9 Cool games like Sword Art online

Anime Sword Art Online tells about the adventures of heroes in the virtual reality world with Full Immersion – the technology of replacing real sensations with computer ones.

If you are a fan of Sword Art Online, then you have repeatedly asked yourself: “I wonder if there is still something similar?” This is a great question! Below will be presented 9 Cool games, similar to the Sword Art Online. In these applications, you will definitely find something that so many loved in Sword Art Online!

Age of Wushu Dynasty

The RPG action calculated more on PvP or cooperative passage. The game develops in ancient China, which means that we will have an epic confrontation between different dynasties and clans in which incredibly skillful masters of their schools will fight. Beautiful graphics, a huge, detailed world full of opportunities and events make this journey an exciting adventure for all fans of the genre.

Plot and actions

Rising in the east, the sun shone brightly in the mountain valley, looked at the rice fields and the rocky gorge, where an unknown fighter meditated since yesterday. The black silhouette finally moved and went to the village, to the house of the faithful teacher for the last exam. We will have to defeat several students and fight with the master – and if everything goes well, then the adventure will continue, but already in the rank of the royal defender.

Combat system

The Age of Wushu Dynasty project is reminiscent of a role-based action film with active battles, automatic search for the way, and an amazing atmosphere of oriental culture. Characters are equipped with thematic armor and run between medieval houses, consisting only of wood. Battles, too, effects and a millimeter do not lag behind the common bar – jumping, dodging, precise punches with swords and fists.

Development and skills

In Age of Wushu Dynasty, everything is taught the first ten minutes – first, you have to select a character, then – a martial arts school, and after the passed exam you will have to pick up the equipment. But most importantly – to monitor the hero’s performance: agility, strength, vitality. Forgetting at least a few elements, it will be difficult to move forward on the storyline! Therefore, download Age of Wushu Dynasty right now – do not miss it!

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A network shooter with slasher elements is similar to the GGO world from the second season of SAO. A wide arsenal of weapons includes, in addition to the gunshot, even braids and katana, which you can easily cut the enemy in half. Thanks to a large number of acrobatic techniques, the gameplay is extremely dynamic. Beautiful graphics, an atmosphere in the spirit of cyberpunk and realistic physics of damage – are the characteristic features of Warframe.

Warframe is an online shooter in which players release the solar system from the mutants, robots, and zombies that have filled it. The battle between the players is not here. There are only one-on-one friendly duels, and they are not available immediately but only when your clan gets a special room on the base.

Warframe is entirely built on a joint game. Solar system players save in groups up to four fighters, passing missions, which on average last from five minutes to half an hour. Such missions in the game are more than two hundred. For everyone, it is known in advance which scenery it will pass, who will be the enemy, and what the task is. Hostile organizations are three: similar to the super mutants from Fallout clones-totalitarian Grineer, robots mega corporations Corpus, and plague zombie mutants like necromorphs from Dead Space.

Each mission begins with the fact that you get to the level through the ventilation shaft. Assignments are of ten different types, among which is the destruction of all living things, and defense against the endless waves of enemies, and sabotage, espionage, and scourge of all genres – escort. But, going on a mission even for the hundredth time, you never know what awaits you. For each session, a new card is randomly generated. In the course of the mission, additional tasks or unexpected difficulties may appear, such as fires, spills of liquid nitrogen, or detachments of another faction, joyfully scorching both you and your opponents.

The missions pass quickly, furiously, and cheerfully, albeit a little confusedly. As expected in a good shooter, the control is easy to master but the master is not easy to become. Each player is initially given three types of weapons: a pistol, a rifle, and a katana. Later you can arm yourself with a flamethrower, even with a bow and arrows. And in the hands of this master, there is no weapon more terrible than katana.

Investing real money will seriously simplify your life but do not expect to buy a victory: the best outfit is not for sale.

