauty. And with any luck, you also receive steamy pics from your sexting partners. That makes you responsible for other people’s privacy.

Nobody wants to lose trust through a stupid phone security issue. Here are 15 best vault apps for Android and iOS that will help you take the data to your phone’s grave.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault will surely keep your photos safe. It offers just what you need – password protected entry. You can choose between 2 kinds of locks – pin lock and pattern/dot lock. The core feature would be the password protection of photo albums. You can create albums directly in the app and your photos are going to be alright.

There are features that trick anybody unwelcome. For instance, a decoy password is a nice trick. Private Photo Vault also reports break-ins.

It also works with videos by importing from the Photo App. You can view them right after.


You can hide both pics and videos with this app. In fact, you can hide the app itself using the stealth mode. With this option on, the launch button gets hidden.

When you are inside the app you get to use lots of regular photo apps, like making folders, rotating and zooming pictures, even doing some slideshows. You actually get a variety of viewing modes here, too.

And you don’t have to call customer support every time. The app’s page on Google Play provides with sufficient instructions for most cases.


Best Secret Folder

One of the coolest features here is shooting videos directly through the app. Everything that is made through and into the app is password protected. A choice between multiple viewing modes is available here as well.

Also, this app keeps a complete log of access dates and times. This will help not just failed attempts to hack it but also the successful ones which are clearly more dangerous.

There is a trickster feature that shows the intruder videos to make him believe he got in.



KeepSafe is a somewhat simpler app for people who don’t want James Bond-proof stuff. What you need to know is that it certainly keeps safe your photos and videos. You access them with a simple PIN-code. There is also a slideshow feature for some fun. You create albums within KeepSafe as well.

An important feature for people with bad memory would be resetting forgotten password, just press on Keepsafe logo long enough to get the reset window to appear.

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If you want an app that pretends to be something else and stands hidden in plain sight, which is totally cool go for KYMS. It is disguised as a calculator.

In fact, it keeps pretending calculator once you tap on it. You have to enter your pin number and an equal number into the faux calculator interface.

KYMS hides and encrypts photos and videos. The cool thing with videos here is the compatibility with lots of formats, like Flv, Avi, Wmv, and Mkv.



LOCKit screen 1 LOCKit screen 2 LOCKit screen 3

The LOCKit app is a personal data protection tool. With it, you can restrict access to your photos, documents, and videos by setting a password. You can also improve the performance of your smartphone and free up memory space.

Before you start using the app, you need to allow the collection of statistics and work in the background mode. After that, you should select photos and videos, which will be protected by a password. It is possible to use a pin code, a graphic key, or a fingerprint to authorization.

In the latter case, a mobile device that supports this function is required. Also, users can ask secret questions. The answer to it is required for restoring the password in case of its loss. You can use the utility to restrict access to certain apps. These can be messengers, social networks, and other services that contain sensitive information.

Besides, it is possible to protect the history of phone calls. Automatic real-time analysis of the security level is available. The app allows you to improve the performance of your mobile device. At the same time, all utilities running in the background will be closed.


Smart Gallery screen

The Smart Gallery app helps you sort the graphical content on your device. You can protect photos and videos from prying eyes with a four-digit password.

After installation, the program prompts you to access existing photos and videos on your device. It then takes you to the main gallery page, where you can choose from four categories. Among them, you will find photos, videos, private, and cloud.

In the upper left corner, there is a menu where you are invited to rate and share the app. Here you can also write to the developers about a bug and read the privacy policy. The “photo” and “video” sections contain albums of images that have already been uploaded to the device.

The app did not change the classic sorting of images. You have to create new albums manually by selecting each photo or video and transferring it to the desired album. The “private” category allows you to set a four-digit password, which allows you to protect the photos on your device.



Vault makes sure your files are only used with your authorization. The app secures photos, videos, text messages, contacts, and other apps. But with this app, you have to get advanced features if you want it to take pics of intruders. You also have to pay if you want the app’s icon to disappear or you want multiple separate vaults with separate passwords.

