11 Best Cash Advance Apps that Work with Paypal (Android & iOS)

The financial component of every person’s life is, without exaggeration, fundamental. Now everyone can engage in any financial activity and control their cash flows. It is very convenient to do this on mobile devices so that everything is in one application.

It is for this reason that some developers have created best cash advance apps that work with Paypal. Moreover, you can also check out the apps that allow you to do the online payments without credit/debit cards.


This app allows you to control your financial activities entirely through the use of a number of convenient functions that will help open up new opportunities and take your cash flows under your personal control.

It is worth noting that the system of this app does not imply any commission for any manipulation of your personal money, such as paying bills, transfers, cash withdrawals, and much more.

Also, you can link accounts of other financial apps to this app, where your discount cards are stored, accounts in electronic stores, and much more.

One of the interesting features of the PayActive app can be considered the ability to invest money from your bank account in various securities or cryptocurrencies without leaving the app itself.

The PayActive system provides communication with many networks, such as Amazon, Walmart, Binance, as well as with many others, so you can transfer money from PayActive to your accounts in apps associated with these networks without commissions. Also, this app has a financial control system.

This means that you can get acquainted with the basics of financial management and learn how to save and control your financial flows. Moreover, through the PayActive account, you will be able to pay both government and commercial electronic bills (for example, electronic store bills).


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DailyPay On

The developers of this app also call it a personal financial manager, because thanks to a large number of functions, users can receive analytics of expenses and income, pay bills, transfer money, cash them out, and much more.

Daily Pay On is meant as a full-fledged assistant for budget management. This app focuses not only on paying bills and withdrawing cash but also on financial analytics, which every user can get absolutely free of charge.

You can analyze your income and expenses for certain periods, even if you have not used this app before. It will be enough to simply link your bank card to the account of this app and give permission to the system to use your card data.

After that, the system will analyze expenses and receipts, and form graphs and diagrams reflecting your financial activities.

The main functions here are still money transfers between accounts of various financial and investment apps, payment of government and commercial accounts, as well as investments in the app itself.

Every user can carry out any financial transactions through the dailypay On a system without commissions and various kinds of fees, whether it is paying a government bill, or buying in an online store.

Also, this app cooperates with Amazon, which will allow users to get some nice bonuses when paying for purchases through this app.


MoneyLion: Bank & Finance App

From the name of the app, it is clear that the number of functions available to each user is large-scale and very workable. Here you can not only keep records and get analytics about your financial activities, pay bills, withdraw cash, and invest, but also take out a loan and issue separate debit cards.

The principle of operation of this app is extremely simple:

  • download this app, then register your account here
  • after that, add discount cards, investment portfolios, as well as your bank accounts to your account, so that you can later manage all this through one MoneyLion app
  • next, you will be able to issue a separate debit card of this application with all the functions that banks provide
  • after that, as a user, you will be able to use all the functions of the app, for example, loans, financial activity analytics, bill payments, cash withdrawals, investments, and much more.

One of the equally important advantages of this app is the presence of a huge number of partnership agreements with other major networks, such as investment apps, commercial banks, Amazon, as well as some cryptocurrency exchanges, and much more.

This allows you to provide users with additional functions and open up more opportunities related to financial activities.


Dave – Banking & Cash Advance

This app is a collection of various services that will help users not only save money and learn how to spend money but also improve their well-being. This app also makes it convenient to pay bills, maintain financial activity reports, optimize funds, withdraw cash, and much more.

The Dave Goals service will allow you to correctly distribute income and expenses, as well as outline financial plans and goals for the next month or year. also, for the entire period of using this function, you will be accompanied by simple financial analytics in the form of text reports or graphs and diagrams.

The Dave Rewards feature allows users to accumulate cashback from each purchase that is carried out through the Dave app. The developers have provided for a larger number of partners from whom Dave users will be able to purchase products with a discount or with increased cashback.

Also, there is a function that allows users to find a side job. for example, if you realize that you do not have enough funds, but you do not want to take out a loan, you can find a temporary part-time job in the Dave search bar according to your desired criteria.


Wealthfront: Save and invest

In this app, users can improve their well-being, teach how to save, save and invest their funds, as well as simplify some financial activities for themselves, since by uploading your bank cards here, you will be able to pay government bank, and commercial bills through a single app.

In this app, the main convenience is that the developers paid special attention to the interface and user functions of the app, which made them extremely simple and convenient for use by users of any level and age.

