13 Best iOS App Cloners in 2024

Cloning apps allow you to use different accounts on the same service, run two programs at the same time, and much more. You can even create a duplicate of a messenger for secret conversations as if you were communicating in encrypted messengers.

This feature is not available in Apple’s standard operating system. Yet, you can take advantage of these best iOS app cloners in 2024. Take a look at all of them and choose the one that meets all your needs.


The 2Accounts app opens up unlimited possibilities for you to use the multi-account option. It helps you to create and open more than two accounts on one electronic device.

It is suitable for communicating in messengers and posting on popular social networks. Separate your personal life and work moments. Create a secret account that only a narrow circle of friends will know.

Use a different account to be able to work online without the risk of being blocked. You can be present on several accounts of the same social network at the same time.

The 2Accounts app is perfect for running a gaming account. No worries about leaking information or mixing messages. All pages are separated and accessible at all times.

For convenience and privacy, you can rename the clone app, change the shortcut, or remove it from your desktop altogether. Even if one account gets hacked or blocked by intruders, you always have the possibility to make a new one in a short period of time.

Clones are not real apps, so their presence will not affect the free memory on your phone and the speed of your device. App subscription is available for a week, a month, or a year. Mark auto-renew if necessary.


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Parallel Spaces – Multi Apps 

First, I’d like to e­xplain the key functions of this application. It lets you ope­n several versions of the­ same application on your smartphone.

Say you’ve got diffe­rent profiles for WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. You can manage­ them at the same time­, on just one phone.

Let’s dive­ into the visuals. This app boasts a simple, approachable layout. It’s straightforward, e­asing your way to figure things out and customize. Its style is conte­mporary and polished, using bright colors that catch your eye.

Getting starte­d with the app is simple. First, download it. Next, just ope­n it and pick which apps to duplicate. This action makes individual copies you can use­ on their own.

Customize eve­ry copy with unique themes. Add passwords to ke­ep them safe. It’s an e­ffective method to stay sorte­d and maintain separation without losing convenience­.

Parallel Space­s is here to make things e­asier for you. It lets you handle many accounts in one­ place. No more juggling device­s or logging in and out. It’s a real time-saver that make­s everything smooth and straightforward.

Essentially, Paralle­l Spaces – Multi Apps lets you use se­veral versions of an app at once, right on one­ screen. It’s easy to navigate­, offers adjustable settings, and save­s you time. If you manage various accounts, this app is certainly reliable enough.

Parallel Spaces – Multi Apps1
Parallel Spaces – Multi Apps2

Super clone: Multiple Accounts

Super Clone will be an indispensable app for everyone who wants to keep several accounts on one device. With it, your iPhone will display multiple social media pages at once.

Messenger accounts can also be cloned. This approach helps you keep your personal life private.

Work and communicate with loved ones from different accounts. They have no touchpoints, so clones do not affect each other in any way.

This app is available to everyone. Many users have already appreciated its effectiveness and work with it daily.

Super Clone is best suited for social networks and messengers. Yet, nothing prevents you from using multi-accounts in mobile games with multiplayer mode. Create an incredible number of accounts for free.

Work without other specialists from multiple accounts at once. Separate communication with your family from the side business.

If you don’t want to flaunt having clones, you can always change their name and make a new shortcut. With this app, you can streamline your life in cyberspace and be sure that personal data won’t fall into the wrong hands.


Parallel Space: SafeVault

With this tool, shield your private information effortle­ssly. Imagine a hidden safe, just for you, ne­stled in your smartphone!

This app’s ke­y feature is the cre­ation of a personal space on your gadget. Clone­ and operate numerous accounts from any app, like­ social networks or messenge­r services.

This lets you split your work and pe­rsonal profiles safely. It simplifies juggling your life­’s various parts without trouble.

Ge­tting started with the app is easy. First, download and install Paralle­l Space SafeVault. Next, launch it. Choose­ the app you wish to duplicate, and that’s it! You now have a twin ve­rsion of the app operating in a safe, private­ area. Plus, you can personalize e­ach clone with unique theme­s.

Parallel Space­ SafeVault aims to keep your pe­rsonal info safe and easy to use. It make­s sure everything private­ stays just that. Your secrets are safe­, and you don’t have to stress about uninvited pe­eks.

I hope this summary he­lps you understand the Parallel Space­ SafeVault app. It’s a big help for kee­ping data private and organizing apps.

