22 Best Buying Shoes Apps For Android & iOS

One the most recent sneakers features is the connectivity with your phone, naturally. That makes the Internet of Things sound like Internet of Dirty Shoes in my head. Anyways, before you connect your shoes to anything you have to buy them first. And it helps not to wear out your current shoes while looking for new ones. That’s where good ol’ best buying shoes apps come in handy. Besides, you can just look at shoes on your phone instead of cute kittens as well.


Unlaced is a cool app with a cool interface. With that interface, it offers release calendar with notifications and sneaker news. This app is a news aggregator to some extent as it collects news from the best sneaker websites.

Through the collection catalog, you can also buy shoes. There is also a sharing feature that will make your Facebook page look even fuller with content.

Obviously, the disadvantage of this app is that you wanna buy everything.

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J23 – Jordan Release Dates and History

The J23 app works with a specific brand. You stay updated on Jordan’s latest releases and news. You will never miss a thing by Jordan once you get this installed.

Also, this app is quite educational. You get to read the history of Jordan brand since 1985 and Jordan Brand athletes as well.

Users say that the J23 app works without glitches and does the job perfectly in general.

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The most popular sneaker app on the market. KicksOnFire is the authority on sneakers. It offers everything, from basic things like release dates to actual prices and deals. You also get to access the biggest Sneaker Marketplace via Kixify. And only positive comments on the latest version here.

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Sneaker Crush


I would call this one just a regular steady app. It provides the release dates and news. It works the best with Nike and Jordan Brand-related things. And, of course, you can share every detail on social media.

One unique thing about it – it works offline as well.

Get Sneaker Crush Free For iOS Here Get Sneaker Crush Free For Android Here


The biggest social network dedicated to people who love sneakers is what this is. Sneakers app is an amalgamation of the best sources like sneaker blogs, store locators, and detailed calendars. Features like sharing, and others, help the app thrive in the hype of sneaker culture.

Two unique things about Sneakers app – it works offline as well.

And the second thing is that Sneakers is an actual integrated social network equipped with direct messaging and forums.

Get Sneakers Free For iOS Here Get Sneakers Free For Android Here


ShopStyle primarily helps you to make additions to your wardrobe. This app connects you to products from 1,400+ retailers and brands, so there are a few spots for shoes as well. Mostly ShopStyle works with Nike and Adidas.

You can even set up alerts to check out when your favorites become available.

Also, you can create wish-lists, include favorite deals of the season if you want.

Get ShopStyle Free For iOS Here Get ShopStyle Free For Android Here


Poshmark is a completely different thing. It is one the best destinations for finding pre-used clothing and shoes. The sellers can’t really cheat here as they have to post pictures of the items. This is where things are really cheap.

Once you fill up your wardrobes and shelves with cheap things you can start thinking about consigning your items as well. The app works both ways.

Get Poshmark Free For iOS Here Get Poshmark Free For Android Here


Install this app if you like Zara footware. Zara app for  Zara things.

Apple pay works with this in a few countries like USA, UK, Canada, France and Spain. Just what you need.

But the actual app sometimes gets glitching with new updates.

Anyways, now you know where to get Zara.

Get Zara Free For iOS Here Get Zara Free For Android Here

Amazon App

We nearly compiled half the apps’ list when we remembered the Giant of Consumerism Age, the Amazon. Like everything else, you can buy shoes at Amazon too. You get free shipment with the PRIME feature.

Another sweet thing is the Amazon’s deals. Gold Box Deals that include the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals make this app worth downloading.

Automatic shipment notifications are something to sign-up for.

And the super cool feature is the scanning. You scan barcodes and check out the price on Amazon.

But we also found a disadvantage here – Amazon works only in English and Japanese languages. That’s worse than mediocre compared to all the other apps.

Get Amazon App Free For iOS Here Get Amazon App Free For Android Here


This is also a mega e-retailer and it’s got a variety of languages. And Asos has free shipping for $40+ orders just as well.

The app can sync up to Apple watch for sale alerts, another cool feature.

Sale alerts are available as well. So, you could save at least some cash for food and water.

Get Amazon App Free For iOS Here Get Amazon App Free For Android Here

Keep Shopping

The Keep Shopping app solves the problem of problem of endless wish-lists with a scrollable feed of items that you can buy on the spot. And of course, the app also shows when an item goes on sale, and the things trending now things. You keep the product and then the app alerts you when it goes on sale.