If battles are the flesh of the game, then production and trade are her blood. New exoskeletons, weapons, support drones – all have to buy or do it yourself. If you play seriously, get ready to spend a lot of time in the workshop and even more – in search of drawings, resources, and mods.

The impression of the game is only spoiled by the levels. There are several designers in the game, from which zones are generated but almost all of them, except the semi-secret Abyssal Towers, are military-industrial labyrinths. In this universe, there are no jungles, no city ruins, no living quarters, no open spaces. Only corridors, boxes, metal platforms, boxes, rusty pipes, boxes, hanging wires, barrels, and boxes. It seems that this is the main crime of the invaders: they forced the entire solar system into boxes.

If you like to fight together with friends against hordes of computer monsters, it is worth at least pay attention at Warframe.

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AdventureQuest Worlds

AdventureQuest 3D – is a quality role-playing game from the Korean manufacturer of Entertainment  LLC.

Rules and history

The developers of role-playing thriller AdventureQuest 3D immediately positioned it as a beautifully designed cross-platform entertainment in MMORPG format – in real time, users from completely different systems are able to work together with bosses and raids, battles among guilds, and dangerous sieges. In the second plan, the main features of the genre – several classes, customizable inventory, and a rich database of tasks – have been placed.

Characters and Places

In AdventureQuest 3D, it’s easy to turn from a beginner into a professional – it’s enough to finish a five-minute training and carefully study the given tips, the rest will already come with experience. Most of the time, incidentally, will have to navigate the locations, collect items and cross forces with allies. Everything is decorated with dignity – beautiful levels, nice characters.

At the very beginning of the AdventureQuest 3D application, you are invited to go through a small quest-training. With it, the user can quickly adapt to the management and understand the main goals and features of the game. Entertainment LLC made the main emphasis on the schedule. This application, probably, is one of the most colorful games in its genre. All fights have good special effects, and the characterization of the characters is at a high level.

In the game, there is a donation system, which does not greatly affect the process itself. Since everything that is available in the store can be purchased for the game currency. Very often RPG games suffer from the fact that they have uncomfortable control because this genre is dynamic and it is necessary to show your reaction. This application does not have such a disadvantage but rather vice versa. The soundtrack is successfully selected.

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Are you ready to plunge into the world of the multiplayer role-playing game?


So, meet Wartune Hall of Heroes, here you are waiting for millions of players, typical for these games mobs, which can fill the level. Pull to the last level, complete many tasks and get a chance to get to the legendary hall of fame, in which the names of the best players are located. In addition to the habitual killing of bots and the execution of tasks, players are available global PvP battles, in which you can invite your friends. In addition, by assembling a small community, you can create your own Guild and participate in the battles with a team back-to-back with time-tested players.

As for the classes, it’s not very dense; the user can choose a warrior-knight, a clever and accurate archer or magician, a weak hand-to-hand combat but with powerful spells. As in many such games, you buy a variety of armor, weapons and other useful items.

Passage of game

The first levels of the multiplayer role-playing game Wartune: Hall of Heroes begin with detailed training, a plot prologue and insignificant details about the game world. Players will quickly master – a few buttons for movement, the use of special skills, a set of commands and a change of equipment, take a few seconds and are performed intuitively. Gradually, players will find valuable items, gain allies and go to big cities, where they are allowed to communicate with real players, exchange items and even enter into pacts that help to go to dangerous dungeons together, sharing experience and values.

Download the game Wartune Hall of Heroes on your phone or tablet and participate in epic battles involving various monsters and players from around the world.

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BLEACH Brave Souls

BLEACH Brave Souls – is a scale MMORPG in the Japanese style.

Long time there was no quality role-playing games with slasher elements. This game should fix this situation for the better because, in it, you will find a wide variety of characters with unique skills, and, of course, the enemies with whom you have to fight for life and death.

The game is made in the best traditions of action-RPG with colorful Japanese stylistics, which is sure to appeal to all the fans of anime. After a short training, you are waiting for the first meeting with a large boss, overcoming of which, you must return to the village and improve the characteristics of your hero.