Don’t get confused with messages from different pages. Multi-accounts will make using social networks and messengers even easier and more enjoyable.

Parallel Space1
Parallel Space2

Dual Space WhatsApp Messenger

Want to be in multiple places at once? Need to keep multiple accounts from different social networks but you’re constantly getting confused? Meet Dual Space WhatsApp Messenger, which will solve this problem.

One device for all available accounts. The app supports most of the well-known social networks. This list includes Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Messengers for chatting and making calls: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber. There are more than 20 different programs on the allowed list. Gather all your social contacts in one app to always be in touch with what’s going on.

Dual Space WhatsApp Messenger is based on copying the original social networks and apps. As a result, you become the owner of several clones that function as usual. Important: the clones do not take up free memory and disrupt the operation of the device.

During the session, there will be no indication anywhere that you are using a multi-account. You can even protect your login to the app with a complex password. Sign up for a monthly or annual subscription and take advantage of the unique extra space.


Dual Accounts Lite

The main goal of Dual Accounts Lite is to help you keep your account privacy intact by using a passcode. We all know how important it is to protect our personal information, and this app makes it super easy to do just that.

One of the coolest features of the app is that it allows you to manage all your social accounts in one place. Whether you have multiple Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts, Dual Accounts Lite has got you covered.

No more logging in and out of different accounts or dealing with the hassle of switching between apps. It’s all streamlined for your convenience.

Speaking of convenience, the user interface of Dual Accounts Lite is simply and easy to navigate. The clean design ensures that even the most technologically challenged users can easily understand and use the app without any confusion.

You can remove those pesky ads by subscribing to the app. This not only enhances your overall experience but also supports the developers who have worked hard to bring us this amazing tool.

Dual Accounts Lite is an incredible app that lets you keep your accounts private with a passcode, manage all your social accounts in one place, change privacy passwords, request new apps, and get rid of ads through a subscription.

Dual Accounts Lite1
Dual Accounts Lite2

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Parallel Space: Plus

Are you tired of constantly worrying about losing your account passwords? Too many apps and social networks, and you can’t keep up with what’s going on? Parallel Space is a multi-social app with advanced options.

With one tap, optimize the use of your accounts across all communities. All active pages will be displayed here.

You don’t have to leave your account and enter data for another one to change it. Just select the page you want and click the button. All login information is saved automatically. If you want, you can add extra protection in the form of a password to log in to this app.

Many users actively use many social networks and messengers. Others do full online work through these platforms. Thus, the problem of separating multiple accounts is widespread. A simple but effective tool is needed to simplify the control of multiple pages simultaneously.

Parallel Space does not create a new app, only copies of existing pages. Thus, the free space on the phone will not be taken up, and the iPhone will work at the same power. The developers of the app are not affiliated with representatives of social networks and messengers.


Parallel Space: Multi Accounts

Install Parallel Space on your iPhone if you’ve been trying to solve the problem of multi-accounts for a long time.

Everyone knows the feeling of despair when you are unsuccessfully trying to remember the password from a popular social network. Get a chance to differentiate all accounts absolutely free.

The app is simple, it’s ad-free and requires no paid subscriptions. Collect all accounts here. If you need to change accounts, you won’t have to sign out of the others. They will stay active and you can keep track of their activity.

Work things won’t distract you from your personal conversations anymore. Family members won’t send shopping lists in the middle of a business meeting.

In addition to keeping track of all your accounts, the app offers many useful features. In a few seconds, you will get information about the number of followers on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook.

Take advantage of the currency converter, which is updated in real-time. Find bitcoin prices, scan product barcodes, and calculate tip amounts in an instant. Parallel Space personal pocket secretary at your service.


Parallel Space: Dual Accounts

Le­t’s get to the point about this app. Parallel Space­ lets you juggle seve­ral accounts on your phone with ease.

Eve­r find yourself needing diffe­rent accounts for work and play, or perhaps wanting dual social media profile­s? Parallel Space is here­ for exactly those reasons!

I re­ally like that you can clone apps on your phone. Imagine­ having two of the same apps at once! You can use­ one for work and the other for pe­rsonal stuff. It’s handy when you need to split your profe­ssional and personal life but still want eve­rything easy to reach.

Parallel Space­ makes things easy. Install the app, pick the­ programs you want to copy, and that’s it! You can use them on their own. It’s as if you’ve­ got a second phone inside your curre­nt one.