Back to free features. You can upload things to Cloud to let nothing get lost. I think the coolest feature is the Private Browser where all your surfing stays secure.

You can also set your contacts as private and then all you calls and SMS messages stay hidden.


If you are willing to use a less cutting-edge interface, you should let Safe Gallery lock your files. The app’s UI reminds of Ice Cream Sandwich OS, actually and it’s easy to access. Besides the usual photos and videos, this app locks audio as well. GIFs support is also here.

The app also works as file viewer and lets you look at hidden files.

Beware: if you delete an unlocked file it is deleted permanently.



FotoX has a surprisingly good unique feature – it fakes crashes when somebody tries to hack it. It crashes like any other Android app would crash, nothing suspicious. As it crashes it takes a pic of the intruder like a good app it is. FotoX also offers a cloud but you have to pay for that feature.

FotoX also offers a cloud but you have to pay for that feature. You can access content stored in the cloud from other devices, too.

And you can hide this app’s icon. So, you get here most defense tools you need to stay secure,


App FingerLock

App FingerLock screen 1 App FingerLock screen 2 App FingerLock screen 3

The App FingerLock app is designed to protect against unauthorized use of programs and games. The utility allows you to set up a password or gesture lock for mobile software. The app is designed to protect against unauthorized access to personal data.

Thanks to the utility you can block the launch of programs and games on your mobile device with gestures or a password. The utility works correctly even on smartphones that do not have a fingerprint scanner. It is possible to create a backup password to restore access. Supports authentication of installed programs.

To configure the app, you will need to register. It is necessary to specify the name, email, and backup PIN code. Besides, you should think up a secret question and enter the answer. This will make it easier to regain access to the programs and games in the case of loss of both passwords.

After registration, you will see all the mobile software installed on your smartphone. You can mark the programs and games that you want to block. A search by name is provided to help you find the necessary apps faster. The utility has fine-tuning of the lock screen, program operation time, delay after disconnection, and so on. It is possible to install a widget on the desktop.


Lock Photo Vault Video Safe

This app is another excellent vault that amounts to a file manager. The app protects all kinds of files from photos and videos to audio and documents.

It supports a whole variety of document formats, e.g. PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Html. Tons of photo, audio, and photo formats are supported as well. You can hide your software codes here as well.

There is a variety of locks as well: dot lock, password lock, and touch ID. The interface is easy to customize, very user-friendly indeed.

This app communicates with computers better than any other. Your USB won’t stay unused. Yiu can import, export files from/to iTunes. All the files are merged into one “Export” folder for your convenience.



Gallery Vault has a clean and beautiful interface. It works with both audio and video. Unlike most vault apps this app has a protected secret web browser for surfing the internet.

To use it, just open the app and tap on + button on the main screen, select the source and then the photos that you are going to import. Done! After importing it asks you to delete the original ones from the photos.

The disguise feature is available as well and it records the attempted break-ins, too.


Hide it Pro

One more all-round app for you. Hide It Pro manages and secures pics, videos, audios, apps, SMS messages and contacts. And it comes 100% free, with no subscriptions required.

Customizations options and navigation tools are simply great. You easily categorize or sort data, zoom in/out, view slideshows with visual effects, play your videos.

There are 2 ways to lock your data – both PIN and a password. And once you install it, the app doesn’t show up on the apps list. Hide It Pro uses AES 256-encryption for maximum security.

The app also has supports plugins. You can add different plugins to increase functionality and get the ability to lock apps, message and browse privately.


Photo Locker

Photo Locker has tons of features except for uploading to a cloud.

So, what it does have is encryption of all the data inside. Hiding photos is easy here. The photos can be added in various ways, and you fully control the photos inside the app.

A simple and useful feature is the auto lock when the phone goes to sleep. It could be annoying, but it is safety.

Finally, the password recovery works quite secure and easy, the recovered password gets sent to your email.


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