Get Amazon App Free For Android Here


The app that works only for women. Somewhat feminist, but also discriminating of men. Shopbop has one of the best fashion and accessory selections on the out there. For starters, it offers 800 of the trendiest labels. Alerts are available and you can totally customize them. Plus you can keep track of your favorite items, that’s called “hearts!”.

Nice little (or big) thing: the Amazon Prime account gets you free 2-day shipping here too.

Get Shopbop Free For iOS Here



With Mona, you get a personal AI-powered shopping assistant. This AI Mona quickly learns your fashion preferences by analyzing your feedback and e-mails on previous purchases. That way, Mona can better recommend new items from retailers to look good on you.
Of course, you can set up alerts on new releases and sales.

It’s too bad this AI is mostly for clothes and only on iOS but you can find shoes here as well.

Currently unavailable



There is one awesome feature about JackThreads. With the recent rebirth, the company allows customers try-before-they-buy option, like Warby Parker. You order an item via the company’s mobile app or website, and then you have 5 days to decide which pieces you want to keep or return. And you are charged only for items you keep!

Mind you, this is not one of the biggest stores.



Get JackThreads Free For Android Here


The Wish app offers similar items with a better display as eBay does. But this app handles users’ profiles more transparently than other sites.

For starters, Wish keeps track of your searches and names them as tags. Later on, they show up as your favorite tags in your account. That also configures your main feed.

Since Wish is also a European retailer it’s available with a ton of languages.

And it works with Windows OS too.

Get Wish Free For iOS Here Get Wish Free For Android Here


Stylect allocates quite a bit of space for shoes. In fact, it used to pitch itself as the one app to find “all the shoes in the world” and presented over 10,000 brands. Currently, Stylect only supports women’s shoes, but what they still have the pretty wide range from affordable to exquisite. The handy filters help to narrow down the huge selection of shoes.



YOOX is also about a wide range of products for customer. Shop for everything from the best Italian and international designers, including footwear, of course.

You start with creating your personal account. Updates and promotions get sent to that accoiunt in real time.

Get Inspired section in the upper left corner helps you to find things when you are feeling whimsical.

Or you can narrow down the search though filters.

And Dream Box is Yoox’s word for a wish-list.

Get YOOX Free For iOS Here Get YOOX Free For Android Here


Vinted is not just another fashion app. This is only a second app on this list that allows you to buy and sell “gently” used articles. You can find vintage things from any brand. There is an entirely searchable catalog to find great deals.

Ability to talk to sellers directly helps a lot.

You can do the selling, too. Take a pic and put a price on it. Once you made the sell, money goes directly to your bank account.

Get Vinted Free For iOS Here Get Vinted Free For Android Here


OK, after Vinted, Tradesy does not look like anything new, but it still is an awesome marketplace for buying and selling quality things between people.

9% commission for sellers don’t sound too bad. On the other hand, the buyers get a flexible return policy.

You can trust Tradesy when shopping for designer goods.

Get Tradesy Free For iOS Here Get Tradesy Free For Android Here


Back to shopping for new shoes with Zappos app. Free shipping and returns is how they should start app description of every iOS and Android app.

So, you get an account where you control all the info where you can stay logged in. You can save your searches as well. When you find an item you like, you can zoom-in into the high-def picture or go for the product video.

Only good reviews for this one.

Get Zappos Free For iOS Here Get Zappos Free For Android Here


With Polyvore, you can shop for shoes that actually match your outfit. You can start with getting inspired by checking out the looks created by other Polyvore members. If you are on a next level and confident enough, you can create your outfits.

Or you just shop for trending things, shoes included.

Currently unavailable

Sole Supplier

The first line on the app’s description says “The Sole Supplier is the UK’s first dedicated app”. Basically, this is the app you install if you live in the UK.

First of all, Sole Supplier supplies you the latest sneaker trends and news. Of course, it includes every famous brand like Reebok and Puma. You get a link to each major retailer’s website. But if you don’t want to buy an item just yet Sole Supplier app lets you save your favorites for later. If you took too long to make a buy, you get set up a reminder for when the item gets brought back to stock.

Social media sharing features are here as well.

Currently unavailable

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