11 Best car locator apps for Android & iOS

We all have faced situation when we lost our parked car because we simply forgot where it was parked. We were in a rush or not concentrated. Sometimes it was funny and we laughed at ourselves. But if it repeated its not funny at all. 

We may park the car in a new place or when we went to another city and we cant orient good there. Luckily there are many car locator apps free and paid have been created for Android and iOS devices. Below there is a list of 11 car finder apps. Check them out.

ParKing: Where is my car?

ParKingParKing app will save you time showing the exact location of your car, saving previous parking places in a history log, and will remind you when it is time to repark the car. ParKing is the app available only for Android devices with a high rate and with a big number of downloads. People find it good and convenient.

First of all, it offers the main feature we are searching for in apps. It saves the last parking place you put your car. It saves the location and exact address of the place you parked. Moreover, you needn’t search for parking places again and again at the same addresses. The app saves all of them in history with the option to show their location on the map. You can even edit any note in history or fully delete it.

ParKing1 ParKing2

In situations when you have limited parking time you can set reminders through the app. The alarm will inform you when your time is about to up. In case if you park your car indoors you can make a photo of the car and parking slot through the app itself.



Car Finder

Car FinderCar Finder is quite simple and uncluttered up with a few features. It has a comprehensive and user-friendly interface and design that simplifies the use of this app.

Car finder mainly can do three things:

  1. take a photo of the car or vehicle parked.
  2. Save the location on the map through the GPS.
  3. Other notes can be added to the app like the number of the parking slot somewhere in the mall.

Car Finder2 Car Finder1

The third feature is additional but not less helpful. Very often parking is placed underground inside the building when we can use GPS signals. For this, we often try to remember the place we parked. the number and the level. But more often we forget it. So better take the photo and save it one app.

The app is free with ads. There are no additional in-app purchases as well as there is no option to share a car location.


Anchor Pointer Compass GPS

Anchor PointerAnchor Pointer Compass is the app that uses no internet but GPS signal. This app works only in an open area and suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. One of the most important features of this app for us is the ability to find our car wherever we parked it. As long as this problem recently becoming huge due to the big number of cars in cities.

Anchor Pointer1 Anchor Pointer2

The key is in the pin used in this app for any location. Don’t forget to pin your car location in the app so when you come back you will find it faster than used to. That what exactly called an Anchor Pointer. Throw the anchor and get back to it. Anytime you need to get back to your car you simply need to press the button called Fing my car. The app will draw a line to your automobile and estimate the approximate time to reach it on foot.

The most use of this app can be found in cities and on nature while you are hiking or hunting and need to get back to your car parked somewhere in the forest. The good thing about it that GPS is a more reliable source of signal than cellular data.

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Parking Pin

Parking Pin1Parking Pin is yet another app to help you to park and then to search for your car using GPS signal and pin feature. Pin your car location using this app and get rid of the headache related to a car search.

Before searching the car, I guess you need to find a parking slot to leave the car. This app is able to show you all the available parking places for the last 30 days. After you completed the first task, pin the car location and the app will calculate the distance between you and your car and time needed to reach the place.

Parking Pin Parking Pin2

The app also displays the street your parled the car, the date and for how long you ‘ve been parking the car already. It may be important due to the time limitations for some parking places in the city.

Parking Pin uses GPS signal and no internet and wifi alike the previous app on our list. The app is also available only for iOS devices ad not for free. Its price less than $1.

Find my parked car

Find my parked carFind my parked car could be the most popular app on our list. It has a simple design and easy interface that doesn’t require any extra time to get familiar with it. There are two actions required by the user.

First of all, press the app`s button to save the place of your car. The moment you need to find your car simply push the next button to find your vehicle. As long as we live in constantly growing cities with difficult infrastructures and problematic parking we need such apps that can help us to orient in the city. Searching for our own car can be a hard task.

Find my parked car2 Find my parked car1

This app offers us the map where will be two spots: one for car and one for us. Additionally, the app will display latitude and longitude of the car location. Precision also will be displayed.

The app is free with ads, but it also offers in-app purchases.


