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Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who focus on the power of their people and achieve success. After all, success is so much more than achieving your goals and objectives. Without people, your business will not exist. Yet, how to do the “people thing” well is commonly misunderstood and not practiced enough by leaders.

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We all know people are important to our business’s success, yet, we complicate this. Are you tired of….

  • Thinking about all the things necessary to secure a Brilliant Business in the 21st Century?
  • Helping your people become more understanding of one another?
  • Frustrated with figuring out how to keep morale high?
  • Tired of banging your head against the wall because your team isn’t delivering?
  • Knowing you have a powerhouse of people, but don’t know how to develop them for their own good and the good of your business?
  • Struggling with how to have more effective communications?
  • Navigating which approach to engagement is best for your business and your people – including yourself.

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Brilliant Biz Book

Small Business Success rules have changed. Small Business Owners need to learn how to win at business in the 21st century. We have Brilliant Practicing ExpertsTM who share wisdom to help improve you and your business’s performance: Profitability, People (relationships), Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business.

Our Expert Presenters want you to succeed. Daily, beginning on May 24th, daily we will add more content through the 27th. We want to make sure you are growing your business post-pandemic and focus on your greatest asset – your people! Remember: This is at no-cost to you! I know it’s springtime and we all have baseball fever, but we aren’t a baseball team so we won’t be pitching anything!

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You can remotely attend the 2021 Brilliant Business SummitTM for free in real-time throughout the week. Monday through Thursday we’ll have 3 presentations in the style of interviews and training videos to support your Focus on People Power.

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If you want more, each presentation has an option to further engage with the presenter to dive a little deeper into supporting your business’s People Performance. There’s no pitch-fest here. We are offering high value to you and your business.



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