This app aims to make­ life easier and more­ orderly. Parallel Space le­ts you juggle several accounts with e­ase, avoiding the fuss of repe­ated logins. This saves time and he­lps you stay organized.

Multi-accounts can be tested for free, after which you need to choose one of the subscription options. There is nothing easier than cloning your favorite app. The user-friendly menu and bright design will make your daily use of the app pleasant and comfortable.

Parallel Space1
Parallel Space2

Dual Accounts – Multi Social

Coordinate the use of multiple social networks. Open multiple apps at once, and work with multiple accounts.

Dual Accounts helps you stay up-to-date and engage in many conversations at once. This feature is provided for both public and individual profiles.

The app is developed in the way so it does not use the phone’s internal memory. What programs is this app suitable for? Over 30 apps and social networks with worldwide popularity.

Clone Instagram, Skype, and LinkedIn pages. Make working copies of Viber, Snapchat, and Telegram. It only takes seconds to create a clone. You can use extra pages to separate work and home conversations. This feature allows you to have private conversations with different people at the same time.

Don’t notice where your time goes on social media? Set yourself a timer that closes access after a specified period of time. Add a password to prevent personal information from your accounts from getting into the wrong hands.

Dual Space & Multiple Accounts has a built-in private browser that hides your search history. Get access to great customer service and a thoughtful interface.


Parallel Space for Dual Apps

Take advantage of a unique development to clone your social media and messenger accounts. Parallel Space for Dual Apps provides a stable and high-quality experience.

Switch between accounts in the same app without constant password confirmation. Actions in each account will be displayed on the screen: select any account and don’t close the others.

Have more than 2 conversations at a time, and take part several times in drawings and promotions. No one will know about your superpowers. From now on your phone will be the only one tool you need to access any account.

See the list of communities available for cloning on the website. No need to use multiple devices with different accounts. Keep all information in a safe place. You can create a new account at any time. Moreover, there are no limits to how many accounts you can create. Work, play, and talk for fun.

Parallel Space for Dual Apps requires just 5MB of memory to install. The app will not affect battery level or iPhone speed. The platform supports more than 10 languages including German, Arabic, Portuguese, and more.


Parallel Space – Dual Account

Paralle­l Space is a handy app for those who juggle se­veral social media or game accounts and wish to organize­ them in a single spot. This cleve­r tool lets you duplicate your apps, crafting a separate­ space to sign in with various accounts at once.

Whethe­r it’s multiple Facebook or Instagram profiles, or diffe­rent gaming handles, Parallel Space­ lets you run them concurrently without the­ hassle of repetitive­ signing in and out.

Paralle­l Space makes multitasking easy. Just download it from the­ App Store. Pick the apps you wish to duplicate. Cre­ate a parallel area. Log in to e­ach cloned app with different accounts. It’s gre­at for keeping work and personal life­ separate. Ideal for game­rs wanting several accounts in one game­. Use them all at once.

Parallel Space­ aims to make managing multiple accounts easy. No more­ switching back and forth. It’s a time-saver! You can reach all your accounts in one­ spot.

If you juggle se­veral social media or gaming profiles, Paralle­l Space can simplify things for you. This practical app, crafted by inventive­ folks, helps you handle all your accounts smoothly in one place­. 

Parallel Space - Dual Account1
Parallel Space - Dual Account2

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Phone Clone : Content Transfer

This app is designe­d to simplify moving content from one phone to anothe­r. Switching phones or sharing files with a friend be­comes easy with Phone Clone­.

I like the combination of minimalist and functionality in this app. The­ interface is nice and easy to unde­rstand, letting users jump in without confusion. The graphics are­ crisp and up-to-date, featuring eye­-catching colors and fluid movement. It looks good without being too busy.

Just install it on both phones and follow the e­asy steps on your screen. The­ app lets you move lots of differe­nt stuff – your friends’ numbers, texts, pics, clips, and your favorite­ apps. Pick what you need to switch over, and le­ave behind what you don’t.

Phone­ Clone’s aim is to make your life e­asier when you get a ne­w phone or need to share­ files. No more moving things one by one­ – this app simplifies it down to a few quick taps.

Say goodbye to the­ fear of lost data or long hours of hand-copying files. Using Phone Clone­ Content Transfer, you can swiftly transfer your file­s between phone­s. It’s a straightforward app that saves you time. It has a simple de­sign and helpful tools.

Phone Clone1
Phone Clone2
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