In addition to the company mode, in which you need to go through small missions, fighting both small enemies and larger bosses, you can try your hand at opposing other players.

During the passage of the levels, you can switch between characters, clicking on the icon you need in the upper left corner, the replacement is very fast and you can immediately enter into a fight with the enemies. Quests are executed very quickly, monsters, at first, are too weak and die with a couple of blows, but soon they will become much stronger and you will have to do more to kill them.

Last but not least, this is the graphic part of the game, which is performed in the best possible way. All locations, characters, monsters, and effects – hand-drawn in an anime style, looks simply amazing, and music is written by professional musicians so that it’s better to play it with headphones.

BLEACH Brave Souls – the best recently slasher with a convenient control and a full system of pumping characters.

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Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order – is a game in the style of JRPG for the popular anime, which was re-embodied through a fairly competent franchise, initiated by Fate/Stay Night. The plot of the game takes in 2015, to the summit of the Chaldean Security Organization, which reveals that the whole existence of mankind is in danger, if not take any action within a year. Scientists can identify the reasons for a possible so epic catastrophe – it’s all an anomaly that appeared in the city of Fuyuki in late 2004. Your mission will be to travel through time together with a group of special agents, to challenge destiny, to prevent the very appearance of a threat, and thereby save the world.

At the very beginning of the game, you need to create your own special agent, select his gender, and come up with a name for him. In long conversations in this game, you can also show the individuality of your character thanks to the ability to switch between different dialogs. Of course, you can always skip a couple of chats but this is definitely not recommended. The story line Fate/Grand Order is one of the main advantages of the game, that’s why it’s worth spending time reading the dialogues and narration.

Long conversations are not the only feature of Fate/Grand Order. During all the adventures you will fight with all the enemies that will meet in your path, which means that you will be involved in a head-to-head step-by-step battle. Having a dozen different “servants” ready to go with you to the battle, you will be responsible for using their special qualities, as well as balancing their strengths and weaknesses, without forgetting the individuality. Many of them, by the way, are old-timers and were present even in the first part of the saga.

Fate/Grand Order – this is an epic game in the genre of JRPG with a dramatic storyline and an excellent (according to some ingenious) tactical combat system. Given all of the above, we can say with confidence that this is an outstanding game of high quality at all levels. Obviously, it has great graphics and a great soundtrack, which together provides an excellent gaming experience.

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Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is a free multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) using a non-target system that gives the player full control over all the actions of the character! It is said that Dragon Nest was originally developed as a console slasher, but in the course of development, the creators focused on the online component, without giving up the first ideas.


The company-developer deservedly is proud of the plot line. We all have long been accustomed to the fact that in online games there is the world that has its own prehistory and a general concept of development. In it, each character is one of a thousand inhabitants or soldiers fighting for a better life. On the way, the player performs meaningless quests, helping one or another NPC  “save his garden from pests”.

In Dragon Nest, you find yourself in a world created by the Goddess Altea, she is in eternal sleep after her own sister poisoned her. The antidote can be created only from a source of poison – a magical Grail – hidden somewhere in the world. Players have to destroy all evil dragons in order to find the stones of power. Then they can talk to the sleeping goddess about where to look for the Grail, how to wake it up and, of course, how to save the world. NPCs are thought through to the smallest detail, beginning with kinships between residents of cities and ending with individual voices and characters. The company does not shy away from the sane fun, and even the most serious quests brought a share of humor.


The main emphasis of the game is on battles, and they are really gorgeous. Moving away from the usual “click-hit” scheme, the gameplay of Dragon Nest brings many new interesting experiences with it. The heroes have a basic and special attack, tied to the left and right mouse buttons. What is remarkable for each class is different ways of attack: for example, a priest is a kick, and a magician has a hit with a book. Such details are peculiar to console actions.

