Splash Cars App Review

Splash Cars is a racing game that definitely deserves attention! The idea of the game is very interesting and not trivial. You need to drive a car around the city, painting everything around in different colors. However, it is not so simple – the police are chasing you!

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Splash Cars are absolutely free and don’t require registration. In the Setup menu, adjust music, volume, and select language. Click on the Play tab. In the menu at the top, you will see the damage percentage and gas mileage. Therefore, try not to crash into various obstacles and pick up cans of gasoline along the way.


If the indicators are at zero, the game will end. Also, in the upper right corner is the percentage of the color of the map. If you color city cars, they will also help you color the map faster. Try to color as much as possible! Magnets reflect your energy.

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Your task is to earn 3 stars and get coins and bonuses for the level, for example, freezing the police. With the coins won, you can open a new city map and buy a new car. As you progress through the game, a large number of unique cars are available to you. You can even buy a tank! You can paint each one in a designer color!


The controls are simple and straightforward, even children can enjoy this fun game. The car starts moving automatically, stopping only in those cases when it collided with an obstacle. The car is controlled by virtual buttons – left-right. You will need your agility and maneuverability!


The game stands out for its bright and colorful graphics. It has beautiful scenery of a metropolis and a high-quality drawing of cars. Driving into unpainted areas is accompanied by dynamic background music that perfectly reflects a riot of colors.

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You can play both alone and in multiplayer mode, which involves participation in competitions. Color the dull reality in all colors of the rainbow with the Splash Cars game! It will be fun and entertaining!


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