BizConnect App Review

Can you imagine how it can be difficult to manage all your business tasks? BizConnect App is an excellent business tool! If you are looking for an accurate card scanner and QR-code reader, hurry up to download this application!
When you open the app, you do not have to waste time on the registration procedure.

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You can log in via Facebook, E-mail, Google, or LinkedIn. On the homepage of the app, there are all the necessary management options – leads, teams, tasks, reports, activities, revenue.


BizConnect App boasts a great multifunction. Firstly, the app can scan an unlimited number of business cards and QR-codes with 100% accuracy in any language.

The included section Holder shows you such parameters as data import/export, adding contacts, and creating teams. If you need, you can add the scans to your contacts and export the data to Excel, Google, Outlook, or your mobile phone.

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Plus, the app offers you to create groups and add your team members to keep track of your workflow. The integrated report function enables you to enhance your business performance by checking your revenue and leads reports for the last 7/30 days.

BizConnect App provides a special section Listing, which allows you to promote your business or select business matching from the available ones according to your area. With a help of the incorporated CRM function, you can increase your sales level, optimize marketing, and improve customer service.


In addition to scanner and reader facilities, the app ensures a convenient messenger. You can easily import your contacts from Google or Outlook – call, chat or share cards with them. The app provides simple contacts management – keep your contacts in one place and sort them by date, company, or name.

BizConnect App guarantees reliable customer assistance. In case of any difficulties, you can chat with a support specialist. Besides, the manufacturer stands firmly behind your data safety and protects your intellectual property rights.

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The app has a classical design, which makes the app interface quite easy to use. It comes with a 30-days free version, but if you want, you can buy the Premium version at a reasonable price.



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