12 Best animation apps for Android & iOS

Are you looking for an app where you can create your own cartoon with your self-invented characters? It’s quite an entertaining affair. It is a pleasure and even helps to make a career of the multiplier over time.

Today, animation is used in all areas virtually. Animation shows for entertainment purposes on television and cinemas, advertisements, presentations, and many applications. All is limited by imagination of the designer.

If you have creative skills, these apps can help to create your own animated creations. We provide a list of 12 Best animation apps for Android & IOS.

Animation Creator Hd Free


Animation Creator permits you to make your creative talents to life with your device! Through a simple and powerful drawing tools, use the convenient management framework. Animation Creator application is limited only by your imagination! The end result will look like a vital animation with high-frequency reproduction frame.


  • improved brush, now with the new options;
  • ink brush;
  • option handles now have the option of drawing the line;
  • import video from the camera;
  • audio manager;
  • quick jump to a frame;
  • easy navigation;
  • the toolbars can remain opened while editing;
  • viewing company animations from start to finish;
  • the tool of color transparency.

animation-creator-2 animation-creator-3

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StopMotion Recorder


stop-motion-recorder-2It is one of the oldest technologies for creating animation, used to this day in the cinema. The video on this technology is obtained from time-lapse imaging of the subject. The process of creating such movie is quite simple, but requires from you an iron endurance and patience. But if you’ve got an Apple device, all actions are reduced to one click, everything else will do the iPhone.

The interface is clear and simple at first glance. After starting StopMotion Recorder the camera lens opens, and below there is the menu and the switch to automatic mode. When this mode is set, you can select a frame capture interval and seven funny skins for the camera. When you activate manual mode in the settings there will be two more features that are designed to add convenience when shooting: the grid and shadow from the previous frame.

When you photographed the right amount of staff (a total of 99 can be made), you can now start playback and continuing your masterpiece. In the first case you can remove unwanted frames, change the playback speed of video playback and even set in the opposite direction. The application has a huge number of options to share your movie with the world, you can save it in the general repository of photo / video files on the iPhone, send to YouTube, Twitter, and email. StopMotion Recorder is a real treasure in the App Store.

stopmotion-recorder stop-motion-recorder

Download for IOS

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Animation Studio by Sean Brakefield

animation-studioIt is a good program for creating animations on android. The program can export animation in AVI, FLV (Flash), MP4 (QuickTime), or WMV (Windows Media Player) formats; an unlimited number of layers can be used; import photos from your gallery, camera or from the clipboard. There are eight realistic instruments, band scrolling, and more. Cut unwanted frames from a video. There is also a scroll bar.

Animation Studio – turn your phone into a professional studio to create animation.


Download from Google Play

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LookSee Animator


With the help of slow-motion and time-lapse animation, the program permits you to transfer pictures from the camera in an animated video. The application can be configured to grip frames on proximity detector, movement or sound, to delete the material but for direct camera control; it is also possible to configure it remotely with a click, you press a button or set the timer.

After the material is formed, it may be associated with a similar animation. It is also possible to work the other way around, breaking a series of video images that can be re-combined into a new video or animated SIFCO.


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StickDraw – Animation Maker


Cartoons drawn in a pad are the most popular entertainment for the novice. This concept is used nowadays in the form of the upgraded application. This app will help to create animated videos, regardless of whether you want to devote yourself to the study of animation or it is just a fun hobby.

In StickDraw you can produce men or just squiggles and animate them in a short film. A simple interface permits you to learn it quickly. The basic application is free, however you can buy the app without ads.

stickdraw-animation-maker stickdraw-animation-maker-2

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Animation Studio by miSoft


This application allows you to create a unique mobile animation! You can produce cartoons, different characters, add music and sound dubbing voice. Download your cartoon in high HD quality in such online resources such as You Tube or Apple TV.

This is a great application for an amateur, as well as for those who are seriously interested in animation!

animation-studio-by-mis-2 animation-studio-by-mis-3

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This app will inspire your children to create their own cartoons. Just draw a picture and animation is ready.

However, to create a cartoon is very easy – you just need to press the “record” and move the character on the screen. Next, with the help of the game, the tale comes to life. After you finish all the steps, the app will transform all the animation and show your cartoon. In addition, you can share it with friends and family on the Internet.

This attachment develops an artistic and language skills in children, shows the key principles of storytelling. Various drawing tools transform the child’s drawings, using virtual play sets. Here you will find the pirates, princesses, distant galaxies, and a lot of different characters. Make creative imagination of your child!


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Thus is a program that allows you to create animated GIF images directly from your device’s camera.

The application has a simple interface, which can be handled by any user. Start the app, and it itself will tell you what comes next! Use the camera in any way, and then convert to GIF format. If you have already had a video that you would like to convert to a moving image, the application GifBoom is ready to help – it will edit your videos and photos and save in GIF format. Create content in seconds and share it with your friends through social networks, email or MMS.

creating GIF files in 60 frames;
the camera is controlled in automatic mode;
creating GIF not only from a camera but also from already existed videos and photos;
instant sending images to social nets;
a plurality of filters;
adding text to the image;
the possibility to share images with friends quickly.

This is a really good editing. Many who have never even fond of creating GIF short rollers can enter into the taste and learn how to work with such files using this app. The program is free, which is also very nice. Moreover, the app is constantly updated.


Download from Google Play / iTunes

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iStopMotion 3


The application is used by professionals and amateurs around the world to create a stop-motion animation. It includes a virtual platform which permits to place objects on a pre-recorded background with the addition of video tips, support for HD video cameras and much more.


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Plastic Animation Studio


Animate your pictures and illustrations, share them with friends together with this application. No need to be an artist to use this program. It will be sufficient to upload the sketch, make the carcass structure and deform the picture.

This app contains innovative technologies with the help of which you can create stunning animations with only one picture. The page for editing is accessible for using, which permits you to change the picture or delete unnecessary items from it.

Embody your fantasies to life!


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FlipaClip – Cartoon animation


Have you always loved to draw, and dreamed of making your cartoon? Then this app will definitely help you! With it you can create clips. These are short cartoons, which operate on the principle of frame by frame. All you need is to change a bunch of options, and start creating your video. By creating the right amount of training, you start their assembling, and the application automatically creates a cartoon. And now you can not only see it for yourself, but also to share with your friends.

FlipaClip is a very interesting application that is able to create great animation. With a range of functions and simple interface to make something interesting can practically everyone.


Download from Google Play

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Animation Desk – Sketch & Draw


Now you’ve got a tool for drawing animations directly on your smartphone! The interface of this program resembles the workplace of the animator.

This program provides you an intuitive system for the working environment, where everyone can create their own personal animated works. The program has a simple interface and realistic scenes to create animated scrapbooks.

All the tools that you can use when drawing, feel the pressure of the press. The list of tools includes: fill, pencil, fountain pen, three types of brush and eraser. Each tool can be adjusted, for example, size, transparency and rigidity. What applies to editing the animation – here you can change the frame rate, overlapped adjacent frames.

Produce beautiful animations on your device!


Download from Google Play

That’s all! I hope you like our list.

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