5 Best Snake Identification Apps for Android & iOS

Snakes are beautiful and elegant animals. However, it is quite hard to identify them if you have no education in zoology.

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Now you don’t have to keep all the things in mind and memorize species, just delegate it to a good app. In this article, you will find cool options for Android and iOS users.


SnakeSnap-logoThis is a great mobile app to recognize various snakes’ types. It is simple and powerful, and now let’s see why.

All the app’s options can be roughly divided into 2 categories – one section is educational (it has articles and descriptions), another one is scanner, and it requires subscription. If you plan to use the app regularly, then you should better go for a yearly subscription, which will save you money and time.

How does the scanner work? Well, you need to do these steps:

  • When you have downloaded the app, you need to give the permissions it asks for. The most important one is the access to camera.
  • Take a photo of the snake. Please be careful! If you don’t know what snake it is, always remember it can be dangerous. This is why don’t get too close to this animal when taking a picture.
  • Wait for the result. The app will use the AI principles to analyze the photo. It usually takes about 5 seconds to fulfill the operation.

SnakeSnap doesn’t collect sensitive data about you, which allows you not to worry about your safety.

Both Android and iOS users can enjoy this amazing service.

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SnakeCheck Snake Identification

snakecheck-logo-1If you have a photo of a snake, and you want to identify it, try SnakeCheck! It can recognize a snake in a few seconds.

How does the app work? Just like other tools listed here, it uses artificial intelligence to analyze your image.

Then you need to tap on a button ‘Click to classify an image’. Then a few options that match your image will appear on your screen. Tap on the option that looks like your snake most.

If the app is confused and can’t give you a precise result, it will give you a few options and the percentage. For instance, if one type gets 70%, it means your snake is highly likely to belong to it.

The app collects some info about you, such as usage data. However, it won’t be given to a third party.

You can download SnakeCheck from the App Store, as well as Google Play at no cost.

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Snake identification

snake-identification-logo-1If your aim is educational and you want to learn more about snakes, Snake identification is what you have to try. It is easy and effective at the same time.

This app is actually a database of various cards devoted to snakes. When you open it for the first time, you will see that it looks like a book. The only difference is that you can find content much easier.

First of all, you can search by categories. All the content is divided into groups, enabling you to save your time.

Secondly, you can set filters to skip the options you don’t need to see. Even if you know little about the snake, you may still try to look for it by its color or size.

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What is more, the app has some data about the danger. If the snake is dangerous, there will be an alert, which is better not to ignore.

At the moment, Snake Identification is available for iOS users only.

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snakepedia-logo-1Here comes a fantastic database of snakes. Combined with powerful search mechanisms, it helps people from all around the world to recognize snakes by camera.

Why should you give Snakepedia a try? Well, there are at least three reasons to do it: 

  1. The content is ad-free, meaning a loud and unexpected app won’t distract you from learning snakes. 
  2. General info is available even when you are disconnected from the Internet. Check the basic facts about snakes offline
  3. Search snakes by their features or names. All the species are divided into groups, enabling you to find the info about species much faster. 

Snakepedia is a great application. Users love its UI with a simple navigation.

The app is available on Google Play at no cost.

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Snake Identification By Photo

snake-identification-logo-1-1Do you want to identify snakes instantly? Now it is possible! You can do it using some facts about your snake or by its image.

When you see a snake, try to get a bit closer to it and open the app. This will ensure that the photo has a good quality. However, avoid standing too close, as the snake might be dangerous.

Take a photo and wait for the app to do the rest for you. Then you will see the species it belongs to.

The app is often updated, meaning more and more species are added all the time.

You can download this cool database of snakes on Google Play for free.

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