5 Best Virtual Dressing Room Apps for Android & iOS

Do you like shopping and dressing up? You probably do. However, what to do if you can’t go to a real shop? Just use a virtual dressing room!

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In this article, you will find the best applications where you can dress up and try various clothes, as well as haircuts and even tattoos.

Virtual Dressing Room

virtual-dressing-room-logo-1If you have at least once tried to buy a shirt or jeans without trying them on, you probably know how risky it might be. Very often, the size can be wrong, and, as a result, you get frustrated and lose your money. 

Now you can try on anything online! How to do it? 

  1. Choose a good photo of you and upload it to the app. You will use this image as a mannequin. We recommend choosing a photo where you can clearly see the shape of your body. 
  2. Open the catalog of clothing items. They are divided into groups according to their types and brand. To choose the item, tap on it.
  3. See the picture of you dressed in the clothes you have chosen in the second step. It will help you to decide whether the clothes fit you or not.
  4. Go for the accessories. Yes, in this application you can also try on some accessories mixed with clothes. 

However, there is a pretty serious disadvantage. The clothes don’t fit quite well. Very often, you will see that the item is placed incorrectly, as if it was a poor Photoshop. It might be irritating at times. 

Another bad thing is that there are clothes for women only. 

The app is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play. 

virtual-dressing-room-screen-1 virtual-dressing-room-screenshot-1

appstore1 googleplay1

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Smart Closet – Your Stylist

smart-closet-slogo-1Do you want to manage your looks and create a digital wardrobe? Then Smart Closet is a must! It will allow you to find the best options for your upcoming events and casual days.

Let’s take a look at the best features provided by Smart Closet:

  1. Browse the catalog of thousands of clothing items. There are many brands. Use search to find what you need.
  2. Upload your clothes. It is super simple to do it – just take a photo of your items and then upload it to the app. If you want to remove or blur the background, it is also possible.
  3. Make a good plan for your future parties. You can create outfits in advance and then just stick to them.

We recommend using the application on a tablet. as it was initially created for tablets. What’s more, you can see the images much better.

Both iOS and Android users can get Smart Closet at no cost. However, you will need to put up with ads and in-app purchases.

smart-closet-screen-1 smart-closet-screenshot-1

appstore1 googleplay1

Virtual Fitting Room & Clothes

virtual-fitting-room-logo-1Buying a good outfit or just a couple of accessories might become a challenge. You need to try them on and then combine various options.

Luckily for you, there is a good application that will make this process much easier and faster.

Here is what you can do with the help of Virtual Fitting Room & Clothes:

  1. Meet or virtual stylist. It will help you find the best combinations for any event, be it a huge party or a casual day at work.
  2. Discover a wide variety of brands and styles. It is great in terms of educating yourself and learning new things about fashion.
  3. Check big catalogs of clothes, where you will find T-shirts, jeans, jackets, and almost any type of clothes. Accessories are also available.
  4. All the clothes will be placed on a mannequin so that you can see how exactly your clothes will look. You can compare it to the way it looks on a photo.

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The app has no serious bugs or problems, this is why it has a pretty high rating on the App Store. Indeed, it is rated 4.6 out of 5.

virtual-fitting-room-screen-1 virtual-fitting-screens-1


My Wardrobe – Combine Closet

my-wardrobe-logo-1It’s high time you managed your wardrobe! You don’t need to be a professional stylist to keep all the clothing in order. 

My Wardrobe will become your best friend, a good advisor, as well as a digital stylist. 

Here are the best options you will explore: 

  • Manage your wardrobe smartly. You can take a photo of your clothes and then remove the background. After this, you can easily place the clothing in your digital wardrobe. 
  • Make cool looks. When you are invited to a party, for instance, you have to think about what you’ll wear. In this app, you can create a collage out of multiple photos and see how it looks. 
  • Plan your best looks. There is a built-in calendar so that you could think of your look in advance and analyze it. 

My Wardrobe is a big application, it needs almost 300 MB of memory. It’s not surprising taking into account all the functions the app has. 

The app is free of charge with in-app purchases. You can get it now on the App Store. 

my-wardrobe-screen-1 my-wardrobe-screenshot-1


Virtual Fitting Room

virtual-fitting-room-logo-android-1Finding good clothes is a challenge. Thanks to the Virtual Fitting Room, now this problem isn’t that bad. 

You can use this application when visiting a shopping mall. Let’s see how the Virtual Fitting Room might help you: 

  • Give the app some info about your body. It will ask for your height, weight, and some other details. This will ensure that the app will give you relevant recommendations. 
  • Scan the barcode of the product. When you do it, you will see detailed info about the item of clothing. 
  • When you gave the app enough info, it can serve as your virtual shopping assistant, giving you the best clothes types and brands that will fit you well. 

The application is free of charge. Download it on your Android device and go shopping! 

At the moment, Virtual Fitting Room is available on Google Play only.



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