Also, each user will have access to a voice assistant that will explain the operation of each function very accurately and clearly.

It is very convenient to withdraw cash or send it to electronic accounts through this app since this financial activity is not subject to commissions here and is carried out at record speed.

You will be able to link your bank accounts, as well as accounts in various online stores and investment exchanges to the account of this app in order to control all this from a single account, without overpaying and without losing your funds, paying commissions for various financial transactions.

Moreover, the analysis of financial activities in accordance with this application is provided to each user when sending a request.


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Varo Bank: Online banking

This app is a full-fledged banking software that makes many banking functions available to all people, which can be used through the account of this application. Here your financial activity will become easier, more convenient, clearer, and more successful.

The list of partners of this app is huge, so each user will be able to control their finances, as well as income and expenses related to banks, electronic commercial organizations, public accounts, and much more.

Young users are attracted to this app by the opportunity to work with various investment exchanges, commercial organizations, and banks through an account in this app.

The older generation uses this system because of the convenience of paying taxes and bills because here it is done without additional fees and delays in terms. Through this app, you can also request and receive social benefits and even your salary in record time and again, without commissions.

The Vero analytical service is also particularly convenient and simple: in a certain period of time (for example, every month), users can receive analytics and statistics about their income and expenses in any convenient format: text reports, diagrams, charts, or graphs.



The system of this app specializes in cash and providing loans to users through cooperation with banks. Here each user can apply for a loan. not depending on gender, nationality, or place of work.

Also, in this app, of course, you can pay your bank accounts or buy something in electronic stores or pay for a purchase in real time via contactless payment. Also, from the account in this application, you can pay for any purchases and transfer money to other accounts.

In addition, the analytical service here allows you to calculate your income and expenses, and also allows you to calculate further expenses for different periods of time.

Moreover, there is a smart assistant system that will help you deal with each function separately and teach you how to use this app much easier and better.


AxosBank- Mobile banking

This is an electronic banking network that allows users to monitor their own financial activities and monitor income and expenses, as well as credit history, in order to then form financial goals for the next month.

Through this app, you can make payments for various bills and goods. For example, without leaving home, money will be debited from your electronic account to pay utilities, bank accounts, taxes, and so on.

Being in the store in real-time, you can pay for a purchase by debiting money from the account that is linked to your account in this app.

This app also allows you to monitor your credit period, for example, if you have a loan from a bank – you can track its status, as well as pay on time on the receipts of this loan.

Moreover, you can monitor your investment portfolio through an account in the same app. An important clarification is that the app does not charge a commission for its work, so your funds will be withdrawn, replenished, and invested to the extent that you planned.

There is also an expense classification system here, for example, you can enable the function. in which one category will have government accounts and their payment, in another category – investment costs and profits, in the third – your personal purchases, and so on.

You can adjust and name the categories as you wish, or use their standard names provided in the app.


Instant Cash Advance Loan App

This is an app for obtaining cash loans at any convenient time. If you need cash, you can compose and send a request to the app system. After that, the operator will contact you. if there are any questions, then you will be able to receive your cash in the shortest possible time.

You can send the same credit money to your electronic account in the same app so that you can pay later by withdrawing money from it in stores or when paying any bills.

The application does not charge any fees. In this app, you can get financial advice or read some articles released by the developers of the application, which describe how you can use the functions of Instant cash Advance, and also there you can find some tips on financial literacy.


Cash Advance & PayDay Advance

Here you can withdraw cash or get it as a loan for unforeseen expenses. You can pay with this money for anything. You will also be able to leave this money in electronic format to pay bills or make personal purchases in commercial organizations.

Financial analytics developed by the creators of the app allows you to track your credit or invest money so that you have the opportunity at any time to find out about your financial situation and plan to spend for the next period.

The app has a license to cooperate with organizations that issue loans. Also, all the functions of the app are confirmed and licensed by special services.


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Vola: Loans Cash Advance

In this app, you can take out short-term micro-loans, if necessary. Loan rates are regulated and also correlated with official government rates.

All you have to do is apply for cash quickly and without fees, after which the money will come to your account. There is no minimum term for loan repayments, you can return the money to the app account in either three or eighteen months.

You can use your account in this app to pay for anything: credit payments, personal purchases, payments for communal services, and much more.

You can link your debit cards from different banks to your account in this app and track income and expenses from them. You will be able to get analytics of your earnings and expenses in order to further form financial goals for the future.

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