11 Best Unit Converter Apps for Android & iOS

How painful it is to know all units and their conversions by heart not mentioning the converting itself. Exchange your money while traveling; check school mathematical tasks; make some calculations for a major project… You will need a digital helper – units converter app.

Why apps for unit converting is necessary? First of all, they save time dramatically. Secondly, they a more accurate and will never make even a minor mistake that may cause dramatic consequences. Finally, they will keep you on top of things in the world of never-stable currencies.

This article is aimed at covering 11 Best Unit Converter Apps for iOS and Android. You will find their special features and tools that ease life incredibly.


ConvertPad       ConvertPad        ConvertPad  

ConvertPad is the most complete unit converter. It has a variety of different units of measurement from length and speed to clothing sizes and TOEFL Scores as well as currencies.

It is also possible to customize and feature your own units by inserting its name and the function for necessary calculations.

You can also do basic mathematical computations right in this app because it includes a calculator.


Convert Units for free

Convert Units for free  Convert Units for free

A powerful analog for iOS is Convert Units. It is intuitive and includes a lot of units of diverse types, so it will go for professional and habitual purposes.

You may set several more not listed units for converting. Any of your calculations may be saved to have quick access to what you have already counted. And the biggest merit of this app is that it is free.


Units – Free Unit Converter

Units – Free Unit Converter     Units – Free Unit Converter      Units – Free Unit Converter

A user-friendly app created for iOS Units will also a great choice. All units set in are combined in a scroll, so it is very convenient. The app also saves all your results to enable you to search quickly all figures that you need.

What special about it is that it includes a built-in ruler that may be used at any time to take little and swift measurements.


Super Unit Converter

Super Unit ConverterSuper Unit Converter     Super Unit Converter

If you don’t want to overload your app with unneeded units, Super Unit Converter will help you to design the array of them yourself. You just have to choose the number of units in settings that should be shown in your scroll.

A long list of units is standard but it doesn’t include an option for creating your own one. So, if you don’t need any sophisticating additional things, this app will suit your needs amply.


Unit Converter

Unit Converter      Unit Converter      Unit Converter

A beautifully set Unit Converter will appear very useful for those who enjoy having everything in order. All functions divided into 4 sections: basic, living, science, and misc; and each of which has subgroups. Moreover, they are featured in different colors.

It is possible to select units that are needed and to hide those which are not in use. While converting, you will see all possible conversions in all units of this type.



Converter+      Converter+       Converter+

Converter+ possesses all basic functions in terms of unit conversion. The interface is user-friendly and may be customized for your preferences and necessities to avoid excess pieces of measurement. In addition, you may use a calculator to perform some extra counting to not waste time.

What is useful is that there is a possibility to calculate mortgage as formulas are already set into the app. That is why you will be able to take control of your finances. There are even more templates of the same kind covering most of your everyday problems to do with calculations: fuel consumption (for this you may also use apps mentioned in our article about free fuel calculator apps), currency, tip, etc.


Engineering Unit Converter

Engineering Unit Converter     Engineering Unit Converter     Engineering Unit Converter

One of the most stylish apps of this array, Engineering Unit Converter, is designed for Android and retains majorly all units. It is almost customized with the possibility of selecting usable units and the top 10 of them will be automatically put in the Frequent tab.

The app can display compound units, for example, ‘hours; minutes; seconds’ that may help not only to do with such routine like time but also for some professional issues. Among advanced features, there are also abilities of mortgage calculation, radix conversion, display physical constant, and UTM (latitude-longitude) coordinates conversion.


Unit Converter Ultimate

Unit Converter Ultimate      Unit Converter Ultimate

We can also propose you to try out Unit Converter Ultimate. The overwhelming majority of users were satisfied with how easy it is to employ. While converting you select the units that you need right under the numbers and you may change them at any moment. For better convenience, all units of measurement are combined in groups.

The app is available in different languages which may be chosen in settings along with the mode: dark or light. You may choose a group separator as well: dot, comma, space, or none.


Mila’s Tools

Mila’s Tools      Mila’s Tools

Mila’s Tool has a strict style with the background of the granite color. There is a search field at the top of the page to swiftly find the position that you are looking for. You can also scroll through the list of units gathered into sections.

Among unique and useful features, this app is great for Blood Sugar unit converter.

As long as it is proclaimed as a customizable app, you can hide the tools you don’t need to not clutter the space.


All-in-one Unit Converter

All-in-one Unit Converter   All-in-one Unit Converter    All-in-one Unit Converter

If you are an engineer, architect, or need to make some calculations for professional purposes, All-in-one Unit Converter will make your work gradually easier. There is a calculator that works even for long expressions, units devoted to multiple subjects like radiology, electricity, engineering, fluids, heat, light.

Besides these tools, the app includes cooking volume which will be of the highest importance to stick to new recipes without problems.



GlobeConvert    GlobeConvert     GlobeConvert

The last but not least unit converter that has all functions for effective work is GlobeConvert. There are a lot of different units that are set in clusters to enhance navigation.

The app shows the dynamic of more than 160 currencies changes and regularly updates information about the course.

The app is very colorful and the user may choose the shade they love most. One more customized feature is that the app includes an array of ‘favorites’ to find stuff as fast as possible.


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