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Car customize apps 2020

Find My Car

Find my carFind my car is a simple yet advanced application that created to help to park the car or to search the car. It has a lot of handy standard features like GPS navigation, car spot saving and route creation. However, it has many other features like sharing a car location or sending an alarm message to your friends in case you are in trouble or get lost somewhere.

This app can save different locations and store them in the app for any other case.  You can use any map app with a GPS position to see the location of the car. Definitely, as you can guess the app requires to have a GPS signal. However, if you lost the signal you can use the built-in compass to navigate in the city or other locations.

Find my car1 Find my car2

The app is totally free but goes with ads that can be removed by one payment.


Apple maps

maps apple

Apple Maps is another option to save the place you parked the car and its easy to use. Not everyone may be who got used to using Apple Maps knew that he or she can save the place they parked the car simply pinning the location.

Similarly to all apps on our list, we can trace the way back to our car using this app. The app is not particularly created for car search but here we have an additional benefit of the app that is helpful in our daily environment.

maps apple1 maps apple2

Apple Maps is the only app on our list that is well known and has a big name. We all know about its features but we didn’t know that we can use the app in different not standard ways. Of course, it doesn’t feature photography as well as timely reminders. But it may be not that important for some of us.

‎Find Your Car with AR

Find your car with ARAR means augmented reality. Why is this app has such a name? Because it uses augmented 3D picture reality. Sometimes it can be more useful as it lets you recognize the place where you parked the car. However, the app also has the option to use the map. You can switch between the map and 3D picture with one tap on the screen.

Find Your Car with AR app can memorize the location of your car, the street name, the date and the time. After finding a spot and parking the car simply touch the button I parker here. Set the accuracy, high or normal. High are suitable more for big parking places.

Find your car with AR1 Find your car with AR2

Premium account offers extra features like saving parking spots and adding them in favorites for next time you are going to come at the same location. As long as our cities are big we forgetting places that are convenient to park the car. We can’t keep them all in mind and to spend less time searching for a place we can simply add the location into the list of favorite parking places.


Spot AngelsSpot Angels – is a huge community of drivers united by the idea to share parking places. The more you share places with other members more comfortable the parking process will be for you. Thus you will find parking easier through this app. The app has almost all the biggest cities of the US in its base.

However, the main feature we are looking for in this app is the ability to find your own car after parking. The car works with the map and displays you the place you parked the car. So you won’t lose it. At the same time, it simplifies the process of searching the parking place also using the map. In addition, the app will send notifications in cases of street cleaning so you can faster take your car away from the parking place.

Spot Angels1 Spot Angels2

The app also shares parking deals and temporary discounts, If you are staying in from of a choice to park it here or there. check prices and find offers to save some on just parking your vehicle.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices.


Fixy – Find My Car

FixyFixy is yet another advanced up dedicated to simplification for your car parking. It offers many features starting from saving the location of your car to settings alarms reminders.

Let me explain the feature. The app will not just show the time your car has already been parked on the same spot of parking. Due to the time limit set on some parking places car owners need to follow the time. For example, some airports set free parking time around 15-20 minutes. More than 20 minutes should be paid. So, having an app notification will remind you to leave parking in time. You can even reenter the same parking for another free 20 minutes.

Fixy1 Fixy2

If the parking occupies a big space or you left the car in one place while moved a bit further away from it you may find it difficult to find the car later on. Save your self through this app. it will let you save the place and then trace the route to your car. Choosing different maps you can follow the route line to find a car even without using a GPS speaker guide.


Parked Car Locator

Parked Car LocatorA simple up to date app works as a parking aid not to search for a place to park a car but to search for a car itself. Parked Car Locator is an advanced app with all useful features.

The app memorizes the place where you parked the car and shows you the route from to your location. Also, it estimates the time you ‘ve been parking the car. As we already know some parking places limit the time you can place the car. Previous locations are also saved in the app. They are collected in history.

Parked Car Locator1 Parked Car Locator2

The app also offers different map views. This additional feature also useful due to some places where you cant orient easily and need to see places around you.

Despite the fact that the app available only for Android devices, its very popular and has a high rate.



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