5 Best Bitcoin Mining Calculator Apps (Android & iOS)

Bitcoin earning becomes a reliable way if you make the right efforts. There are many apps that help to get crypto rewards, thereby increasing your extra or even primary income.

Using a mining system, you can often make mistakes with your own calculations. To avoid such problems, we recommend you use the best Bitcoin mining calculator apps for Android & iOS, the benefits of which we described in this review.


Working with cryptocurrency requires serious training. The ProfiMine app for your iPhone works as an electronic calculator. With its help, you will be able to make a lot of successful deals and significantly increase your capital.

Here you will find the most popular instructions for mining. What is profitable to mine today? What predictions do the experts give for the near future? It is recommended to read the information before you start mining.

The current data from 8 exchanges are collected in one app. Here you’ll find the 25 most popular video cards and their hash rates right now. All this is changing in real time depending on the state of the market.

If you’ve decided to get into mining, ProfiMine is the perfect starting point. Keep up to date with important news, and choose the mining method that’s right for you. This electronic calculator not only keeps calculations of profits but also allows you to convert hash rates to dollars and euros.

This app does not require any special skills: it allows you to make a successful start in mining. If you have chosen to work with cryptocurrency as your main activity or made mining a profitable hobby, simplify your task with ProfiMine on your phone.


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A great guide to the world of mining. More and more users are looking for up-to-date information on cryptocurrency transactions. WhereToMine contains everything you need to keep your profits growing.

With this app, you will quickly learn the basic ways of mining, cryptocurrency, and their marketing. Starting with the basics, you’ll go deeper into mining and soon become a true professional.

WhereToMine is an international platform that works with more than 700 types of cryptocurrencies. Besides, the list of available currencies is constantly growing.

About 150 simple and clear algorithms to start mining at home. You can earn on your own or take part in one of the 900 pools. This option is suitable for new miners and provides a more stable income.

Calculate your profit percentage before you even decide on a mining setup. The app uses the most up-to-date market capitalization information for this purpose. Choose a pool that meets your requirements. Calculate your probable income in multiple currencies at once.

Convenient monitoring of payment instruments, server locations, URLs, and special software. The platform supports 6 languages including English, German, and French. An electronic mining calculator is the best find for a professional.


Mining Profit Calculator

Looking for a new way to make a steady income? Want to learn how to mine, but lots of rumors and conflicting reviews keep you from getting started?

With Mining Profit Calculator you’ll get the big picture and be able to master many useful tools.

The app offers up-to-date information on mining developments and the state of the financial market. Pick the perfect algorithm, taking into account the hashing rate and the value of different currencies.

The app will help make a complete analysis and provide a report in the form of a clear graph. Every detail counts the hardware model, the algorithm, and the currency. Both ASIC and GPU have their advantages and disadvantages. Get accurate results both in hash rates and in terms of local currency.

You’ll become familiar with metrics such as exchange volume, per-block information, and cryptocurrency. Use the Mining Profit Calculator for the complete analysis, choosing the most optimal algorithm.

All tools are sorted separately for different types of GPUs. This app can be used on phones and tablets with Android 4.0.3 and later. A great choice for all miners who care about their own well-being.


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Cryptocoin Mining Calculator

Can’t decide to take part in mining? Start this lucrative business with the Cryptocoin Mining Calculator. It will make accurate calculations of the possible profits in a few seconds.

To work the app uses the state of the financial market and the value of the cryptocurrency. The data is constantly updated so that the user can actually assess the situation.

The result takes into account all the little things, including the cost of electricity at your rate. Just fill in the fields to get started. Enter your hash rate, your electricity consumption level, and your rate to pay for it.

Get an accurate forecast for 1 day, week, or month. Keep in mind that the market is not standing still, so the real profit figure can change as early as tomorrow.

It’s important to have an idea of the big picture in mining. The strategy you choose has a direct impact on your profit level. With one tap, you’ll find out everything about how Bitcoin is valued right now.

You will also get information about the block value and the hashing rate. Based on the data you get, it will be easier for you to make an informed decision.


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Mining Calculator BTC

Mining Calculator BTC is an app to calculate the profit from mining.

How much profit will you make in the next week or month? How long will it take to get back the money spent on buying equipment? What currency to choose in order not to go into deficit?

The Mining Calculator BTC app will answer all these questions. The income is made up of many parameters, including the speed of the processor, the model of the graphics card, and the position of the cryptocurrency in the global market.

The app automatically processes the specified information and offers you a detailed report. It takes into account the speed and complexity of the process, as well as side costs (maintenance, power charges).

To see the success of your strategy, you need to use the “calculate profitability” function. You will get the data for today, a week, or a month. Choose the currency in which you want to receive the income amount.

The app uses a complex formula to calculate the time it takes to recoup your investment. Specify the electricity rate and the price of the equipment. If the expected payback is more than 9 months, the risk of Bitcoin falling exceeds the possible profits later on.

Don’t forget about possible operating errors in the form of outages and breakdowns. If you wish, take a look at the catalog of miners before deciding to buy the equipment.

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