7 Best Board Game Timer Apps For Android & iOS

Planning to spend an evening with your friends at a board game? Know of any players in your circle who procrastinate so much that the game gets unreasonably long or stops being interesting? Solve this problem and save the atmosphere of friendly gatherings with these best board game timer apps for Android & iOS. 

Do you have a big company of friends living in different cities or even countries? If so, you can still have fun together using these best online board game apps.

Board Game Timer

The convenient user interface and bright design distinguish this Board Game Timer app from similar services.

A timer allows you to keep track of game time for the company of up to eight players. There are two-time tracking modes.

You can keep a total count of time for each player or set a time limit. That is, the player must make a move before the display shows “0”.

An extra nice bonus is that the app has dice that will help determine the order of players’ moves or who will start the game first. Download the app to make your games more dynamic and exciting.


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Game Timer

This game timer is simple and easy to use. It comes with a minimalistic interface, so as not to distract from the main process of the game.

Designed primarily for fans of board games. Allows you to ensure the observance of timing for games that involve making a move or action in a certain amount of time. Or make the process of playing the game more complex, and dynamic.

The app allows you to track time in two ways. The first way allows you to control the time of each player’s move. The second is similar to a chess clock. That is, players get the same game time, and as they make each move, they use it up.

The player whose time up leaves the game unless the rules specify otherwise. For example, you only need to keep track of the time a player has exceeded. You can use the timer for other events where you need the time tracking methods supported by the app.


Chess Timer

Chess Timer is designed for chess players – amateurs and professionals. Allows you to replace the standard chess clock and play a full-fledged chess game.

It also allows you to control the time of the chess game. For the convenience of the players are convenient timer buttons, the background of which you can choose for yourself.

The app allows you to set the same or different times for the players. You can also set the addition or delay time.

For the convenience of the players, there is an option to create a time template. This allows you to save time for the next game, you immediately start the game with pre-set time parameters. Another useful feature is the ability to stop the game time if such a need arises.

The timer allows you to see information about the total number of moves of the players, and the added time.

The app will also inform players about the end of the time of the game. An excellent tool for chess players, allowing you to enjoy the full game in situations where there is no chess clock. 


Turns Timer

Turns Timer is an excellent assistant for organizing and conducting games, where it is necessary to control the time of the players. In the first place, of course, chess.

The classic chess clock timer is different in that in this case there are two clocks. For the players, you can set the same time, or each his own. It is also possible to enter the names of the players.

The game starts with the start of the first timer. To stop it, you need to press the button, which is located in the center. By pressing the button you not only stop the current timer but also start the next timer. It is possible to manually define the timer that will switch next.

If the time of a particular timer has expired, it is excluded from the game. In this case, the competition continues for the other players. And so on, until the winner is determined.

Distinctive features of the app are the ability to customize the sound, as well as the presence of the time scale on the screen. It informs the players of the time that has elapsed for each of the moves.

Everything is convenient and informative. Nothing unnecessary, so as not to distract users from the game.


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Chess Clock

Chess Clock is an app for chess players. Convenient and free for users. Without intrusive advertising.

The program can run on any device, in portrait or landscape orientation. It is a game timer, which can fully replace your chess clock. Large and convenient buttons will not lose even a second of playing time.

The app’s settings allow you to access your favorite time items at the touch of a button. Players will be able to set and control the main game time. It is also possible to control extra time or delay a move if it is provided by the conditions of the particular game.

Advanced players will appreciate the app’s support of multi-step time control. Such control is typical for tournaments, when the game must be played in a certain number of moves and at the same time, in the specific time allocated for the game.

If the app stops working, the clock will automatically pause. Players also have the ability to manually stop the clock. When the time of the player has expired, you get a sound signal.


Time to Play

Time to Play app is a game timer. Convenient, with a nice interface. You can use it for any board games that require control of playing time. This may be chess, different card games, monopoly, and many others.

Using it is easy. All you need is to determine the player’s turn time. To start the timer you have to press a button. To inform the player of the passage of time, the color of the timer changes.

The timer turns red and a beep sounds. Users have the ability to pause the timer and save its settings. If the app pauses, the last value remains in memory.

In addition to the timer, the app has dice. You can use them as normal game dice or determine the order of players’ turns.

The app will help you have fun with your friends while playing board games. Now, none of the players will be able to drag out the game time. This will allow the fight on the playing field to be dynamic and sharp.


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Shared Board Game Timer

Use this Shared Board Game Timer app for any board game. It is easy to use.

Unlike similar apps, it has many unique features. For example, you will be able to synchronize several devices, that is, each player at the table will have his or her own timer.

When you move to each of the next players, the information about this changes on the screens of the phones of the whole company.

This is convenient, no need to reach across the table to press the timer button or pass your phone to each other. It’s also possible to customize the rounds. At the end of another round, players have time to make changes to the game, discuss it, or just take a little break.

There is an option to undo the last action if you accidentally pressed the wrong key. A speech synthesizer function allows the program to call out the names of the player to whom the turn has passed. This saves you from having to constantly look at the phone screen.

You can use the scorecard to summarize the game. Your task is to specify the parameters of the filling and to enter numerical values.

The program itself will summarize and determine the winner. And many other useful features that distinguish it from other apps and make it a full-fledged assistant for the game.

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