CareZone Meds App Review

Modern technologies have affected most aspects of our lives, and medicine has not become an exception. The sphere of “Mobile Health” is now considered one of the most promising for creating a business. Already today, you can find many applications that will collect everything in one place, monitor the course of chronic diseases, manage the schedule of taking medications and consulting a doctor.

If you are looking for some good Medical Apps for your device, then you should just try this app. This is one of the most beautiful Medical Apps for Android, the one that you can use!

CareZone Meds App


What is CareZone?

CareZone is a visual and extremely easy-to-use application. This app will be helpful for you and all the members of your family. CareZone is a perfect tool in managing medications and instructions of a doctor. With a few simple steps, you can add medications, receive reminders of taking pills and constantly see the progress of your treatment.


First of all, you need to add a new user to the application. It is important to note that CareZone can monitor the health of several users at once, but there is one thing: you can not view all users at the same time, you need to change the user in the settings. But this, in fact, is not a problem, but simply a point to be mentioned.

You can register here with your Email address or via your Google+ account. Then, specify your name and start creating your med list (or you can do it later):

Medication List

carezone scan

You can simply scan your medicines and supplements using your phone’s camera or type instead (drug’s name, dosage, instructions, what it’s for, start date, end date and other helpful information for you).

So, you will always have a complete med list and dosages with you.

med list carezone

After creating you med list, you will be asked to scan your health insurance card, so you will always have a digital copy with you. You can also scan your driver’s license to auto-enter your emergency info.

Then, you are to complete your profile with the info about yourself (surname, birth date, gender, address, phone number, allergies, conditions).

Immediately after this, you will go inside the application, which consists of several sections: Medications, Trackers, Journal, Contacts, Calendar, To-Dos, Notes and more.

carezone profile

Below, we’ll describe the most important functions of the CareZone app:


carezone reminders

To monitor your health is very important. However, because of the daily business, it is not so simple as it might seem at a first glance. You can, for example, forget about taking a medication, or not to follow any important indicators, such as blood pressure or glucose level. All this is very important, and joking with health is not just impossible, but truly dangerous. But, perhaps, now everything will be really very easy because you can control your health with the help of CareZone.

This application will always help you to take medicine on time in accordance with the instructions or prescription of a doctor. Do not expose yourself and your loved ones to the risk of missing medication or taking more than necessary. So, get automatic reminders to take your meds and track that you did it.

Carezone app is suitable for people with diabetes, heart and cancer diseases. And it is also a convenient reminder for taking vitamins.

CareZone Tracker

carezone tracker

Millions of people use CareZone to take medicines on time, monitor weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, pain, headache, mood, body temperature, sleep, nausea, seizure, blood oxygenation, height, HIV counts and other health indicators.

The measurement frequency is completely up to you: you can do it several times a day, you can do it once a day, or even once in a few days. The results of measurements can be seen with the help of statistics or even as a diagram.

With the help of CareZone Trackers, you can easily store and analyze your health indicators.


Here you can enter your observations about side effects, health events or anything you’d like to remember later.


Using Contacts feature, you are able to save info about doctors, clinics emergency contacts for easy and fast access.


With Calendar, you will always remember events, appointments, and dates. If you have shared your CareZone with someone else, then you can assign tasks to him.

Printing and Sharing

You can print your medication schedules and med lists directly from the app. Or you can share access to CareZone with someone else. So, he can view all the info (the journal, medications, calendar, and so on). Also, the newly added person can add and edit everything. When the information changes, every user will be kept in sync.



Final Words

CareZone is an application that is absolutely useful to everyone who wants to monitor their health. The application has a lot of opportunities, so it can help you in completely different situations: starting from a simple medical diary and ending with the export of all important health indicators, with further sending the results to your doctor. Thanks to this meds app, we can say that our health is now in our hands!

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