Graphics and exacting

In terms of graphics, the game can be called exemplary. The entire game world is drawn carefully and carefully. The bosses are diverse and perfectly detailed, capable of inspiring fear or, at the very least, causing an exclamation: “What is this? It will kill me now! “. Of course, lovers of classic MMORPG will find the schedule “child” and “anime”, but the supporters of console games, it will not surprise, even, on the contrary, it seems very familiar and pleasant. The effects of character skills look particularly great. The game takes very little space on the hard drive and is undemanding to the configuration of the computer, like most MMORPGs. It is noteworthy that you can play in Dragon Nest and on the gamepad, but this is for fans of new sensations in the genre MMORPG.


In general, the game makes a favorable impression. An excellent combat system, a variety of options for character growth, exciting PvP.  For those who like action games and slashers, or who just want to change the familiar environment, we recommend trying this game.

Elsword Online

When hit online toys appear on mobile devices, most of the time the feelings from the game do not coincide with the emotions of the “big” version. But this does not apply to Elsword – a cool online RPG, which united fans of anime around the world.

Elsword showed that you can play a little but just as much fun – that’s what makes it different from many RPGs.

The first time Elsword starts, it begins loading data. It should be noted that this process is long – you need to be patient. The most interesting thing begins after unpacking all the packages – the choice of the hero. A total of three characters are available in different suits and with different styles of combat.

Each hero can receive up to 3 different skills, earning experience in online battles. Also, it is possible to pump out unique forces for an individual character, for example, magic or various weapons. Of course, in the mobile version of Elsword, there are fancy costumes – more than a hundred different improvements are available for each of the heroes.

Management in the game is very simple: on the left are the buttons of the movement, and to the right – the jump and strike. To the location of the elements you get used quickly, so there should not be problems with incorrect movements during battles. In addition, by hitting the hit button, the character will be able to continuously attack the opponents while you are determined with a further action plan.

Plus, everything, since Elsword is an online game, the opportunity to cooperate with other players is also there. You can join the clan and try yourself in different genres of gameplay.

In general, Elsword can be called a typical representative of RPG-toys but with a beautiful 2.5D-graphics and a variety of ways to pumping an anime hero. If you cannot master literature and movies in this style, you will not be able to do it, then Elsword will be an excellent option for familiarizing with such a culture.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders

Lague of Angeles: Fire Raiders – is a classic role-playing game in which you have to choose one of the parties – Evil or Good – to become a participant in militant history in real time!

Throw lightning and curses at the enemies! Fire and terrible spells! Twist the plot of the game on the most unexpected trajectories and spirals of your imagination! Change the game world wherever your Hero appears!

The goal is to lead the army of angels; smash hordes of enemies – demons and their henchmen. And in order to finally defeat the enemy, you need to penetrate into his lair – to seize the impregnable Fortress of the Demon Prince, and, thus, to become the only one who survived this trial – Legend!

League of Angeles: Fire Riders – game algorithm


  1. Choose a Guardian Angel for yourself – update it regularly.
  2. From the long line of mercenaries, select only the best – gather the team.
  3. Collect the League of Angels – lead the army of Light.
  4. Fight to death with the offspring of Hell.


  1. Arsenal is constantly updated.
  2. Equip your army with unique weapons, armor, and spells.
  3. Bleach your warriors – they must scorch the enemies with one glance.
  4. Promote your Hero and Guardian Angel – he’s your brain center on the battlefield.
  5. Learn the spells.
  6. Collect the League of Angels.
  7. Create a full-fledged team – harnessing the conflicting abilities of all your fighters – only in this way you can win the decisive battles.

Single and Team battles:

  1. Participate in battles on local and cross-verge arenas.
  2. Create your own, or participate in existing leagues and guilds.
  3. Show what you are capable of in multiplayer battles!

League of Angeles: Fire Riders is an evolutionary breakthrough in RPG games! Download – fight, conjure, and win – right now!

If you know a game that looks like Sword Art Online but it’s not on this list, please write a comment below. This way you will help others with the choice of the game.
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